All Your Troubles Start and End with You (Church 9/4/22)

Every “problem” started with a thought. Women need to check their emotions. Nobody loves anybody. Pray: Stay present with God. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 4, 2022: A man asks what Jesse means: “Don’t give up on you…. Make it personal.” // People react to the statement: “All of your troubles start and end with you.” // One lady overreacts to certain people, and thinks her craziness started after marrying a “charlatan.” // Dennis Prager wrote about women needing to check their emotions, bringing trouble in America. // A movie showed a woman caught up with the thought of having a beautiful wedding, going from man to man, rich or otherwise. // Be aware of thoughts. Nobody loves anybody. Stay present with God. //

Last week’s Biblical Question: Are you in control of your life?

This week’s Biblical Question: Are you afraid of evil people?


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Sep 4, 2022
  • 0:01:52 Make it personal?
  • 0:04:35 Troubles start/end w/ you. Alcoholic addict.
  • 0:22:24 Woman cusses talking about self-love
  • 0:30:00 How did you become so crazy?
  • 0:38:52 More responses: Troubles start with you?
  • 0:47:45 JLP: Every problem started with a thought
  • 0:56:27 Prager: Women not checking emotions
  • 1:07:12 Movie: She wanted a beautiful wedding
  • 1:13:18 Just be aware of thoughts
  • 1:19:24 Nobody loves you, nor you them.
  • 1:25:58 Stay in the present with God
  • 1:30:06 Wanting mother to apologize
  • 1:39:31 BQs: In control? Fear evil people? Closing

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start streaming just after the top of the hour.

Make it personal?

11:02 One man asks what Jesse meant in a prior service by saying, “Make it personal.” Jesse said that after saying, “Never give up on you,” and encouraging people to stay with the Silent Prayer no matter what.

All of your troubles start and end with you // Alcoholic addict

11:04 Jesse makes a statement and invites people to react: All of your problems start with you, in the mind.

One man calls himself an addict, but doing the Twelve-step Program. He says, “Once an addict, always an addict,” and says he’d love to have a beer. Jesse warns him to be careful what he says. The man talks about “making amends” with different people in his life. His family are alcoholics as well! But you’re justified or condemned by your words.

More responses

11:13 Other men and women respond to Jesse’s statement: “All of your troubles start and end with you.”

11:18 Another man says he tries not to blame others for his troubles. Yet another man disagrees, saying it starts and ends with the “not you.”

11:22 Another woman speaks, and cusses (saying the “F-word” once), saying she didn’t ask to be here (in this world, to be born, apparently). Jesse reminds her that there are no good families. He asks her: Do you still have anger? She says she’d like to say yes, and goes into an explanation about self-awareness and “self love.” Asked whether she forgave her mother and father, she says she has.

11:28 After another brief answer, yet another man says there’s no such thing as problems, although he has blamed others for them.

How did you become so crazy?

30:00 One lady mentions late black comedian Flip Wilson (who’d wear a dress) saying, “The Devil made me do it.” People say to count to ten, but she still overreacts to certain people.

She says she became crazy after she allowed herself to be taken in by a charlatan whom she married. Before that, she was a more “normal human,” but would be happy, sad, and sometimes angry. She doesn’t blame her parents for who she is, although her late mother would lose her temper (which she thought was normal), yell and holler. Her dad was very soft-spoken, and never cussed in front of her.

Jesse explains that when she yelled at her, that was evil; see it for what it is, so you can forgive her and go free. You don’t want to drop your body with anger; all who have anger are evil, Jesse warns her. Look at reality, and at your father for being weak, not protecting her from her, Jesse tells her.

11:39 Franky responds, saying he didn’t like himself, and wanted to be like others.

11:41 A couple of ladies believe it starts in childhood, from the influence of Satan.

Hassan disagrees with the statement. He talks about issues with people whom he hires.

Doug believes it to be true, in that the moment he believes a thought, he reacts. He now knows not to believe in his thoughts, and recognizes it when he does at times.

Nick agrees, saying we set ourselves up, for example being poor is from the way we’re living. He mentions “premarital sex” very fast.

JLP: Every problem started with a thought.

11:48 Jesse mentions not knowing he was “poor” growing up, although he grew up in a tin roof house. He was happy, not hungry. He never compared himself to anyone else.

Jesse then talks about how you believed the thoughts, whether someone seduced you or made you feel a certain way. The thought gives you a fake good or bad feeling, and you do what you don’t want.

The light of God within allows you to see that you are not your thoughts, and renew the mind. You will live a life without thoughts. Every thought you’ve had, you’ve been worshiping the Devil, thinking it was you. Your parents did the best they could. But you can walk by the light with a renewed mind. All emotions are evil, and start with a thought. And you act it out, feeling that way.

We’re in a mess and don’t know it. It’s hard to get people to look at themselves. You have to want to see yourself.

You will never be shy or afraid, or want to go with the crowd. You’re worshiping the Devil when you’re into thoughts and denial.

Women not checking emotions

11:56 Jesse mentions a Dennis Prager article, talking about how women have not been taught to check their emotions. Most of the women are bringing trouble in America, in the government, businesses, schools, and libraries. They identify emotionally with twisted things, because they believe the lie.

11:59 One lady says that women were made to have a hormone imbalance every month. Jesse didn’t know that women carry on and overreact to that. Be still through it; and relax. If you relax through life, life is amazing.

She talks about feeling scared at times.

Jesse explains that we are possessed by the Devil. You’ve never sat still to see that, so the light of God can rebuke the Devil, as Jesus cast out demons. Stay with prayer. Don’t let the Devil convince you you won’t get it back.

Jesse says it’s nobody else’s fault. It starts in your mind. There’s no such thing as problems.

12:06 Franky talks about happy kids who don’t know troubles as long as they have their parents.

Story of a woman who wanted a beautiful wedding

12:07 Jesse saw a movie in which a girl imagined having a perfect wedding. After dating a man for a while, she found a rich man online to marry for a year. The man’s assistant helped her plan it, making her feel beautiful and pure. He fed her ego, and she started feeling for him. They fell emotionally in love after a while. The old boyfriend tried to get her back, saying he loved her. She called off the rich man’s wedding the day-of, and got with the other because of her emotions.

Everybody is messed up.

Just be aware of thoughts

12:13 One lady asks about thoughts, trauma, and “triggers.” It’s the Devil’s thoughts, the unconscious mind, Jesse says. Children are caused to grow in the darkness of their imagination. It’s hard to overcome because you’ve totally identified with it as you. God is getting rid of all your identities, plans, and things you think you want. Do nothing else but be aware of the thoughts. Watch them.

Never ask how long. But God loves us, and gives us the will to do His will. Your vain prayers are worshiping the Devil. Don’t worry about what you’ll eat or where you’ll live.

No love. Never mind titles.

12:19 Nobody loves you, and you don’t love anybody. If you loved others, you’d never be angry at them, or require anything of them. When you want love back it means you don’t have love.

Stay on this path. Don’t pay attention to titles. People with degrees don’t want you to know how dumb they are. They’re no different from you. They had the same problem with Christ. He’d run away from the people because they made him into a god. He said greater works shall you do. So you do with people with titles, making them a god. Don’t put anyone above or below you. Just be you.

12:24 One man says mothers try to give a high position and glory to their sons and daughters.

Stay with prayer

12:26 Jesse asks Andy how this was helpful today. He likes questioning himself. Jesse asked why he was so weak in dealing with women. Knowing thyself, you will clearly understand and never judge others. He mentions Eastern religions like Taoism, which leave God out of it. Jesse urges him to do the Silent Prayer.

God is right here, right now, all the time. Satan wants to bring you out of the presence of God, so you go into the illusion of tomorrow or yesterday.

Wanting mother to take responsibility

12:30 One “shy” young woman says she likes to go to places a couple of times before opening up. She liked some of the stuff Jesse said. He says when she overcomes thoughts she will overcome emotions. She does have resentment, she admits, having allowed anger to get to her, being numb in childhood and early adulthood. Asked about forgiving her mother, she’s in the process of having discussions, wanting her apology.

Jesse tells her she doesn’t need her mother to admit or take responsibility at all. Realize you’re wrong for being angry, and admit you’re wrong for resenting her, that you became like her. You need to take responsibility for resenting her.

Jesse urges her to do the Silent Prayer and that she can get private counseling.

12:38 Jesse gets to another first-time visiting lady.

BQs: In control of your life? Afraid of evil people? Closing

12:39 Jesse asks the Biblical Question: Are you in control of your life? We’re not in control of anything. We’re weak. You can’t change anything about yourself.

12:40 New Bíblical Question: Are you afraid of evil people?


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