Be Straight Up and Honest, Not ‘Nice.’ (Church 10/20/19)

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Amazing Church discussions

You Can Make It!

At Church, Jesse urged people to save 10-percent of their income, because many people think they can’t make it in life — but you can! As Christ said, consider the birds who have no worries. Neither should you. One young woman spoke up who’s afraid to face her mother to forgive her; this young lady is nice, which is not good. 

You Can Make It (Church Short Cut)

Watch clip: You Can Make It in Life: Save Your Money and Don’t Worry (17 mins)


The Late, Great George Putnam

Jesse recently saw a video of his late friend George Putnam, a newscaster and radio host who was not afraid of phony sexual harassment accusations. In a video titled Perversion for Profit, he warned the people about the coming problems with the spread of pornography. Now guys can get it on their cell phones! 

Porn on Cell Phones! (Church Short Cut)

Watch 5-min. clip: Old School Men Weren’t Afraid of Women (George Putnam and Porn)


Elijah Cummings Was Evil

Elijah Cummings died. He was supposed to be a Civil Rights leader. President Trump tweeted condolences to him. But can we just be honest? He was evil! Ding Dong the witch is dead! Let the dead bury the dead, as Jesus said. When you’re not awake, you’re dead. Don’t pretend Satan’s children are good. (Jesse’s been taking notes on his diet. Yikes!) 

Wicked Witch! (Church Short Cut)

Watch 10-minute clip: Ding-Dong, the Wicked Elijah Cummings Is Dead!


Dealing with Real Family Issues

A father joined us with his son who listens to Jesse. The son wanted his father to lead his mother; the husband should be the head of his wife. The older man’s mother was “good,” some think a Catholic “saint,” but she turned him away from his drinking father. Now his son resents his parents because they gave him ADHD and antidepressant medication, falsely trusting the doctors. He was also bullied as a kid, but wouldn’t tell his dad. Forgive your mothers and return to your fathers! 

No Peace Until You Overcome Mama (Church Clip)

Watch 30-min clip: Eye-Opening Discussion with a Beta Father and Adult Son

Others tell about talking with their fathers. One single mother was keeping her “baby’s dad” from their son, because she said he’d been violent with her. But he loves his son, just as she does! 

Watch 4-minute clip: Your Father Doesn’t Have To Say “I Love You”

Biblical Questions

After discussing other things, Jesse asked people: What is the benefit to those subject to passion? Some said it’s only good for making babies! 

We also discussed the question: What do you care about? 


Unfortunately, Jesse will be out-of-town next Sunday, October 27, doing a debate in Nashville, TN, at an event called Politicon. So there will be no Church at BOND next Sunday, October 27, 2019! We’ll see you in November! 

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