02/20/22 What Is Your Idea About Life? (Church)

How do you see life? What’s your idea about life? You have to be all-in with God; all ideas are from Satan. All thoughts are from hell. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 20, 2022: We talk briefly about the Canada Freedom Convoy clampdown by the dictatorship, and cryptocurrency. We welcome first-timers including from Maryland and London! Jesse then asks the people: How do you see life? What’s your idea about life? People talk about relationships, expectations, getting upset, and struggling with relaxing. One woman has trouble believing all thoughts are lies. You have to be “all-in” with Christ. Jesse says: Have no idea about life; all ideas are from Satan. All thoughts are from hell. 

At the end, Jesse also asks his new Biblical Question: Are you a fighter? 

ANNOUNCEMENT: NO CHURCH NEXT SUNDAY, FEB 27, 2022; Jesse will be in Florida at a speaking engagement, and looking for a new building for BOND. (Note: We will have no radio shows this Friday, and Hake will be out Thursday as well.) 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Feb 20, 2022
  • 0:02:32 Welcome to Church
  • 0:03:26 Canadian dictatorship, Crypto, First-timers
  • 0:18:59 How do you see life?
  • 0:26:44 Loving yourself, getting upset
  • 0:43:12 Be all-in with Christ: Married couple talks
  • 1:01:49 ‘Conflict resolution’
  • 1:07:42 More: What’s your idea about life?
  • 1:21:24 JLP: No idea; all ideas from Satan
  • 1:31:02 Follow-up and questions
  • 1:38:57 New BQ: Are you a fighter?
  • 1:41:05 Closing / Announcements: No Church Feb 27

Church Notes

10:59 AM PST We start just before the top of the hour. Nick did not get to stream the Anchor Baby’s New Show on Friday, due to computer problems. 

Canada a dictatorship, going after people’s money

11:02 Jesse talks with the people about Canada being run by a dictatorship now, where they prevent truckers from accessing their own money. Several people talk about cryptocurrency, and try to explain it to Jesse. The media says that people’s crypto is even being taken (although the media lies). 

11:11 Jesse welcomes first-timers as well, including a family with a black man and white woman originally from London. They moved from Maryland to California recently. She didn’t like Jesse’s show at first, but saw a massive change in her husband, and then forgave her parents. Her mother took it much better than she expected. Cheyenne (sp), the oldest daughter, loves the show. 

11:16 Jesse returns to the prior topic: Surprised the government can tell the bank not to give you your money. Isaiah says it’s already happened to a couple of people in America — banned from banks, PayPal, etc. 

How do you see life? 

11:17 Jesse asks the people: How do you see life? What’s your idea of life? 

Jesse asks one man: When you dated, did you have an idea of the way it should go, the way she should act? After saying “we” several times, he starts to speak for himself: He wants people to like him. Every so often, the real you comes out, and that’s when people start hating each other. 

11:24 Another woman says life is beautiful. 

Loving yourself, getting upset

Yet another man talks about being in a relationship and being yourself. He talks about unconditional love, and loving yourself; he says he loves himself sometimes. He says he’s kind of a baby about things. He got upset recently when a TV didn’t work when he got parts to set it up. In a funny comment, he says he hopes others hear it (such as the technology listening in through our phones), and things improve that way. 

11:31 Jesse asks Cheyenne (sp) how she sees life at age 19. She tries to pray; she forgave her mother (not her stepmother who’s here), and she tried to manipulate her with excuses. 

Another man talks about sharing an experience of the moment with people. What is life really about? He doesn’t know, but feels blessed. Do you remember how you saw life before you woke up? You tend to repeat mistakes. How do you make decisions now? He measures the expected outcome, and win-to-loss ratio, through critical thinking, process of elimination. 

Be all-in with Christ

11:42 A woman starts to cry at the question, and Jesse yells at her husband, calling him “mama” for rubbing her back. The man answers while she gets herself together. He sees life as a spiritual school. His mother threw up when he forgave her — he saw an evil side of her he’d never seen; normally she’s sweet. 

The man’s wife talks about her father saying, “Same s—, different day.” She was raised with a negative outlook on life. What do you struggle with? Being at peace. She doesn’t know how to answer; she gets so busy with life, and struggles to relax and enjoy the time. 

Jesse says that Kanye asked God to keep his mind sane. He asks the woman: How long have you been trying to change? Why not just let go? Over the last year, she’s grown. 

She’s not convinced all thoughts are all lies, all the time, about everything. The prayer is for seeing that you can do nothing. You worship Satan, and you don’t believe God at all. 

You have to be all-in, Jesse says: 99 ½ won’t do. It’s got to be 100. 

11:59 Raymond says life is a gift we should cherish, one moment at a time. Have you stopped judging and hating yourself? Yes, he says he has. 

Woman on conflict resolution 

12:00 A young woman gives her idea about life. She’s all about “conflict resolution,” so she wants to deal with disagreements with Hassan. But Hassan tells her that she needs to go think about it herself. She was looking for a man to lead her. She explains “conflict resolution” again. She went to college, and knows “Jesse’s views” about that. But she thinks she’s good at critical thinking and not being in a particular view. She says she’s all-in with God. 

More answers

12:06 A woman wants to answer the Biblical Question: Is it hard to separate the you from the not you? She also answers her idea about life: Being in the presence of God, and moving through it as it goes. 

A man describes his dream and speaking with God. He met his father for the first time since birth, 49 years! His father calls every day to talk. 

Another man says life is one big lesson over and over. 

Hassan says not being obedient to God is what makes you miserable, and that it’s not about getting stuff. The miserable thing is not having peace. Chasing things. 

Another man, who’s joined us with Hassan before, talks about the programming, and says evil is real, and people get possessed — it’s a spiritual war. 

One man talks about letting go as his live-in girlfriend stresses. Jesse asks: Should you listen to positive thoughts? Where do they come from? He thinks they come from peace. His girlfriend joined us last week. 

Hake, Ermias, and Franky also answer. 

JLP: No idea about life, or else Satan is your daddy

12:20 Jesse talks about BOND’s 32nd anniversary. He had no idea what it would be, what to do with the organization. For this reason, he asks this question. 

Over the years, he’s realized: If you truly believe in God, and are all in, you have no idea about life. All ideas come from hell. Satan is your daddy if you have an idea about life. If people don’t act the way you want, you have a problem; or if they do, you’ll try to hold onto them. If you’re sick and have an idea about being sick, you’ll make another problem for yourself. 

Of ourselves we know nothing, and of ourselves we can do nothing. You don’t believe in Jesus if you’re not walking in the Spirit of Jesus. Jesus walked in the Spirit of the Father. He did not ask his Father for anything. If we’re truly children of God, there’s no need to ask the Father for anything; Satan will kill you; God will give you life. 

God does not try to make you think about the future. Any ideas are from Satan. Worry is from Satan. You can’t make yourself believe in God by reading the Bible. You’re not even allowed to have any ideas about yourself or anyone else! 

All thoughts are from hell

12:29 A man asks: Can you not, or should you not? Discussing the Bible with people is all ego, often. 

To another man, Jesse says: All thoughts are from hell. Love God along with nothing else. You cannot be of the world but with God. All ego has to crash. Don’t listen to the Devil; let it crash. You have to let go. You cannot protect the ego. Let it suffer and die. The ego makes you think you know when you really don’t know. People love gossip; they love arguments. You don’t need to respond to the world. It will always work out. 

New Biblical Question: Are you a fighter? 

12:38 Jesse asks: How many are fighters? Are you a fighter? A young lady asks: What do you mean by fighter? 

Closing / Announcements

12:39 Jesse urges: Stay with the Biblical Question.

ANNOUNCEMENT: No church next Sunday! Jesse’s speaking in Florida and looking for buildings there too next weekend. 

Jesse urges the people: Don’t let anyone control you. Stay on your path. God will take over and show you. You will overcome evil.


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