Are You in a Wrong Human Relationship? (Father’s Day Church, 6/19/22)

Have you ever said “thank you”? Why have you ever feared failure? A young girlfriend cries. Jesus was not a Jew, but of the Spirit of the Father. 

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Father’s Day Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 19, 2022: Jesse opens by inviting a young father to speak, and welcoming first-timers talking about forgiving their parents. We then discuss the Biblical Question: Are you in a wrong human relationship? Have you ever said “thank you” to someone? Have you ever been afraid of failure? Why? Some misguided parents tell their children: “I want you to be better than me.”

A young woman breaks down crying, insecure about how her past might affect her relationship. She’s hung up on “honoring” her boyfriend. Forget about the past! Honor God, not human beings. Nobody knows what they want.

Jesse says that every human being is in a wrong human relationship. He talks about a caller Anna who sent him thought-provoking information. Jesus was born of the Spirit of his Father, not of his Jewish mother. Galatians 3: 28 says that there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, male nor female, for we are all one in Christ. Don’t join groups or have leaders. Pray and watch the intellect.


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jun 19, 2022
  • 0:02:53 Welcome to Church: Fatherhood, forgiveness
  • 0:10:30 BQ: Are you in a wrong human relationship?
  • 0:22:36 Eggshells and issues with family
  • 0:31:17 Ever said thank you? Afraid of failure?
  • 0:45:42 ‘I want you to be better than me’: Failure continued…
  • 0:49:46 Woman insecure in relationship
  • 1:07:51 Boyfriend speaks: Love doesn’t remember the past
  • 1:20:08 She speaks again: Honor God, not human beings
  • 1:26:00 Do you feel like a failure? We don’t know what we want.
  • 1:33:56 JLP: Every human being in a wrong relationship
  • 1:41:07 Galatians 3: 28 / Feedback
  • 1:49:47 Closing: Pray; don’t join groups; don’t have heroes.

Church Notes

10:57 AM US PDT We start streaming a few minutes before 11 AM.

11:00 Jesse invites one young father to talk about fatherhood.

11:03 One first-timer talks about forgiving his parents.

11:05 Another first-timer from Hollywood, Florida, never went to forgive his mother. Jasmine heard about Jesse from him, and she too joins us for the first time. Jesse encourages them: Have no expectation when you go and forgive.

Biblical Question: Are you in a wrong human relationship?

11:07 Jesse asks one young man here for the second time with his father: Are you in a wrong human relationship? He likes being alone.

11:11 Raymond says he’s in a relationship based on anger, not on grace.

11:12 A young mother says she no longer thinks she’s in a wrong relationship. She talks about marriage and friendships with people of the same beliefs and mindset.

11:13 Her husband reacts.

After Rochelle talks, Jesse says you should be you.

11:19 After a few others talk, a man says he walks on eggshells with his family.

11:22 Jesse encourages people: This is a fellowship! Hassan and Nick answer. Another man with a beta back speaks.

Have you ever said thank you? Ever been afraid of failure?

11:28 Jesse says: How many have ever said thank you to someone?

11:30 Jesse also asks: Why have you been afraid of failure? Where did you get that from? A young man talks about his past and his fear of failure. At 27, he still lives with his parents. He works a demanding job; he forgave his parents.

11:35 A young lady used to take life too seriously. A young man talked about his past with jobs and living with parents. He now carries different fears. As a son of Nigerian parents, he feels like a failure if he doesn’t become a doctor or lawyer.

One of the young men talks about his father from Mexico who sought to be better than his own father. Growing up, he wanted to be like his dad. His mother hounds him; she doesn’t need to accept her wrongdoings. He’s really close with his father who tried to hit him with a rake (as he talked about earlier today).

Another young man used to feel like a failure.

‘I want you to be better than me’; More on failure

11:43 Jesse’s parents never told him they want him to be better than them.

A young father says both men and women are being played. Then a young lady says she feels afraid of success; she feels she’s “destined for greatness.” She talks about artists.

Woman insecure in a relationship: All thoughts are lies

11:47 Another young lady has been failing herself because she thinks too much, and lacks faith in herself. She says she succumbs to the evil side of her. Jesse asks: Why do you do so much thinking? She cannot stop herself from thinking evil thoughts. In her relationship, she feels insecure about her past.

She breaks down crying, and her boyfriend tries to console her. She appreciates Jesse, but feels stupid and weak. Continuing, she feels she wants to honor her boyfriend and be with him. Jesse asks if she forgave her father and mother.

Once Jesse tells her that everybody has those thoughts, she outbursts about her thoughts.

All thoughts are all lies; there’s no such thing as good thoughts. You are not the thoughts; they’re not from God, and not from you. When you get into thoughts, you’re worshiping the Devil.

Don’t do it to try to please him, but to come out of hell. That’s fake, to try to please or stay with him. Do it because you want to be free.

People who cry, worry, get mad or glad, it’s an ego trip with no meaning. It’s worshiping the Devil.

The past doesn’t exist. Apologize and be done with it. God forgives you. The real you has never been afraid. That’s not God making you cry.

She agrees. See the thoughts by looking at them and not reacting. The past doesn’t exist. If he brings up your past, he can’t see what he’s doing; that’s the Devil reminding him. Forgive him if he does.

There’s nothing he can do about your thoughts, unless it’s to talk about how crazy thoughts are; don’t take it as an identity. No human being can save you from that.

Boyfriend speaks… Love doesn’t remember the past

12:05 She asks if they should be on the same page about the past.

Her boyfriend talks about his ideas about life, family, and society. Don’t bring up the past, Jesse warns him. That’s allowing Satan into the relationship. He feels better seeing her trying to please him, but that’s evil.

Jesse urges her: Don’t try to please him. You do the right thing by letting the thoughts pass.

She speaks again: Honor God, not human beings

12:17 She appreciates him asking her these things, and she wants him to know about her. Jesse asks: Why? You honor God, not him. You can’t please a human being. She’s trying to build his ego trying to honor him.

Crying is ego. There’s never a reason to cry. Unless you’re at a funeral, and you shed a tear, and that’s it. (Jesse jokes about last week, when he learned the ladies cry every month.)

12:20 A young mother talks about the pressure of pleasing another in a relationship. She talked about getting rid of the words “I feel,” which showed that emotions and feelings are illusions about a situation. Stop identifying with it.

12:22 Another young lady comments

Do you feel like a failure? Nobody knows what they want.

12:23 After a young man talks about not knowing what he wants. Jesse talks about not knowing what you want, but doing what’s in front of you. Forgive your parents… all expectations will disappear, Jesse says. The moment you become angry with a mother or father, you become like them. If they bother you at all inwardly, that’s hate, not love.

JLP: Every human being is in a wrong human relationship

12:31 We’re taught by parents to say thank you, to say hi, to go to school and be “smart.” Work hard to do well in college, you’re taught to do. Be like someone else. You become like the people who indoctrinated you, and created you in their image. You say things that are not true that sound good in a crowd.

Die from all human conditions. You’ve been conditioned to be this way. People all sound alike, but are all unhappy; nobody is themselves. We must be born again of the spirit of the Father.

Jesse brings up information he came across from Anna from Missouri. Jesus was not a Jew, because he was born of the Father, not of the mother. He was a spirit. Physically they called him a Jew, but inwardly he was the spirit of the Father. He came straight from the Father. We have to return to the Father, and be of that Spirit. You must be born of the Spirit.

12:38 Jesse has Holly read Galatians 3: 28 — There is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, male nor female, for we are all one in Christ.

Reaction and closing

12:39 In response to a question, Jesse points out that Jesus didn’t call himself a Christian, nor even God. He said greater works shall you do than he.

Get on the straight and narrow path, and stay there. Don’t do anything to protect the ego. Just watch the craziness. The darkness doesn’t understand the light, but the light understands the light and the darkness. The Devil doesn’t know he’s the Devil. Have you been mad at someone?

12:44 A young lady jokes that Jesus was born out-of-wedlock.

Jesse closes: God allows you to see. The Devil talks to you. Watch the intellect. Don’t hold onto anything. Stay empty. Don’t hold onto the truth or the lie. The intellect will use it against you and make you think you know, and you don’t.

12:46 Rochelle talks about being ready to celebrate White History Month.

12:47 Jesse urges: Stay with the prayer. Don’t join groups, no heroes, no people over you.

Thanks, all!


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