01/02/22 Become Your Own Man / Woman (Church)

2022 theme: Become your own man. Hurt feelings are the ego, not you. Stay in the light. How many thoughts do you get a day?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 2, 2022: Hope you had a merry Christmas and happy New Year! We welcome first-timers, then introduce our new theme for the year: Become your own man/woman. How many thoughts did you have today? Realize all is well. All thoughts are lies. One man’s mother had a stroke: True love is from God, and has no feelings, good or bad. What is it like to get your feelings hurt? That’s the ego, and not you — it’s Satan’s feelings. How do you become an individual? Stay in the light. 

Biblical Question: How many thoughts do you get per day? 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: We have our monthly Men’s Forum first Thursday of the month, 7 PM at BOND in Los Angeles. (NOTE: Jesse Lee Peterson’s YouTube channel received a strike last week; we cannot stream live on it until Thursday. Find us on other platforms!) 

BONUS: Jesse has Chris read the “If” poem by Rudyard Kipling. This is the perfect example of becoming a man. 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jan 2, 2022
  • 0:02:26 Welcome, first-timers!
  • 0:09:18 Theme: Become your own man
  • 0:14:01 How many thoughts did you have today?
  • 0:22:50 Feedback: Quiet, thoughts, prayer
  • 0:30:29 Mother’s stroke: Love, not feelings
  • 0:35:38 Hurt feelings (Are thoughts really lies?)
  • 0:45:40 JLP: The ego is hurt, not you
  • 0:50:34 How do you become an individual?
  • 1:08:17 Feelings, vices
  • 1:16:58 JLP: Stay in the light
  • 1:30:40 Closing / Announcements
  • 1:34:56 Bonus: the ‘If’ poem / End

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PST We start streaming just about on the hour. 

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (Jesse remarks on one guy’s fat belly after the holidays.) 

11:02 We welcome several first-timers. One lady noted Jesse was the first example of a real man she’s seen. She’s from South Central L.A., and has to watch out walking her dogs. (Jesse commented on the filth in the rain in Los Angeles.) 

New theme this year: Become your own man

11:09 Jesse comments on last year’s BOND theme: Bring back Christianity, which is love. There is power in love, and everything in love. Don’t forget, we’ve got to have love. It’s not about race or male or female. 

Jesse’s new theme: Become your own man [/woman]. So many people go from one leader to another, to another, to another. Men and women are weak and follow the crowd or some other person. If you can’t be your own man, you’re not worth a dime: You’re all over the place, can’t be trusted. Men deal with rough stuff. And? God said: Come from amongst the world — in the world, but not of the world. 

How many thoughts did you have today?

11:14 Jesse then asks: How many thoughts did you have today? One lady notices she is somewhere else away from where her body is, in her mind. 

You must forgive. Forgive your parents, so that God can forgive you and bring you into the light. There is not one good thought. It’s impossible. Every thought is a lie. 

You don’t have real issues in life. There’s no such thing as a problem in life. Satan’s doing all he can to prevent you from knowing your issue is in your mind. 

Who looks at their cell phone a thousand times a day? When will you have that quiet moment to separate you from the world? Your thoughts are not your own. There’s no love in them. Pay attention. 

There’s nothing another human being can do to help you. Go within and live from within. 

Jesse remembered when he was sick a month ago: there’s nothing we can do in life. 

In counseling, Jesse urged people to look around them and realize everything is fine. All is well. But in their mind they think all is bad! 

The only way to overcome the thoughts is for God to take the anger away from you. If you pretend the anger is gone, it does not work. 

Go and forgive. Live your life as an individual, not based on another individual’s life. 

God loves us and made the way back. In the Father, there’s no fear, doubt, worry, envy, but all love. 

Feedback: Quiet, thoughts and prayers

11:22 A man reflected on this week in which we had no radio show. He realized he needs that down time. When Jesse was sick, he too did not even feel like watching TV or listening to Nick guest host. 

He also in his head, while silently praying, asks God to change his heart and for peace on earth and of mind. Are those thoughts lies as well? Best question so far this year! That is Satan pretending to be God! But don’t plan not to ask. Words may come. Don’t be like a robot. Don’t have that conversation. Let it happen naturally. Satan is as busy with you in the prayer as when you’re not praying. He wants to distract you, and always have your attention. Leave your glass empty. 

You don’t even want to hold onto the truth. When revelation comes, don’t cling to it. Relax. 

Mother had a stroke: True love, not feelings

11:30 Raymond says his mother suffered a stroke over Christmas. He helped his sister take care of her. When he prays, he barely feels anything about the situation. This is right. You don’t want to be emotional about it. God is not about good feelings. People try to manipulate you. Satan is about emotions, feeling good and bad. It’s all fake feelings. You can’t love God and love your things, your friends, your parents. We don’t have love. Once we’re born again, we have his love. Angry people can’t be trusted; they have no love — only hate.

Anyone with anger is a murderer. Jesse recalls when his father expired. 

Hurt feelings… Are all thoughts really lies? 

11:35 How many of you get your feelings hurt sometimes? What is it like to get your feelings hurt? A man says: It’s like tension in your nervous system. The man disagrees that all thoughts are all lies all the time. If you don’t see for yourself, then someone can change your mind. Satan will come up with things that look like God’s way, but it’s not. Don’t let a human being convince you. See it for yourself. 

11:40 Another young woman said she got hurt feelings when a man made fun of animal lovers. She says she got her feelings hurt because of her ego. 

11:41 Another man says he feels empty when someone defines him as something, such as when his dad called him names. 

Yet another young woman says if someone’s being abrasive, it’ll hurt her feelings — including Hassan sometimes. 

11:45 Amber doesn’t think words affect her as much anymore. 

JLP: The ego is hurt, not you

11:45 Jesse says this is about becoming your own man. He used to be a beta. In real reality, it’s impossible to hurt your feelings. In Him, there are no feelings. The thing being hurt is the not-you, the ego that feels like it’s you. You think you’re being hurt with it — that’s what it wants you to think. In God, you cannot be hurt. 

Jesse tells of working under a female boss as a union organizer. She made him do something he’s ashamed to admit now (he’s told it before — she made him cry once, but he does not admit this out loud here). 

That spirit makes a home in us when we become angry. There’s no such thing as being insecure, shy, worried, or getting your feelings hurt. Stop identifying with the ego. Your feelings get hurt when you think and believe it, and Satan and his demons awaken and dump on you. Stop judging yourself. Stop believing in the ego. 

Love is the light unto your feet. That’s why He changes the heart. 

How do you become an individual? 

11:50 Samuel the Mexican Carwash Boy asks: How do you become an individual? Different people answer: Go the opposite way of the crowd. Get to know yourself. You’re aware of becoming, and so you are being an individual. 

11:54 Jesse explains: Every human being with an ego has a false illusion about themselves. In order to become a man, that illusion must disappear — and it will. Each individual has a false impression of themselves. 

Nick the Anchor Baby answers: He’s identified with all sorts of different things in life. When you don’t go along with those things, you end up becoming an individual “by proxy.” 

11:57 Jesse says: If a party starts at 6, don’t get there until 8. 

11:58 Ermias asks: Can you be an individual and attend a gathering where an authority figure teaches you something? 

Titles are fake: This year, Jesse wants to take away the word “reverend.” 

James reads Malkuth X’s question: How can you become an individual if there is no “you”? 

12:05 Jesse comments on how Hassan looks like Jesus in the movie Jesus of Nazareth. Hassan and Samuel talk. 

Feelings, vices, being an individual

12:08 Jesse asks Adriana: Have you ever gotten your feelings hurt? She says she used to put Jesse on a pedestal. She also asks if you can be saved and have a vice. He will fight your vice for you. 

A man says you forget what you’ve learned. His feelings got hurt by his hurt mother. JLP explains: You see what’s going on with them, and you won’t get angry. You’ll love even your enemy. 

12:12 Adriana also says it’s a spirit, that Satan is like a virus. Samuel responds, and asks Delaney. Jesus said in the movie: the vice of the flesh is nothing compared to the vice of the heart. 

Another man says it helped him: Not to judge yourself when you continue engaging in vices. 

Be born of the Spirit. 

JLP: How to become an individual: Stay in the light

12:17 Jesse explains how to become an individual: Stay in the light. Stay in the present when you’re walking down the road or in your car. In you is the light. You are a living being. If you’re tempted by the ego, you’ll recognize it and let it go. God breathed life into us. Let go. There’s nothing you can do. Let life happen; don’t put up a wall. It deserves no response. Let it go through you. God is with us. You are one with the light. You cannot have any identity with anything else. 

You’re of the light or of the darkness. Do not identify anything else as you. You’re not your money, career, or whatever “identity.” You are a life, and you’re supposed to live life. Ego is evil. The fear you have is not yours, but Satan’s fear. He fears and tremble that you may be still and know the truth. The light shines on the darkness, but you overcome. 

James shares a comment and some questions from the YouTube chat. 


12:30 Jesse urges: Stay with the prayer. To become a son or daughter of God, you must become alone, be willing to endure. Stay with the prayer. Don’t hold onto anything. Become an individual, your own man. 

The Biblical Question for this week: How many thoughts do you get per day? It’s an assignment. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Men’s Forum this Thursday 7 PM at BOND. We got a YouTube strike on his JLP channel. 

Thank you! 

The “If” poem: a perfect example of what a man is

12:35 P.S. Jesse brings Chris up to read the “If” poem. Stay with the light, and know that you’re not the ego.


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