09/12/21 Whose Fault: Cult Leader or Followers? (Church)

Whose fault is it when grown adults are deceived by a so-called “cult leader”? Jesse brings Joel on-stage to illustrate God opening eyes. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 12, 2021: Jesse feigns like we’re going to bow our heads to pray, then leads a discussion on so-called “cults” and “cult leaders.” Who’s fault is it when an adult is deceived: The “leader” or the follower? When people are emotional, their ego does not want to admit they’re wrong. // Jesse then brings Joel on-stage to show an illustration of salvation: At one point, Jesse identified with his false identity, but now that God opened his eyes, he now sees it’s not him. // Talking with new-comers, Jesse explains what love and faith are. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: We’ll deal with the Biblical Questions on the radio show Monday. Nick will begin his own show on JLP’s network in January; we’re looking for an intern to help him with producing Jesse’s show. We have our monthly Women’s Forum this third Thursday of the month. https://rebuildingtheman.com/events 

CLIP: Being in a Cult vs. Being Born Again (24 mins) | BitChute | RumbleOdysee | The world is a cult, the blind following the blind. Jesse brings Joel onstage to illustrate seeing the “not-you.”


  • 0:00:00 Pre-church talk
  • 0:02:14 Welcome to Church
  • 0:03:03 “Bow your head to pray”
  • 0:11:25 Do what they say
  • 0:15:37 Vaccine judgment
  • 0:18:42 Jim Jones?
  • 0:32:20 First-timer: Church?
  • 0:35:50 MLK: Cult leader?
  • 0:46:50 Whose fault: Leader or follower?
  • 0:57:25 Blaming others
  • 1:06:30 On rape, women, love
  • 1:16:37 JLP: ‘Cult leader,’ blame (24 mins)
  • 1:20:28 JLP: Being born again
  • 1:23:44 JLP: Illustration: the not-you
  • 1:36:52 Follow-up: Love and faith
  • 1:41:20 Overcome opinions of self
  • 1:44:34 For later: Biblical Questions
  • 1:45:50 Closing / Announcements

Church Notes

11:01 AM US PDT We start streaming just after the beginning of the hour, and Joel gives announcements. 

Prayer, Vaccination, Jim Jones

11:04 Jesse begins by saying: Everyone bow your heads to pray. Then he immediately stops and asks people why they did or did not bow their heads, and whether they’ve done it at other churches. 

11:14 One man says he does not obey when someone tells him to do something. He waits for the Spirit to know whether or not to do what they say. 

11:17 Jesse says he notices the vaccinated people are getting angry at the unvaccinated people. Why? Why are they fighting one another? 

11:20 Jesse then asks about Jim Jones. Who was Jim Jones? Was Jim Jones a cult leader? What is a cult leader? Was he able to deceive people? Why? He convinced people to move to Guyana in South America (not Africa? “Same thing!”). Was it his fault or their fault that they were deceived? Or was it the people’s fault? Who made the cult leader the cult leader — the people or the cult leader himself? 

11:33 Jesse asks people if they’ve been a member of a church, and ever listened to what the preacher said. Did you ever question the preacher? 

First timer

One man Gary (sp) joins us for the first time. After finding Jesse, he started to think for himself, and voted for The Great White Hope. He’s forgiven his parents. He was scared of his mother, having resented her. 

MLK, black Democrats

11:37 Jesse recounts talking with Francisco about a documentary on Jackie Robinson. Why is MLK pushed when Jackie Robinson was a great man? During the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, Jr., was in jail — and allegedly made a deal to sell blacks to the Democrats. MLK was sentenced to a chain gang. Barry Goldwater refused to go along with the Civil Rights thing. JFK, a Democrat, got MLK’s sentence reduced. So MLK’s father promised buckets full of ballots for Kennedy. 

11:42 So was MLK a cult leader? Franky says yes. Whose fault was it that blacks stayed beholden to the Democrat Party? 

Being a follower

11:45 Who is causing the vaccinated to fight the unvaccinated? Francisco talks about having been a follower. 

11:48 One young lady says she used to fall into the idea of victimhood in college. It seemed truthful to her at the time. 

11:50 Jesse asks Daniel: Who’s fault is it that the vaccinated people are angry at the unvaccinated? He says the intellectuals, media, Joe Biden and others are misleading people. 

11:52 Joel says that categories are the problem. 

11:53 A young lady says she had Covid a month ago during her pregnancy. She says that she was emotional toward her mother. 

11:55 What is a cult leader? One man says it’s someone whom people follow blindly. 

11:57 A man reacts to what he has heard of Jim Jones. He believes both Jones and the followers are lost. Who’s fault is it? 

Following a woman

This man admits that he’s made a woman his personal “cult leader” in the past. He thought he was right for blaming her. 

Blaming others for your failure

11:59 Jesse says: For some reason, adults will not take a look at themselves and blame themselves for their failings and situations. As an adult, you’re to blame for your own situation. 

Joel and others talk about blaming others in the past. 

12:04 Jesse asks one Asian young lady: Were you wrong for blaming yourself? Why were you wrong for blaming yourself? 

12:06 Jesse asks another young lady about ever being broken-hearted. Did you make the guy your “cult leader”? She blamed him and herself as well. 

First timer: Rape, women, love

12:08 Jesse then tells another woman about a woman who got into a car with a guy and got raped. They had sex. Whose fault is it? One woman says that rape is statistically or psychologically about power, not about sex. She grew up during the feminism push of the 90s. 

Her name is Lisa — this is her first time. She heard of him from her ex-boyfriend and from Alex Jones. She has a hard time when Jesse blames women, but she understands when she thinks about it. She believes women have love — she thinks she does. What is true love, she asks. 

First-timer: Real love

12:15 Henry, another Asian timer, tells what he understands real love to be. His father was hit by a truck and was hospitalized. He heard of Jesse on YouTube and from friends. 

Jesse on ‘cults’ and being born again (24 mins)

Church Clip, Sep 12, 2021: The Not-You

12:18 Growing up, Jesse never heard people call themselves “cult leaders.” He heard about the Jim Jones thing, and people were blaming Jim Jones. Growing up, Jesse did not know that people put others as their leader. Men worked for other men, but they did not put one over them as a “leader.” 

When people get emotional and angry, they sometimes call Jesse a “cult leader.” In an emotional state, adult people don’t take responsibility for their own actions. Get to know yourself, so you see the truth of what’s going on. The ego doesn’t want to admit that it’s wrong! 

12:22 (Joel comes on-stage for an illustration.) Jesse says he never chose to become a sinner; he knew he was wrong, but didn’t know how to overcome it. You can’t make yourself be born again. Jesse recounts asking God to let him see himself. 

Jesse (with Joel) on salvation and losing the vices

12:25 Jesse uses Joel to give an illustration of salvation. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. When he was born again, he realized that this person in his mind whom he thought was him was not actually him. At that time, God took the anger from him. He quit judging himself for his vices. (Joel leaves the stage.) 

Preachers think the vices are the sin — but the sin is of the heart. He allowed himself to go through what he had to go through. But he didn’t know that it was because his heart had changed. There’s nothing you will not overcome if you see it and let it be. 

Stay with prayer: Focus on the heart

12:31 Your only focus should be to sit still, observe, and seek the Father. You must stay with the Silent Prayer. As Paul said: It’s not you; it’s a spirit that made a home in you. 

12:32 No matter what the situation, you are to blame as adults. You may not have seen what you were getting into at the time. To blame someone else is being in denial yourself, and you won’t be free. Even if they did something “wrong,” you allowed it to happen. See why you fell for it. 

Jesse stays with the Silent Prayer. He can’t imagine going back into darkness. 

12:35 Prayer is of the heart, not of the head. So bowing your head in church — that came from the head, not the heart. 

12:35 Jesse says love is of the Father. There’s no feeling to it. It’s a light unto your feet, to see and overcome. It will kill the ego, the not-you, Satan’s nature in us. Once God changes your heart from hate to love. Focus on the heart, not on the little vices you have (although do try not to do them). Be still and know the Father. 

The unvaccinated people should not be mad at the vaccinated people: They know not what they do. 

The whole world is a cult. 

Stay with the prayer. Observe the thoughts. When you get in one, don’t judge yourself. Anyone with emotion is full of ego. 

Follow-up: Love and faith

12:38 Joel reacts. Jesse warns: Don’t try to figure out love. God’s way is far away from what you can imagine. It’s enough to know that you don’t know. 

12:41 Jesse says he wants nothing but faith, to doubt every thought all the time. If you can doubt every thought, you have faith. 

Jesse makes a funny comment about robbing banks. 

12:44 The young lady Lisa responds. 

Closing / Announcements

12:46 Nick repeats the Biblical Question: Have you prayed the sinner’s prayer? If so, why? No such thing! Jesse will answer that more in-depth on the radio. 

Nick also reads the new Biblical Question: How did mankind come to neglect the interior and focus on the exterior? 

Nick will be hosting his show in the new year. If you want to be an intern. 

One thing Jesse meant to mention: the “cult leaders” today have people pretending Bruce Jenner is a woman! 

12:50 Women’s Forum is this third Thursday of the month, 7 PM at BOND in Los Angeles! 


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