04/04/21 Blacks Are Cursed. Say It with Love. (Easter Sunday)

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021: Many preachers and Christians do nothing to bring truth into the world. Do you agree that black people are cursed? We read curses and blessings listed in Deuteronomy 28. Say it! Tell the truth out of love to wake people up. (Joel is leaving the radio show!) Biblical Question: What does Satan look like? Any angry person.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Conference is scheduled for August 2021 in Orlando, Florida. More info to be announced!


  • 0:00 Small talk
  • 1:06 Welcome to Church
  • 6:52 Do-nothing preachers
  • 35:19 Blacks cursed
  • 44:38 Do not hide
  • 52:34 Curses in Deut 28
  • 58:51 Say it!
  • 1:18:07 Joel Friday
  • 1:20:21 Blessings in Deut 28
  • 1:27:08 Thanks, Joel!
  • 1:27:59 Must we suffer?
  • 1:32:06 Biblical Question
  • 1:38:05 Jesse’s answer
  • 1:40:11 Easter message
  • 1:43:29 Men’s Conference
  • 1:44:44 Support BOND

Church Notes

(We started streaming live a few minutes after 11:00 AM US PDT.) 

We welcome numerous first-time visitors from all over the country — Detroit, Sacramento, San Antonio, and elsewhere. Happy Easter, everyone! 

11:12 Jesse recommends the movie The 10 Commandments, a major movie from the old days with Elizabeth Taylor, Charleton Heston, and others. 

Do-nothing preachers and churches

Jesse also talks about seeing some of the big-time TV preachers like Kenneth Copeland and others, whom he heard about while attending Crenshaw Christian Center. But they don’t do anything to fight the evil onslaught in the culture. They only preach in church. In the same way, the people don’t do anything, nor do the black churches. “Greater is He that’s in us than he that’s in them.” 

A man brings up a message from another preacher about the country being lost. 

11:25 A man says that he does not believe the Bible is literal truth. He used to be an atheist Jew — he’s from Israel. He’s now a Christian. (Jesse encourages everyone to go to Israel and visit the places where Jesus went.) 

11:31 Another young man speaks about going out and fighting for good against evil. 

11:34 Yet another man Gabriel speaks up, saying he joined a Mormon church, now attending BYU in Utah. He too noticed that the men do nothing, but fall for inclusiveness, fighting “racism,” appeasing blacks and women. The women at his church complain about the men being weak. Jesse too noticed that more and more women preach the Bible in these show churches. 

11:37 Another 21-year-old man with Gabriel speaks about his life prior to becoming a Christian, being depressed, thinking about the past. 

Do you agree black people are cursed?

11:40 Ermias disagrees that blacks are cursed, since he’s not God — but in clarifying, he agrees most are evil. He fears that if people are cursed, people have a license to do whatever they want to that person. He doesn’t agree with that language about a race. 

Some disagree that one can be cursed. Jesse makes this point because it’s time for blacks to wake up. 

Another person asks what cursed means, and what if you’re mixed? 

A man from Detroit talks about blacks not knowing their history, and being prone to media, Marxism, and communism. A second man from Detroit, who’s mixed, talks about the lack of fathers as the bigger problem. What does it mean to be cursed? 

The young activist man talks about how the black community is easily brainwashed, taken over by Satan — which means cursed. 

An Asian man says the Stop Asian Hate thing is an attempt to suck them into the black victimhood delusion. 

11:52 Christ gave his life so that we could live and not hide. We should not be running from the evil people. We should not be losing our freedom of speech. 

Some others talk about their agreement that blacks are cursed. 

The curses listed in Deuteronomy 28

All who are separated from the Father are cursed. But blacks have it bad. 

11:58 Nick reads some curses listed in the book of Deuteronomy. 

12:05 Jesse elaborates on curses blacks face. And the world is so sensitive! He recounts a funny story about his barber, who’s usually funny. He felt it was “racist” that Samuel’s car detailing business is Samuel Mexican Carwash Boy. 

Ermias clarifies that he’s blessed, but he disagrees with Jesse’s lack of “nuance.” 

A Mexican woman said her family was told not to marry or date black people, because they seemed to be cursed. 

The man from Sacramento with his sons said he lived in the fallen state with a black woman for some years. Her family and other black men would make comments and hate him because he was white. 

Say it! Tell the truth to wake people up. 

12:15 Jesse urges people: Speak up and tell the truth so that some might hear the truth and wake up. He mentions some of the violent crimes and ridiculous antics. Most people did not know that they had to overcome mama until they heard Jesse say to forgive mothers. They used to think it was the man who was the problem. The truth wakes them up. Christ came so that we could be free. Your spirit is dead if you are a coward. 

12:19 Ermias asks how people can overcome the curse. Forgive. Do not blame. Blacks believe that whites are superior to them, and that whites think that too. But whites are hiding instead of standing up. 

12:22 After Samuel makes a comment about young people waking up, Jesse says: Most of all you have to have love. Then you tell the truth out of love. What’s the purpose of having the light if you’re going to hide the light? 

The blessings, and Joel leaving the radio show… 

Jesse talks about Joel Friday leaving The Jesse Lee Peterson Show to work on his own business. This past Friday was his last day for the radio show. 

12:26 Joel then reads the blessings from Deuteronomy 28. 

Forgive your mothers, return to your fathers, and operate from love. One thing will lead to another. You’ve got to have love. God will bless you in ways you cannot imagine. Christ came that we should love one another. In love, everything is there. 

12:30 God is letting the blacks go nuts, in being cursed. God will let you get into all kinds of trouble being a slutmaker or slut. You could live on skid row. He sent a way for you to overcome it. There is no love in anger. 

Last questions and comments

12:33 A man brings up the story that Christ descended into hell before he rose again. He wonders whether you have to go through hell in order to live. Some people have hard heads, big egos. 

Biblical Question: What does Satan look like? 

12:36 Jesse then asks his Biblical Question: What does Satan look like? A young man reminisces about Jesse asking questions to young women at the Slut Walk some years back. He brings up Dr. Fauci, whom people listen to and think has authority. Jesse watched Dr. Phil and experts dealing with children who were acting out. They had no idea what they were talking about; the mother sat there looking like the Devil, and the kids became like them. 

A young woman does not know what Satan looks like, but knows that he brings confusion. 

Another first-timer Leighton (sp) describes his understanding of Satan’s attributes, and his influence, temptations, and feelings in his life in the past. He forgave his mother a couple years ago, and it freed him from everything. 

12:43 Jesse says: If you want to know what Satan looks like, talk to an angry person. Even yourself, if you have anger, you look like Satan. You can see the image of Satan in such people. 

After some more feedback, Jesse urges people to let go of all their ideas about what it is to be a Christian, and live. Go and forgive. Live in the present. Let go of your plans. Be honest with the blacks! God will renew the heart. Let yourself grow. If you fall down, no big deal. Stop judging yourself and other people. Happy Easter! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Men’s Conference in Orlando, Florida, in August! At this time, it’s open, and masks are not required. 


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