12/12/21 Let the Ego Die (Church)

JLP talks about being sick. We talk about stillness and ego death. Bring Christianity back. Biblical Q: Should women speak in church?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, December 12, 2021: Jesse’s back! He talks about being sick, and observations. A woman fasts, then overeats, and her thoughts go crazy. Endure the ego pain. Jesse tells about watching a young woman Reality Winner on 60 Minutes, who cut herself and got addicted to drugs in prison. We talk about feeling good, feeling worse, and a time to mourn. Bring Christianity back — pass it on to millennials and Gen Z. Never put another human being above you. Biblical Question: Should women be allowed to speak in church? 

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  • 0:00:00 Sun, Dec 12, 2021
  • 0:02:05 Jesse’s back! on being sick
  • 0:16:27 Fasting, thoughts, ego death
  • 0:31:14 60 Minutes [Reality Winner]
  • 0:40:10 Feedback: Feeling good
  • 0:44:55 Feedback: Feeling worse
  • 0:49:06 Feedback: Emotions, a time for everything
  • 0:54:05 JLP: Faith and prayer
  • 0:56:25 Feedback: Devil doesn’t want you still
  • 0:59:38 Feedback: Ladies on the Silent Prayer
  • 1:09:35 JLP: Stop worrying. Bring Christianity back
  • 1:14:44 Feedback: Never but another above you
  • 1:20:00 JLP: Passing Christianity to millennials
  • 1:25:30 Biblical Q: Women speak in church?
  • 1:36:30 JLP on Biblical Question
  • 1:40:33 JLP: Closing and announcements

Church Notes

10:58 AM US PST We start streaming a couple of minutes before 11 AM and Chris begins with announcements. 

Jesse talks about being sick, and lessons about it

After we start, Jesse tells about his passing out while sick on-air a couple of weeks ago Monday, and resting up, recovering until Friday. He felt like a beta, because he realized there was nothing he could do about it — he just had to see it through, and eat oranges. He wanted his mama and grandma who used to baby him when he got sick as a kid. 

Jesse also points out in reality we’re not in control of anything! He thanked his staff for running the office and shows in his absence. 

Jesse was born of the woman, just like all of us. And we all have to overcome — you should not see others above you, as a “guru.” 

11:12 Raymond talks about getting sick a couple of years ago, and fainting. Satan told Jesse and another friend who’d passed out once that he’d be passing out all the time now. Be aware of thoughts. 

Feedback: fasting, overeating, thoughts, stillness, ego death

11:14 A lady talks about thoughts and fasting. Now she can’t stop thinking about food and overeating! Do all things in moderation. All thoughts are all lies. Don’t make it a big deal. Don’t judge yourself. She let her food in her fridge run out, but she just went to the restaurant! 

She has not done the Silent Prayer, because she can’t sit still — she gets nervous and thinks about all she has to do. Be still. Jesse talks about the ego death. The straight and narrow road is a mess — because the ego pain feels like it’s you. But it’s not; it’s a spirit in your body working through your mind. Once you’re born of the Father, you have the help of the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit in you to fight the darkness. He really fights it when you’re quiet. Of ourself we can do nothing and know nothing. 

When this lady is going through stuff, she puts on gospel music really loud, but can’t sit still! She talks about sweating and getting a headache while Jesse’s talking. 

She says she can sit and read the Bible for an hour. Read but not to remember! She thinks she forgave her parents who passed away when she was young. That’s why it’s so important to get to know yourself. 

JLP: Ego death: What’s important to you

11:26 Jesse notices the ego death is everything that’s important to you. Live by faith; don’t jump ahead. The ego shows you what’s important to you. 

JLP: 60 Minutes segment [Reality Winner]

11:29 Jesse talks about TV being boring while being sick. He used to love the Sunday evening TV show 60 Minutes, but now you can’t tell if it’s true. A young woman went into the military and won medals. She was put in prison for leaking gov’t information for four years. Prison was so rough for her that she cut up her body. She asked a priest why no one cared about them. The priest said, “Nobody gives a F— about you!” That day she became a drug addict. 

Instead of being still, and letting the ego die, she started cutting herself. The ego pain is worse than cutting her body for her! That’s how serious that pain is. Cutting her body was easier than being still and enduring the ego death. People commit suicide rather than facing it. You have to have faith! 

Prayer is of the heart, not of the head. God said he’d change the heart. Go through the ego pain. There’s no way around it. You have him to help you though. But the doctors will give you a pill to hide the pain. You have to die, to let it die. The spiritual pain is worse than the physical pain for this woman! 

Watch your thoughts. Learn to let them pass. Paul (or someone) said to pray without ceasing. Jesus said to pray and watch. 

Feedback: Feeling good

11:38 Linda talks about her sister, a worldly psychologist. She tried the Silent Prayer, and liked it, but preferred doing things to feel good. 

Jesse points out we are a spirit created in the image of God. God wants you to be one with Him, but you cannot when you have an ego. 

Feedback: Feeling like you’re getting worse

11:43 A man talks about feeling worse, getting sick, getting away from weed, and even cough drops, soda, and junk food. He turned off everything. 

Jesse talks about doing the Silent Prayer and feeling like he was getting worse too. Let the thoughts pass. When your heart is turned from stone to love, you will have the power to die from the ego. 

Feedback: Emotions, and a time for everything

11:47 A man asks if there is such a thing as a true emotion. There is a time for everything. But when you’re of the world it’s all emotions. 

Jesse talks about his father dying, and how cheap he was. 

11:51 Raymond talks about learning the truth from within. 

JLP: Faith and prayer

11:52 Jesse strongly encourages people to do the Silent Prayer. Without faith, you cannot please God. 

As adults and human beings, we should not feel shy or worry about what people are thinking about us. We’re all the same. Nobody has a special or unique problem. Admit you’re wrong, so that God can forgive you. Endure the ego. 

Feedback: Devil doesn’t want you to be still

11:54 Jesse asks a man how he’s doing. He says the Devil tells him he doesn’t have to do the Silent Prayer. The last thing Satan wants you to do is be still. God said to seek him early. Put him first. God is of the heart, not of the mind. 

All thoughts are all lies, all the time, about anything. All the worldly things won’t fix it. 

Feedback: Ladies on the Silent Prayer and more

11:58 A young woman asks what Jesse means by the heart. Your soul, your spirit — not the blood-pumping heart. She still has not tried the Silent Prayer. 

12:01 First-time visitor Tamiko has been following JLP for several years, with minor disagreements. She’s praying, but at first she didn’t want to because Jesse called it “his” Silent Prayer. God’s trying to bring us back so that we can become one with Him. She has a pet peeve and she does not call God a “he.” She’s a K-12 school teacher; she thinks it’s okay to teach young children, under 13 — factual things like math and language. She knows five different languages — American sign language, Spanish, English, and some Chinese and something else. 

JLP: Stop worrying. Bring Christianity back.

12:07 Jesse says: You have to stop worrying. You can’t make yourself stop. Live your life. We really need Christianity back. In the old days, black people weren’t judging whites. 

People’s minds went crazy with thoughts when Jesse got sick. Christianity didn’t used to be that way, that people got up in their head. Nosy people want to know everything! Mind your own business! People put their personal information on the Internet! People are very judgmental, because they have no love. It’s not like it used to be. You don’t need all that information! Jesse remembers there were only landlines at the house, and no computers. When he was dating, he’d never write a letter to his girlfriend. He wouldn’t take pictures. Chritianity’s watered down now! 

Feedback: Never put another human being above you

12:12 Francisco when Jesse was out sick, which was shocking to him, reminded him of when he was attached to a person. Jesse points out: God is your life source! Franky also talks about Michael Jackson’s death years ago, and the different image he had. 

12:17 Bigg Bump (Derrick) was thankful to see Jesse on-air the day he got sick. Some weeks back, Jesse asked people: How do you see me? Derrick saw Jesse like an older brother. This time confirmed that he did not see Jesse as a god. 

JLP: Passing on Christianity and millennials

12:18 Jesse talks about the ongoing time looking for a building. When he was out sick, he was glad to see the staff running things in Jesse’s absence. He wants to build the network, continue counseling, and see people learn and grow in Christianity. 

Jesse describes doing a Fallen State interview with a Gen Z young man (Dylan Burns). He said millennials have nothing to offer. Somebody let the millennials down, did not pass on the truth to them, and was not an example to them. Return to the Father. 

Biblical Question: Women speaking in church?

12:23 Jesse then gets to his Biblical Question: Should a woman be allowed to speak in a church? Linda answers, talking about Jesse dealing with an evil woman who said she’d been raped a hundred times or seven. 

A young man says yeah, it’s fine. 

Another man leans toward no, but changes his mind to yes! — definitely not preaching, but for fellowship it’s fine. He’s not praying consistently. He realizes Satan talks him out of it. 

A third man speaks on distinguishing between boys and girls, and men and women. He says a woman should speak in church. 

Hassan answers briefly. 

BQ disagreement and answer

Then Delaney, who first asked this question, says: With all due respect he’s not surprised that no one had the guts to say no. He talks about the circumstances in which Paul said that. 

12:34 Jesse then says that Christianity is almost dead. Here, women get the chance to ask and be pointed back to the Father. We fellowship, but don’t have women leading. They’ve destroyed Christianity. They have nowhere to ask the questions. Delaney disagrees in the case of this formal setting. 

12:37 A young woman Marlene came here because she knew that men. 

Closing: Pray

12:39 In closing, Jesse encourages people to live by faith, live from within, and do the Silent Prayer. 

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