05/22/22 Are You Living at a Lower or Higher Level? (Church)

Are you living your lowest or highest level? Do you expect the truth to change for you? Nothing is required of us but to pray and watch. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 22, 2022: We welcome first-timers, then discuss the question: Are you living your lowest or highest level? Jesse also asks the Biblical Question: Do you expect the truth to change for you? The questions come up: Are you successful? What is success? One young lady had to be a “second parent” to siblings after her parents’ divorce, living with their single mother. 

Jesse gives a monologue about reflecting on his 73 years: Nothing is required of us but to pray and watch. You’re no different from Hitler or a murderer. Don’t run from situations. Be glad. There is no love in the world. Stop taking on others’ pain, Jesse says, commenting on the Buffalo supermarket shooting. Have no opinion about yourself; pray for one another. 

You need time alone! Let the ego have a fit. Go through the valley of the shadow of death. That’s not you dying. Let your ideas go about God, sin, and morality. 

Happy birthday, Jesse! Hassan brings up a cake that has a photo of Jesse and his late father on it. 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, May 22, 2022
  • 0:01:21 Welcome to Church
  • 0:08:07 Living your lowest or highest? 
  • 0:11:21 Expect truth to change for you?
  • 0:16:10 Are you successful?
  • 0:20:04 Joel and another man on success
  • 0:26:00 Playing “second parent” for single mother
  • 0:32:03 JLP: No such thing as success
  • 0:34:19 More: Living lowest or highest?
  • 0:41:37 Do you have mercy? Experts: lower or higher?
  • 0:49:20 JLP: Reflecting…
  • 1:14:49 JLP: Stop taking others’ pain (Buffalo shooting)
  • 1:20:25 JLP: Have no opinion of yourself
  • 1:24:59 Q: Seeing weakness in men? 
  • 1:27:14 Q’s + JLP: You need time alone! 
  • 1:34:29 Q’s + JLP: Shadow of death; Lies at a funeral
  • 1:39:28 Q’s + JLP: Mind talking
  • 1:42:34 Happy B-day, JLP!
  • 1:45:20 Happy B-day, Nick!
  • 1:46:39 Last questions: Attachments, Ego death
  • 1:54:43 Closing comments

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start streaming around the top of the hour, and Jesse talks with a young man and his mother about life. The mother is from the South; she says she stays inside her head and causes issues at times. Do you know those thoughts are not your own? They’re of the Devil. When you’re talking to yourself, you’re talking to the Devil. Let it pass. 

11:06 Another young man joined us last week, who was in his head. He asks and answers what it means to be a man. 

Living your lowest or highest? Expect truth to change?

11:08 Happy birthday, Jesse! Jesse then asks: Are you living your lowest or your highest? A couple of young men answer. One man says he still get angry. 

11:12 In talking with the second man, Jesse also asks the Biblical Question: Do you expect the truth to change for you? Where did the idea come from that everybody has their own truth? Nobody has their own truth. 

Another young woman speaks, as well as Joel. How do you know you’re not at your highest? Joel says he’s not always at perfect peace. 

Are you successful? What is success? 

11:16 Another young black man relates to Joel’s experience. He’s not praying morning and night. He also thinks he’d have more worldly success, based on things he wants, such as a Ferrari. 

11:20 Joel says he believes he’s successful, in that he stays on the right track, and gets back on-track, and “take up my cross, so to speak. I know that’s a holy phrase…” Business is going well — he teaches dance to children, as well as some adults sometimes. 

11:23 The man also talks about buying his mother a house. 

Being a ‘second mom’ as a sister with a single mother

11:26:00 A young lady also talks about success. She feels responsible for her brother who was homeless; she was a second mom, as her mother was a single mother. Her parents are divorced; she’s gotten closer with her father. Jesse encourages her to forgive her mother. A man named Chris brought her here for the first time today. 

11:31 Franky also talks about success, relating to a man who spoke earlier. He says the things are a lie, the notion that the stuff will make him happy; Franky says he’s successful. 

JLP: No such thing as success

11:32 Jesse explains: There’s no such thing as success. Let the world’s way go, and be you. 

More answers: Living your lowest or your highest?

11:35 Jesse gets back to the question with a young lady: Are you living your lowest or highest? Is it possible to know that? She thinks not. 

Another woman thinks she’s living at her highest, waking up, learning, and growing. She’s been seeking the truth. 

11:37 A third young lady thinks she’s living both lowest and highest. She says when she has her physical health, she’ll be able to observe. 

11:38 A fourth young woman also thinks she’s living at her highest, referencing the second woman Rochelle. She doesn’t expect the truth to change for her. Jesse asks: Do you still control your husband? She realizes she used to try to control her husband. 

11:41 Hassan says he’s living his highest, because he doesn’t have an idea of high or low. It’s just peaceful. 

JLP: Do you have mercy? Experts: Lower or higher level?

11:42 Raymond says he’s living his lowest. Jesse asks him: Do you have mercy? Not even for yourself? 

James says Jesse previously asked: Are you living at a lower level or higher level? 

11:44 Doug answers, saying he only has right now. Nick feels that a “higher level” doesn’t seem real. 

11:46 Jesse says we had an amazing Women’s Forum. A woman asks if men should be with women so they know if they’re at a lower or higher level. 

JLP: Reflecting and realizing… lower vs higher level

11:49 Jesse tells why he asks this question. He knows so many people who’ve died over his life, including working at BOND. Reflecting on people who say they forgave, he used to believe them. But if you’re not born again of the heart, you’re not going to change. People were not overcoming; they don’t have love for their enemies or even their friends when they disagree. 

In staying with the prayer, staying present with God, he realizes all thoughts are all lies, all the time, about everything. He realizes that his ideas about God were wrong. 

Become aware of your thoughts. Your lower level of consciousness is when you feel good or bad. 

Nothing is required of us, but to pray and watch. 

Nothing is required of us. The less you do the better off you are, as far as spirituality is concerned. You have to take care of physical needs and responsibilities. But all you need to do is pray and watch. In reality, you’re not feeling good or bad, have no needs or wants. The ego feelings make you think it’s you, because you’re identified with it so long. When you overcome the mind, you’ll see that. 

The higher level of consciousness is to watch the lower level, and let is pass. Pray without ceasing, so you can watch those thoughts. Anyone who has fear, doubt, anger, you’re worshiping the Devil; you’re on the lower level of thinking. 

You’re no different from Hitler or a murderer. 

You’re no different from Hitler or the murderers today. 

Don’t run from situations; relax in them. 

When things happen to you, it’s not happening to you. When situations happen, don’t run from them, but relax in them. If you feel afraid, let yourself feel afraid. You need the light. Surrender to God. Let go, let the light change you, and you’ll grow in consciousness, which will allow you to see the ego nature and let it go. 

Be glad. There is no love in the world. 

If someone offends you at work, be glad for that. Don’t run away from it. It’s not you. The real you cannot be hurt. 

There is no love in the world. If you overreact, that’s a sign you don’t have love; you’re worshiping the Devil. You forgive and forget, and let go. 

JLP: Stop taking on others’ pain! (Buffalo shooting) 

12:15 Stop, stop, stop taking on other people’s pain! Jesse talks about a lady on TV who overreacts when blacks are successful or shot in a shooting. Who are you to take on someone else’s pain! 

The blacks were carrying on at a press conference after the Buffalo grocery store shooting; they even brought ambulance chaser and race hustler Benjamin Crump! One was looking up at “mama” in heaven. 

Jesse’s cousin called him up, all mad at Jesse, laughing at the dead. But if it were serious, they wouldn’t have a (sleazy) lawyer there. 

Stop taking on other people’s pain. Don’t gossip about one another. 

JLP: Have no opinion about yourself; pray for one another

12:21 Jesse encourages people: Stay with the prayer. If your ego hurts, it’s not you; the Devil wants you to think that; he wants you overreacting so he stays alive. Be still so the light can destroy the darkness. Anyone who overreacts doesn’t have love. 

You can have a life of just seeing. 

Everybody’s trying to overcome the vices, but can’t! 

Jesse mentions opioids. The light is going to make the ego hurt. 

Q’s: Seeing weakness in men: Judgment? 

12:25 One lady asks about wondering whether men are weak. 

Jesse reiterates: When you overcome the darkness, you’d never have a personal opinion about anyone. 

JLP: You need time alone (months!) 

12:28 Jesse recommends you need time alone in quiet, so the ego can have a fit on you. The ego wants to keep you busy and distracted. When you get off work, have that down time. 

The path is narrow; praying to God?

12:30 Rochelle says it was gold what Jesse’s talking about; this should be a megachurch, but the path is narrow. 

As she’s talking, Jesse also chimes in and says we’ve not been praying to God. 

JLP: Going through the valley of the shadow of death

12:34 Jesse says a man said the Devil revealed himself to him. Do nothing. It feels like you’re dying, but the real you is not dying. 

Lies at a funeral

12:35 A man talks about having to hide his laughter at a funeral, with the lying. 

Let your ideas go about sin and morality

12:36 Joel asks how people would respond if they were never taught about sin. Only the ego thinks that it knows. You don’t know you don’t know unless you seek and stay with it. 

Don’t let anyone gossip with you about someone else. That’s playing with hell. Be of Heaven; be of love. 

Satan talking to you

12:40 A man said his mind kept telling him Jesse’s wrong. He talks about the ego seeking to destroy. While sitting here, listening to the truth, you can have Satan talking to you. He recommends “Revolver” with Jason Statham 

Happy B-day!

12:42 Happy birthday to Jesse and to Nick the Anchor Baby! 

Last Q’s, comments

12:48 Jesse answer a question about attachments

12:50 Jesse asks one of the young ladies: Was this helpful? She also asks about the ego death. God just wants us to be, Jesse explains. 

12:55 Jesse gives his last advice to feel the ego death. Stay with it.


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