Many Have Faith in the Bible But Not in God (Church, June 4)

(Watch 14-minute excerpt: If You Have Faith In the Bible You Wont Return to God) NOTE: Start video from 3:45 — Jesse led Church service today making the distinction between believing in the Bible versus believing in God. Jesse says that we should only believe in God. But many Christians believe in the Bible, which, as Jesse said last week, gets between them and God.

James (Jesse’s producer for the radio show and Church) sat on the stage next to him reading YouTube comments from the Church excerpt last week: People were calling Jesse’s words blasphemy. They called him a false teacher. One man even called him “scum.” They believe that the Bible is the “Word of God” (which the Bible never calls itself), and one man even said that, according to the book of John, the Bible could be construed as God.

Many are unsubscribing from Jesse’s YouTube channel in outrage, but none of them have called to Jesse’s radio show to address him on this issue. Jesse welcomes disagreement and is open to learning even from his enemies who hate him. One woman commented to these Christians who disagree with Jesse, “What would Christ have you do? … Remove the log from your own eye. The fruit of the spirit isn’t name-calling and abandonment…. His producer has been giving out information to call and speak to Jesse. Why don’t you?”

Jesse asked people how many have true faith. How do you develop true faith? You must endure all things.

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