07/11/21 Is God Passionate or Dispassionate? (Church)

Christians are pathetic, and the world is going to hell! A little girl is afraid of her father. God is not passionate. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, July 11, 2021: Take one step at a time and don’t compare yourself to others. Christians are pathetic! One man has anger and no job. A couple of ladies ask about “telling the truth” in the right way. A little girl and her divorced mother fear her father. Stay with the Silent Prayer. Slavery was not as bad as the world is pretending, and we should be grateful to be in America. A couple thinks marriage is a “50/50 partnership.” Biblical Question: Which do you prefer to be — passionate or dispassionate? 


  • 0:00 Pre-Church talk
  • 1:22 One step at a time
  • 10:00 Pathetic Christians!
  • 22:05 Angry man, get a job!
  • 34:32 “Telling the truth,” no tact!
  • 51:10 Little girl, mother, aunt
  • 1:11:07 Seasoning words
  • 1:14:45 Anger, Silent Prayer
  • 1:17:30 Good from slavery
  • 1:23:36 Passionate lady
  • 1:34:10 Dispassionate lady
  • 1:36:59 50/50 partnership?
  • 1:44:35 Jesse’s answer
  • 1:49:24 Joel’s question
  • 1:50:52 Announcements / Thanks!

Church Notes

(We start streaming right about 11:00 AM US PDT.) 

One step at a time: Don’t compare yourself to others

One man Ed discusses planning, taking risks, and comparing oneself to others in life with Jesse. Jesse talks about a man from BOND who took one step at a time, investing in real estate, and doing quite well today. At BOND, Jesse encourages the Entrepreneur Academy guys to invest. 

Christians are pathetic, while the world goes to hell

11:10 Raymond wishes Jesse a Happy White History Month, then talks about the nonsense of Critical Race Theory. 

Jesse then talks about how Christians are pathetic. A homosexual choir in San Francisco came out with a viral video singing about wanting your children’s souls. The world is falling apart while Christians sing songs in church, allowing evil to take over. White people are allowing the children of the lie to tell their children that you’re racist and they’re taught to be ashamed of the United States. Stand up! 

11:16 If you look at the flag and think about slavery, you have an issue. 

Jesse interviewed a Christian singer (a Catholic rapper) who didn’t want to deal with the truth, but just talk about “Jesus.” He didn’t want to be tagged on social media when we released the video on The Fallen State. Another young lady was afraid after saying stuff she didn’t mean. And she preemptively kissed up to the gay community. 

One man Jesse met had a baby with his live-in girlfriend, but he quit his job because he got something like $100,000 in stimulus money. 

Jesse loves the spiritual battle. He asks how many people have anger. 

One man has anger, but no job

11:22 A man admits he has anger and fear. He says he’s forgiven his mother and father, but still blames others for his problems, including them. Things just aren’t working — he still judges his father; he made some signs promoting Jesse’s show, but got upset at kids who painted over them. But his priorities are wrong: he needs a job. Although he was star-struck by Jesse, Jesse tells him not to think of him that way. Describing his past, he tells how he’s trying to turn himself around. 

Just relax; don’t struggle. Don’t judge your father; he can’t help himself, as you can’t yourself.

Lady telling the truth without ‘tact’?

11:34 Black Victoria talks about telling the truth. She says she stopped gossiping, but says she does not have tact. There was one point during the Fourth of July in which she’d been drinking and ran into a situation she’s unsure about. 

A little girl and her mother on her father

11:51 A 10-year-old girl asks: How can you not get mad at anybody? Don’t you get annoyed at times? She says she has anger. Explaining why, she says she hasn’t forgiven her mom yet, and barely talks to her dad. Asked about her dad, she describes him as scary and intimidating. The little girl’s divorced mother and her twin sister also join us. She too is nervous around her ex-husband, her daughter’s father. She was shocked her daughter felt that way, not knowing what to say, so she told her not to worry about it. 

Her parents are both dead; she asks if forgiveness happens little by little or all at once. 

The little girl Cassie’s aunt, her mother’s older twin sister, also speaks; she thought it was natural to fear parents and especially father. She too is divorced, having raised a daughter who’s now about 25. Although her daughter lives with her now, she is thinking of moving out so her daughter can have the apartment. 

Cassie has called Hake’s show a couple of times! 

More about wisdom in telling the truth

12:10 Adrian also chimes in about the situation that black Victoria spoke about; they were talking with a “Bible thumper.” Jesse shares some wisdom about speaking the truth in love. Adriana never heard the truth until she came here. 

Stay with the Silent Prayer

12:14 Jesse then goes to a man who raised his hand, saying he had anger. He says he can feel it going away; he forgave his mother last month and does the Silent Prayer regularly. Jesse’s stuck with the Silent Prayer for over 31 years. 

Thank God for slavery

A man prompts Jesse to talk about the good that came from slavery. God brought blacks to the greatest country on this side of heaven. Jesse’s always felt this way, since childhood. He then talks about God and the miserable evil people turning on one another, tearing down monuments. 

12:23 Satan’s children don’t forgive each other. A white woman from ESPN 

Biblical Q and a woman who needs to forgive

Jesse then asks his Biblical Question: Which do you prefer to be: passionate or dispassionate? 

One lady starts to answer, but then talks about her issues and her need to forgive her mother. (She’d seen Jesse on InfoWars, and didn’t realize he was also a pastor.) 

Another lady joined us for the first time after hearing about Jesse from Angie and Lucas, “the radicals.” 

12:36 Jesse then returns to his Biblical Question with this lady. 

Talking with a couple

12:39 Yet another first-timer joins us with her husband. Asked whether he’s alpha or beta, she answers: I don’t know. She disagrees with Jesse focusing on women and what mothers do wrong; she feels it’s 50/50. 

This lady says she was not passionate in raising her kids, but let them do their thing without imposing her will. Her 23-year-old son had moved back in with them, but hopes to move out again. 

Her husband now speaks; he thinks of marriage as a form of partnership, a 50/50 deal. But how can it be 50/50 if the woman came from the man. Does his wife obey him? Not always! 

Jesse’s answer to the Biblical Question

12:45 Jesse answers the Biblical Question: God is not a passionate God. The world is pushing passion. We will deal with this more on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show this week (likely Monday morning first thing). So Jesse encourages people to stay with God so he can clean up all the passion in us. 

12:49 Joel asks a question. ALSO: A dispassionate person will never try to control you; a passionate person will. 

12:51 Men’s Conference August 14 in Orlando, FL! We have Church the next day in Orlando, FL. Third Thursday this week is the Women’s Forum! 

They’ve re-written history to make slavery seem like Jesus was wrong about it!


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