11/28/21 When Did You Decide to Become a Sinner? (Church)

We talk about the out-of-control evil in the world, then the Biblical Question: When did you decide to become a sinner?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, November 28, 2021: (Jesse’s radio crew got sick this week before Thanksgiving.) Make sure you take time without distractions to be quiet. Crime and anarchy are taking over in America. People’s overreactions to the Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery cases reveal a lack of love in the world. // We discuss at-length the Biblical Question: When did you decide to become a sinner? 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Nov 28, 2021
  • 0:04:02 Welcome to Church
  • 0:05:42 Evil running wild
  • 0:20:32 Kyle Rittenhouse, Ahmaud Arbery
  • 0:24:06 Biblical Q: Decide to sin?
  • 0:32:37 Son, mother, more BQ answers
  • 0:51:13 Father on the son
  • 0:54:59 JLP answer
  • 1:02:06 Father on children
  • 1:05:00 JLP: Bring all thoughts into captivity
  • 1:10:21 Young lady: How to stop judging myself?
  • 1:12:53 The world like the Old Testament
  • 1:18:06 How are all thoughts lies?
  • 1:28:21 Formerly suicidal man
  • 1:36:58 Q: What is the Silent Prayer?
  • 1:39:42 Why let women speak in church?
  • 1:45:33 Thanks, all! 

Church Notes

10:58 AM US PST We start streaming just before 11 AM and Chris gives initial announcements. 

Welcome to Church

After we welcome first-timers and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Jesse talks about getting sick after the rest of his radio show team got sick just before Thanksgiving. 

Opening: Evil running wild

Jesse encourages everyone to calm down and not be distracted by phone or TV. 

Jesse never understood the depths of “anarchy” until now. Crime is through the roof. And the criminals are getting away with it. They don’t seem to have any inner control to tell them it’s wrong, even without the police around to stop them. We’re bringing up Christianity and love, because we’ve got to get self-control back. Men are needed in order for that to happen. You’ve got to overcome your fears; seek the Kingdom of God and His right way; perfect love casts out fear. People are afraid to walk the streets now. Bring the law back! It’s insane! 

11:12 Jesse asks a man what he thinks when he sees it. 

11:15 Another man Franky talks about seeing stuff here that he used to watch overseas. 

11:16 The man with his son in the corrupt schools talks about the unlawful mandates. Jesse asks him if he’s planning to run for the school board. We need to deal locally, and get involved. Somebody is trying to destroy the country and the people. 

Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery cases: Hate in the world

11:18 Jesse was thinking about the Kyle Rittenhouse case; some of his family members call him a “white supremacist,” without any evidence. They don’t see it’s a self-defense trial, having nothing to do with race. Jesse watched his Tucker Carlson interview; anyone would respect him, seeing how honorably he conducted himself. 

Jesse also brings up the Ahmaud Arbery case. The blacks were celebrating three men losing their lives as they knew it, having been convicted of a black man’s “murder.” It’s not about the black guy who was killed; it’s about getting back at white people. We’ve got to bring love back. There’s too much hate in the world. 

Biblical Question: Decide to become a sinner?

11:22 Jesse asks his Biblical Question from last week: At what age did you decide to become a sinner? He asks a couple of young ladies to begin. 

11:25 A man from Georgia says his mother covertly turned him against his father. She said his father was jealous of him like Saul was of David. He spoke correctly and got made fun of for it. At one point he was becoming “trans,” but saw how insane the LGBT community was. 

11:29 After watching the Al Pacino movie “The Devil’s Advocate,” he agreed he was tired of the guilt-ridden life. 

A man forgave his mother… More answers

11:31 One man used to get in fights, cuss as a kid and tell his parents he hated them. He called his mother 2-3 years ago to forgive her. He does not do the Silent Prayer. 

11:35 The man’s mother, visiting from Hawaii, talks about her son forgiving her. She answers the Biblical Question as well. 

11:37 Another young lady doesn’t think she ever decided to become a sinner. 

11:38 Delaney says he was sinning from the beginning; he was not raised Christian. He allowed a girlfriend to commit an abortion at one point. 

11:39 Amber doesn’t think she did decide. She remembers about 13 being angry at her parents, although she was raised in the church. It caused her to judge herself more, and she was stuck in that. 

11:40 Franky says he was 23 and wanted to have sex when he decided. 

11:41 One man would lie to his parents in order to get his brother in trouble. He wonders whether he had a choice; he loves his siblings now; life is good; God looked out for him. 

11:43 A man says he now prefers not to be a sinner. 

11:44 Another man “gave his life to the Lord” at 6, yet he was mischievous. 

11:45 One guy said his brother bothered him as a kid, before he could make decisions. 

11:47 One of the first young ladies talks more. 

11:48 One man says he was angry at his parents at 13. 

Follow-up: Your depressed son

11:49 Jesse asks the father how he reacted when his son was depressed. His wife told the 5-year-old they hate him back, when he told them he hated them! He wanted to use corporal punishment. Jesse asks him why he didn’t see that his anger was not coming from his brothers, but from his mother. The father too was an angry young man, except not as expressive because of fear. The father also answers the question: He always flirted with naughtiness and rebellion, saying dirty words for the thrill. He never fit in either. 

Jesse’s answer

11:53 Jesse tells why he asked the question, having counseled people around the world. Everybody has the same problem. You’ve never made the decision to become a sinner. We carry out acts because we want to feel better in that fallen state. Kids are born innocent, into messed up families with no love. Mothers hate the fathers, and want to control everything; and children fall into darkness. God does not judge you for what you do, but for your heart. Salvation is of the heart. Human beings judge the vices; God judges the heart. 

As Christians, we judge the heart, and not the vices. A person of anger is worse than a murderer. 

Endure the pain, and stop judging yourself. You’ll only make it worse. Not one human being decided to become a sinner. No one has not sinned. Everyone has something they need to overcome. 

Once you forgive your parents, you’ll never judge another person. You’ll start a new generation of love. Look at the world today, it has no love. 

A father’s questions: Dealing with children when they do wrong?

12:00 One father asks how to tell his kids not to worry about the wrong they do. Jesse explains: If you don’t get angry at them, you’ll do it in a perfect way. He saw his kids for the first time in three years. 

More from Jesse: Pray; bring all thoughts into captivity

12:03 Jesse says all around the world it’s the same. There is no truth in the imagination. Bring every thought into captivity. 

You cannot hate a person; it’s not them, it’s not the mother, it’s the spirit in them. That’s why women have to go and forgive too. Stop judging; you’re suffering unnecessarily. Don’t just give into it, but if you do, do not judge it. 

Young lady: How do I stop judging myself? More feedback…

12:08 Christ came that we might be free. 

A young lady Amber asks about judging herself her whole life; she still believes into those lies. Samuel tells her to keep doing the Silent Prayer. Jesse tells her let it pass when the thoughts come. 

Are you convinced yet that all thoughts are lies? You’ll see all is well. 

The world is like the Old Testament

12:11 A man started reading the whole Bible from the beginning. Jesse used to think the men who followed Christ were amazing, but they were not great until after they changed. When you wake up, you start seeing what’s in the Bible, too. The world today is just like the Old Testament. Now they want you to take three vaccine shots! Stop overreacting to the world outside; go within. Everytime you overreact, you get weaker. But when you go within and relax, you get stronger. Read the Bible not to remember it. 

All thoughts are lies? How to plan? How to hate evil? 

12:16 A man asks about how all thoughts are lies. 

12:20 The man’s wife asks about planning, and using wisdom to order our next steps. When you plan you think you know what you want, but you don’t. 

She also asks about hatred. Scripture tells us to hate evil, and it works through people. How do we hate evil? Discern it. Jesus dealt with Pharisees with perfect love; in that, there’s power. 

The formerly suicidal man

12:26 Jesse asks one more man when he decided to become a sinner. Think on these things, and wisdom will come. He realizes that thoughts are evil. His life’s gotten better. (This is the man who almost committed suicide. Richard brought him to church one time.) His relationship with his son is better. He’s being less beta now, and credits BOND. His job is great now. He’s not doing the Silent Prayer. 

Newcomer: What’s the silent prayer?

12:36 Jesse says he was a beta male when he was sick. Jesse explains what the Silent Prayer is to a young man, a newcomer. He says he likes to use his imagination, as he’s a writer. Use it as a tool, and then put it down. Did you know that any male who has anger is a woman, Jesse asks him. He says he’s straight, but does have womanly traits — it’s his mother’s identity that made a home in him. 

Q: Women speaking in church?

12:37 Delaney brings up that the Bible says women are not to speak in church. One man thinks it’s the teaching and preaching that women should not do. They should go home and ask their husbands, but many women do not have husbands. 


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