Are You Afraid You’re Not Going to Make It? | Church 2-4-24

“Nefarious” movie: Possessed with personalities. The Devil works to keep you unconscious. Uncertainty: Afraid you’re not going to make it? 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 4, 2024 

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Welcome to Church! Alex’s health. Rene’s mother 
  • (0:07:19) JLP: Spiritual battle: Preacher with “righteous anger” 
  • (0:13:10) JLP, Sean: “Nefarious” movie: You are possessed. 
  • (0:20:35) JLP: Switch personalities suddenly? (“Nefarious”/possessed) 
  • (0:24:44) Devil works to keep you unconscious (Speaking unconsciously, Randy) 
  • (0:33:35) So much you don’t know about yourself (Silly “regret,” Sean) 
  • (0:36:02) Buzz over Taylor Swift: All for the thrill. (Kanye, Britney Spears) 
  • (0:40:40) What did I say? (4-min assignment, teeth grinding, catch yourself) 
  • (0:45:47) If you think you’re conscious, let that lie go. (Sit 4-minutes, do Silent Prayer) 
  • (0:52:35) Thrills: Kissing in public. Giving bums dollars. Do in secret. (Joel) 
  • (0:56:11) Nick’s question on uncertainty (Feedback) 
  • (1:06:53) Joel Friday: We want bad stuff. Guilt isn’t us wanting better. (Feedback) 
  • (1:11:27) Rene and his mother on forgiving their mothers (Anger is hell in you) 
  • (1:21:22) Rachel: Don’t know who I am. Music, false identity 
  • (1:25:55) Lijie: Eating what I want (Not to escape the ego fallen state feeling) 
  • (1:27:32) Not supposed to feel anything. Legions of devils! (Doug, Nefarious) 
  • (1:31:15) Do we want to satisfy the ego? Don’t yet realize it’s not us. (Joel) 
  • (1:37:21) Don’t let fear/mind talk you out of facing your mother (Rene’s mother again) 
  • (1:39:21) BQ: Are you afraid you’re not going to make it? 
  • (1:49:09) Lijie: I think Trump wants more. He doesn’t seem humble. (Nick) 
  • (1:57:16) Donyale was agitated at “all hate mothers.” (Last week, blacks, judging sluts) 
  • (2:08:16) New BQ: Why does God allow the Devil to attack you? (Closing)


People afraid they’re not going to make it (10-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Possessed: “Righteous anger,” switching personalities (“Nefarious” movie)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

The Devil works to keep you unconscious (more on “Nefarious” movie)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

So much you don’t know about yourself. T Swift buzz: All for the thrill!  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes

Alex is improving in health (from Carnivore Diet, he says) after being assaulted and robbed. 

Preacher this week: “Righteous anger.” Movie: “Nefarious” — possessed with personalities. 

Devil works to keep you unconscious. 

Biblical Question: Are you afraid you’re not going to make it? 

New Biblical Question: Why does God allow the Devil to attack you? 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Recent assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Relatively recent assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
    • (0:02:10) Welcome to Church
    • (0:02:52) Alex’s health is improving after being robbed, injured
    • (0:05:52) Rene’s mother joins us for the first time. 
  2. (0:07:06) (1)  JLP: Spiritual battle… 
    • (0:09:17) (1a?)  JLP: Preacher this week on radio show: “Righteous anger” 
    • (0:12:30) No righteous anger
    • (0:13:03) JLP: Nefarious movie. Sean comments on it. 
    • (0:17:00) (1b)  JLP: everyone has estimated 60-70 personalities. (Execution story in the movie… I won’t die) (0:19:29) You know they offer you your last meal? 
    • (0:20:30) (1c?) Ever switched personalities all of a sudden? Demons inside of us. Not you
  3. (0:24:31) (2)  Randy pushed “advice” to a friend, talking unconsciously for minutes — the friend said, “You ok? You seem flustered.” It snapped him out of it. 
    • (0:25:52) JLP: Devil works overtime to keep you unconscious… Men’s Forum someone blurted something… Body can be here, but mind with the Devil! 
    • (0:30:06) (2a)  some good point … Nefarious may be better than Revolver and The Pope’s Exorcist … 
  4. (0:33:27) (3)  Sean: Regret, silly. Watch thoughts, all about you. Think about what I’m about to say or what I just said, or what I might say… Realized I was a regretful person! 
    • (0:34:33) JLP: So many things you don’t know about yourself… Can live all alone working on yourself. All identities disappear and you’re not alone. 
  5. (0:36:00) (4)  JLP: Taylor Swift… Why are they so into her? Kanye West. Britney Spears. It’s all a thrill over her.  
  6. (0:40:29) JLP asks Rochelle: What’d you get? She asks about the notion “everything happens for a reason”? …. (0:42:40) JLP asks: You been doing the 4-minute thing, sitting in your room? (recent Assignment) 
  7. (0:43:11) Man grinds his teeth when unconscious. Talking with landlord 
    • (0:44:42) JLP: When negotiating, watch the Devil. What’d you get from what I said this morning, that you remember? (0:45:36) (5a) If you think you’re being conscious, you’re not. … When the Devil tells you, “You’ve made it.” It’s a lie, let it pass. Live without caring about what’s going on outside. 
    • (0:48:18) Back to the man, the illusion is so real. How do you catch yourself faster? 
  8. (0:50:22) Franky on the 4-minute Silent Prayer thing, see a bucket load of thoughts come … (0:52:26) Joel Friday speaks… 
    • (0:53:30) (6a) Everyone is possessed until you return to the Father. So many identities we pick up in our lifetime. We truly think we’re that. Saw a guy and girl kissing. They looked around. All for the thrill. 
  9. (0:55:59) Nick: Dollar amount on feeling like a good person. Nick distracted by something Jesse said, so said T Swift not important. Nick has uncertainty noticing anger, etc, about himself. 
    • (0:58:15) Rachel… (1:02:51) Did that help, Nick? … Nick: “I’m kind of an intellectual.” (1:03:54) Franky: Late sending a letter. Mind telling him about it. But it came back okay. (1:05:39) Nick: Everyone going thru similar things. (1:05:57) (7b)  JLP: everybody feels the same way, the Devil tells everyone the same thing. 
  10. (1:06:40) (8?) Joel: We want to do the things that don’t bring us good. Satan uses guilt to make us think we want what’s right, a pressure to stop. Uncertainty. 
    • (1:08:20)   Anybody agree with Joel? Josh says something in us wants it. 
    • (1:09:59) (8b?) Hake says the guilt is false
  11. (1:11:26) (9?)  Rene on wanting, and on forgiving his mother (in Spanish). 
    • (1:13:21) Rene’s mother … Did you now you have hell in you? Think anger is normal? No, you’re not supposed to have hell in you. Have you forgiven your mother? Didn’t have to. She was perfect? When I was little, I got angry. (1:17:22) (9a) Ever impatient with your son? That came from your mother. (1:19:20) (9b) She always said if you want to be forgiven, you have to forgive. And yet she forgave nobody! 
  12. (1:20:58)  Back to Nick’s uncertainty: Rachel speaks again, seeing and saying the Devil has her in a thrill right now. (1:22:45) (10a?) I don’t know who I am, and Jesse agrees. (1:23:42) You can rock to the music. Watching it. “Passionate.” (1:24:49) (10b)  Only problem from music is if we get a sense of identity from it. … Done with I feel tired, I feel stressed… It’s not you! 
  13. (1:25:44)  Lijie re: Eating healthy vs brownies (11a?)  JLP: Do all things in moderation, long as you don’t use it as a drug to escape your ego. Using it to escape the fallen state. Eat consciously… Devil’s always trying to cause us to become unconscious. 
  14. (1:27:20) (12?) Doug relates to Nick’s uncertainty, uneasy feeling … Dealing with a coworker (who accused him of something falsely) pretending to be friendly. I feel I didn’t go through anything. How do I know I did it right? 
    • (1:29:15) JLP: We’re not supposed to feel anything. Movie (Nefarious) many legions of Devils. The Devil will always come at you. People love their hell. 
  15. (1:31:08) Nick… I shouldn’t call it anything.  Joel: We want to satisfy the ego.  Jesse: No we don’t. (1:31:08) (13a?)  They don’t realize that they can’t do anything about it. They still don’t know it’s not them. (1:35:32) (13b?) You know how these girls love you. You don’t get as much a high from it anymore. 
  16. (1:37:10)  (14?)  Jesse advises Rene’s mother: You’ll be scared when you go to forgive your mother. The thoughts will try to talk you out of it. Don’t let that stop you. You gave his daddy hell. It wasn’t you, but that mama in you. 
  17. (1:38:30)  The thrill of certainty is the same as the thrill of uncertainty. 
  18. (1:39:09) (15?)  BQ: Are you afraid you’re not going to make it? 
    • (1:42:46) Joel …. (15b?) Want for nothing, and all will be provided. Live in moderation, save money… (1:44:58)  Make it where? … Same attitude (1:46:21) (15c)  Today I’m as grateful for everything as when in Alabama. When I’m attacked, I’m grateful, I learn. Roach-infested motel or hotel… Satisfied. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. It’s a setup! 
  19. (1:49:02) (16?)  Lijie: I can’t imagine Trump being satisfied, not wanting more. You’re not your brother’s keeper. Shouldn’t have one thought about it. 
    • (1:51:46) Nick: Trump’s a go-getter… Lijie: He doesn’t seem humble. He’s the only humble person. (1:54:33) Don’t have a goal… (1:56:37) Nick: Good influence
  20. (1:57:08) (17) BQ: Not afraid I won’t make it (Donyale) She was mad about the notion everybody hates their mother, and she pondered it instead. She looked at her motivation. 
    • (2:00:34) (17a) It’s not racism, blacks! … (2:04:00) JLP example to Donyale, Thank you, Devil, I’m not a slut! Judging the sluts. 
  21. (2:08:08) New BQ: Why does God allow the Devil to attack you? …. You are possessed… 

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