Become as Little Children to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Sunday Service, Jun 29, 2008)

BOND Sunday Service from June 29, 2008: Doubt the thoughts that come into your mind. Weak men have allowed all kind of evil towards children. Love what’s right more than anything else. Have faith, and become as a child.


Jesse asks people if they had a life, as he often does. A black single mother who’d been attending for a while spoke up. She said she’s backed off telling her daughter’s father what to do, but he’s being nice to get back in her good graces. She started getting thoughts and feelings like she should get back with him, but she knows that they’d end up in the same place they were if she did. Everything in life is a spiritual battle, not personal. People talk about thinking and judging, and how it’s always wrong!

One man messed up on a delivery at his job, and he was called into the office. Bad thoughts came into his head about the owner, but he did not necessarily go with them — he admitted he was wrong. The boss liked his attitude and took him off the road for an office job with perhaps higher pay! He’d been driving for 25 years!


Jesse talks about going to Washington, D.C., as part of a group of people pushing for Congress to defund Planned Parenthood, whom we pay 300 million dollars a year to run their operation. We the American people are paying the biggest abortion mill to kill our children. If black people were to wake up, they could turn around the country, because blacks are used to support everything wrong — feminism, homosexuality, etc. Most blacks suffer not because of racism but the lack of moral character.


A lady Aussie brought up an episode of 20/20 with Barbara Walters, which promoted stories of mothers and weak fathers making their children turn “transgender,” boys becoming like girls and vice versa. The only reason the children don’t always do the operation is that they’re too young. But doctors go along with it! Men are so weak and pathetic — there’s nothing worse! Masculinity is hated, just as Eve hated Adam after being deceived by the serpent. These kids’ lives are being taken away from them. There’s no such thing as bad kids, but bad parents.


Somebody put Jesse up on YouTube. They recorded his radio show and put up a nice picture of him. They have him saying he’s thankful to be in America. It doesn’t matter how we got here. People complain that slavery brought us here. Thank God the Arabs and blacks sold us to the white folks. It was rough getting here, because they had us on a crowded boat like being jammed in a crowded airplane. I show my appreciation to those who came here and suffered, by living upright, doing the right thing. Because I could be stuck in Africa.

They tried to make it look bad, like I’m Steppin’ Fetchit. When the master says he has a headache, I have a headache too. They say I work in the big house. I’m glad I made it from the field to the big house. The A/C is better!

I love what’s right more than anything else, more than my children or myself.


A lady Susan brings up the fact the old people tend to have the sense. Old people must pass down values to children and young people. Or we will become a third world country. Many old people are afraid because they don’t want to lose money or whatever. If I have to stand alone, I will do it, Jesse says.

A group of black men were complaining about what white people won’t give them. If you’ve entered into the Kingdom of Heaven within, you rely on your Father that all your needs will be met. Then you don’t have to be begging the white man. But if you’re not living in the Kingdom of Heaven, your confidence is in the world and what you can get from others. God has taken care of BOND for 19 years now, because we have that confidence within, without thinking about it, that things are going to work out well.


Jesse reads a Bible passage about becoming as little children to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, versus those who are “worldly wise.” You don’t worry about anything, because your Father will take care of you. If you were truly born again, you’d have confidence. You’d still work hard, but you wouldn’t beg, worry, and blame. Everything we need is already with us. The Father owns everything. Stay calm and go through it in the right way.

It’s like the disciples who panicked in the storm while Jesus slept on the boat. He rebuked the wind and the waves, and then called out his followers for their lack of faith. Parents who allow their boys to be dressed as girls don’t have that either.

The Kingdom of God is at hand. It’s not a growing process. You’re awakened, you become aware of God’s mind, His thoughts, His ways. When you sit still in prayer, you wake up. When people whine, they have fake worldly wisdom, a false setup. Forgive, and apologize for being wrong. Faith becomes like a mustard seed that begins to grow. Go within and grow.


Some people talked about how young men of all races, particularly blacks, are sagging their pants now. It’s due to lack of good parents, especially fathers. People shrug it off as style. One lady tells the young parents she sees, because their children are growing up looking up to them. One man said that some do it in a way that seems to beg you to judge them. But don’t go with that judgment. If they knew better and could see they would do better. You do not have a right to judge others or be angry at anyone.


A man asks about the fact that both Democrats and Republicans do wrong. We have a problem of “political correctness,” and it’s hard to tell what organizations to support. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. We have the power within to overcome evil. But we have to stand with no fear. If Jesse took on that doubting, defeatist attitude, he would not be here preaching and putting the truth out there. David defeated Goliath — he’d killed bears before that. He believed in God.

Jesse announced that the next morning, Monday, June 30, 2008, Jesse has his 3-hour radio show from 6am-9am PT. Tune in!


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