03/17/13 Are You a Good Team Player? Part 2 (Archive)

Did you put teamwork into practice? Seek God. Speak up. See for yourself. Should Christians be involved in politics?

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BOND Archive Sunday Service, March 17, 2013: Jesse Lee Peterson touches briefly on the question: Do you make good decisions? He then brings up last week’s topic, which many forgot: Are you a good team player? One man also has trouble with the question: Do you seek God in all that you do? Many dying people in Australia regretted not expressing themselves more. Let others reject it; when one door closes, another opens. Don’t repeat what you’ve heard, but know and see for yourself. We discuss at-length: Should we discuss politics in Church? Or wait for God’s direction in fighting? 


  • 00:00 Sun, Mar 17, 2013
  • 00:48 Do you make good decisions?
  • 02:54 Last week’s topic? Team player?
  • 04:48 Seek God in all you do
  • 08:48 Story: Employees
  • 10:26 In all we do: Love
  • 15:22 Dying regrets: Not expressing self
  • 18:51 Let others reject it
  • 19:55 How do you know? 
  • 22:27 Know/see for yourself. God reveals. 
  • 27:22 Discuss politics in church?
  • 34:15 Example: Attack on Christians
  • 43:31 Black and brown; “gay manifesto”
  • 46:01 Glendale Gun Show: City Council meeting
  • 52:14 Spiritual battle
  • 53:49 Waiting for “God’s guidance”?
  • 1:00:06 Closing / Support BOND

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