12/26/21 Are You Convinced There Is No You? (Church)

The world manipulates you with words. The ego is not you. You have no reputation to protect. Surrender and forgive.

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, December 26, 2021: A few talk about how their lives changed over the past year, with prayer and forgiveness. Jesse mock-introduces a couple of guys, and names one a “doctor,” a “Ph.D.” He does this to illustrate how the world tries to manipulate you with words and names. People have fear. The ego is not you. What is it like being concerned with your reputation? How do you know you’ve surrendered? Do not name and claim what you feel — it’s a spirit that made a home in you. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Our office is closed during the weekdays between now and New Year’s Day. We’ll see you for Church next week as-normal. We’ll be back for the radio shows Monday, January 3, 2022 — including hopefully Nick’s new show! NOTE: Our new BOND building may not be in California; we may have to go out-of-state! We’ll let you know as we do. 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Dec 26, 2021
  • 0:01:11 Welcome to Church
  • 0:02:00 How has your life changed? 
  • 0:12:41 JLP: Manipulated by words
  • 0:18:10 People with fear
  • 0:35:18 JLP: The ego is not you
  • 0:42:57 JLP: Afraid of losing your reputation?
  • 0:53:17 JLP: How do you know you’ve surrendered?
  • 0:59:39 JLP: Vices of the heart
  • 1:05:27 Man on his Church “First Lady” mother
  • 1:09:05 Don’t name and claim it
  • 1:24:54 Biblical Q: There is no you
  • 1:31:05 More feedback and wisdom
  • 1:44:35 Closing: Pray without ceasing; do not get angry

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PST We start streaming and Nick gives announcements in Chris’s absence. Merry Christmas, all! 

To start off, Jesse invites people to talk about how their life has changed over the past year. This is the last Sunday of the year! Some people have come a long way, they’re staying with the prayer, and they find that Christ’s yoke is easy. 

One man’s living back at his parents, and hates it, as he feels like a kid there. Don’t hate your situation! 

Linda talks about losing her baby and being in fear this year. Friends poked at her to overreact toward her husband in one situation. 

The world manipulates you with words

11:13 Jesse introduces “Tom and Joe” (a white guy and a black guy in the back), and has them stand. Jesse says “Tom” is “Dr. Tom, Ph.D.” And “Joe” is just “Joe.” Then he asks: What was your impression of them when I first introduced them? 

(The white guy’s name is actually Matt — he came for the first time, having heard of Jesse through the black guy.) 

Jesse makes the point: Words affect us when we’re not aware. You can be manipulated with words, whereas God’s voice is a quiet voiceless voice. 

The words can make you depressed or have fear. 

People with fear

11:18 Jesse asks one lady: Why do you have fear at times? She presses forward, but thinks it’s normal to have fear. 11:18 Dathan talks about having been burned by doctors, and seeing how stupid some of them are. He talks about how you should count it all joy in trials. He learned that this year. 

11:20 One man talks about his fear based on experiences. 11:21 A man thinks it’s not normal to have fear, because we can’t control anything. 11:22 One of the first men to speak today talks about his children who lack fear. He points out that fear is installed into you as you’re traumatized growing up. 

11:23 Amber says she’s in her head sometimes, although she remembers being fearless when she was little. 

11:24 A man says he has fear, but wants the opposite of paranoia. This year, Jesse reminds us, we brought back Christianity! 

11:25 Another man fears because of the lies his “brain” tells him — a lack of faith. He feels all thoughts are feminine, “giving birth to new ideas.” 

11:27 Jesse talks about seeing Jesus of Nazareth (1977) — Jesus had no fear. A man from Hungary does not speak English very well. A young woman has fear while speaking. A father and his son talk about fear and doubt. 

11:32 A black guy who brought his friend to Church talks about now knowing what’s coming, but you “roll with the punches.” 

11:33 One young lady says she has fear when she “disobeys the truth.” Hassan says he no longer has fear; he says he was afraid of having fear. (Jesus of Nazareth and th

11:35 The black lady realizes it’s not normal to have fear. 

The ego is not you at all

11:36 Jesse talks about being sick being the best time of his life all year. It was total quiet time. The ego had no other choice but to reveal itself. It had a hissy fit. That ego pain and thoughts — it’s not you at all. He realized he was identifying with it as him. 

The light will shine on you. The ego is alive in you, and in others. You will see what’s going on in the world. The world is evil, but it’s inside of people. When you rise above the low consciousness that makes you overreact to things, the light of God shines. You will see that you are life, and there is no you at all. 

This is why God said: Walk in the light. Be aware, stay present, There is no past or future. All you have is now. But if you believe the darkness of the mind, you’ll walk in the darkness, thinking it’s the light. Don’t have conversations with thoughts. They’ll talk to you about the truth. 

In that movie Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus had no fear. When you’re in the light, you’re a living being, and stuff will go through you. Stuff that would work out won’t be worked out when you believe the darkness. Satan will play on fear and make you take the vaccine when you don’t want to. 

It is impossible to doubt or fear. Of yourself you can do nothing and know nothing. 

What is it like being concerned about losing your reputation? 

11:43 Have you ever been afraid of losing your reputation? Nick responds, and Amber talks about wondering what people will think. That’s a crazy way of living! 

You must be aware. In reality, you don’t have a reputation. Everybody talks about everybody. Everybody has a whisper to tell you about somebody else. The only people who don’t do it are truly walking in the light. 

There is no “you.” Your mind gives you a false image of you. So that’s the first thing the world goes after, because your reputation is important to you. There is no light in the ego, but it gives a false sense of self. You’re protecting something that doesn’t exist! 

When you realize there is no you… (Ask God to give you light.) You’re just life. All the stuff you worry about and hold onto, it’s there to destroy you. Satan will tell you people are looking at you. If you hold onto the false sense of self, you won’t make it. 

Jesse highly, highly, highly recommends: Let go and be all in. 100% surrender. You cannot put up any fight at all. God will fight your battle within, and without. Rise in consciousness; practice being conscious. You’ll see thoughts, and won’t communicate with them. Your whole being will live in total peace. 

In the old days, people would say: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. But now people are hurt more by words than by physical harm. 

Jesse makes up a scenario as an example in which Amber hears about gossip about her, and she gets tempted to overreact. Evil people will go after evil people, so they can feel better about being evil. 

How do you know you have surrendered? 

11:54 How do you know when you’ve surrendered? Linda responds. If you let go you don’t have fear. Another lady talks about it. 

When you see you’re weak, that you’re not in charge of anything, you totally surrender, just let go. Your enemies, when you don’t react to them, they get angry, and would murder you if they could. They need a reaction. If you don’t react, it brings the demon out. 

When men and women are living together, and the woman is losing control over the man — she won’t admit her ego is hurt. She’ll pretend it’s you. She’ll build an army against you. But she won’t say her husband stopped catering to her. When you forgive your mother, she’ll say you turned on her to other family members. 

11:59 One man says some are addicted to drama. See the truth. We don’t entertain gossip. 

The vices of the heart: protecting your illusion… Real love

12:00 The world is the Old Testament. Jesus said in that movie: The vices of the body are nothing compared to the vices of the heart or the soul. The soul is wicked. John the Baptist (who was depicted as though he were crazy) said salvation is of the heart. 

You are not your thoughts and feelings. If you live in fear, the world will destroy you with pressure. You’re not the ego. When you get a thought or feeling, rise above it. Let it pass. 

Your reputation is an illusion. Everyone among your family and friends think negatively of you. You’d be surprised. Everybody talks about everybody, except those who are walking in the light. 

Jesse talks about real love. You’ll see you’re not yourself. 

Naming and claiming: It’s not you, it’s a spirit in you

12:10 After a man talks about his mother who’s a First Lady at a church, Jesse urges people: Don’t name and claim it. Don’t say “I have fear, I have worry, I have doubt, I am this, I am that.” Life and death are in the power of the tongue. If you keep identifying yourself with that ego, you’ll become things. It’s not an “I,” it’s an “it,” it’s a spirit that made a home in you. 

12:11 Nick reacts to Jesse’s statement: Satan has fear. 

In the light, there is no time. Rise above that ego. Stop identifying with it. 

12:15 One young lady says even “mom” is a title. A mother is just a vessel, she says. But Jesse points out: They can’t help but traumatize the children. Jesse knows what it’s like to be in that ego pain. You don’t have to identify with or stay in the pain. You can ask God: Give me light. He loves us. 

12:18 A man talks about skydiving and having a mindset that whatever happens happens. Jesse talks about what Jesus went through before he suffered and died. 

Overcome words, but you must forgive. 

12:23 One man recounts catching himself complaining about a job, and in church lets out a coarse word. 

Never say: I am afraid. Whatever’s important to you is what your enemy will come after. That allows you to see that you’re attached to it. It allows you to let it go, because it’s not real. Your enemy helps you in this way. There’s nothing on this earth that should be important to you. 

Biblical Question: Are you convinced that there is no you? 

12:25 A lady brings up the Biblical Question: Are you convinced that there is no you? 

Jesse comments about life since starting BOND 31 years ago. 

Doug points out life never goes the way you think it will go. The ego deceives you about all things — it is evil. Doug says: The more we can calm down, the better off you’ll be. As Jesse points out: If you don’t put up any fight, you’ll come out unscathed. 

12:29 Jesse urges Amber: the real Amber is not shy, and does not care about her reputation. Amber responds. 

Jesse points out: We’re possessed, but we’ve identified with that spirit as though it’s us. In the light, none of that stuff exists. Watch how the world outside tries to control you. The same thing you’re thinking and feeling is in others trying to hurt you. But if they only knew what people think about them. They build an army against you, but even in that army they don’t like each other! The ego has no love. You are not the ego, folks! 

More feedback and wisdom

12:31 A man talks about his dad’s 60th birthday on Christmas. He talks about masculine influence. 

Stop denying seeing your enemy. Your enemy is not going to change; you have to change. Don’t deny when you see the evil spirit. Don’t judge or resent; they can’t help it. But don’t deny what you see. 

12:35 When ladies have the monthly thing, they’ve been conditioned to act and feel the same way. 

12:39 A man talks about a new job he’s taking on. Follow faith, and don’t try to anticipate it. 

12:40 Jesse urges people not to go around asking people feedback. Never reach outside for help. It’s in you. 

Closing and announcements

12:45 Jesse urges people: Pray without ceasing. And do not get angry. Surrender. This year we brought Christianity back. Next Sunday, first Sunday of the year (2022), we’ll have a new theme for next year. 

We’re closed Monday through Friday this week, but come back on Monday the 3rd of January for the radio show. And Nick will hopefully start his new show. 

We’re looking for a building for BOND, and it’s looking like it won’t be in California. But we’ll see what happens. His realtor warns of high taxes, regulations, and the overreaction to the Chinese Virus. 


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