Were You Born in Sin? (Church, Mar 4)

At Church, we discussed the question: Were you born in sin? We also talked about anger, mothers, wives, absent fathers, & pastors who quote the Bible but don’t communicate.

Jesse urged the regulars, and everyone, not to preach at people after service, particularly not new people. Rather, if you want to introduce yourself, keep it light and friendly. If people talk about their problems in church, don’t talk to them about their problems after church. Just make small talk. People don’t need or want more advice after church time ends.

We talked about the question: Were you born in sin? Or, asked perhaps more clearly, were you born a sinner? (our Biblical Question of the Week) Many said yes. Some said no. Others did not know. Jesse wants people to know truth for themselves, and not just repeat learned information. Do not assume you correctly understand the Bible.

In the Psalms it says, “Surely I was steeped in sin at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.” But what does that mean? Was his mother sinful and passed it down to him? Angry mothers may pass that spirit to the child in the womb during pregnancy. Some describe children as innocent. But they grow sinful as adults.

Does the Bible say that we are born in sin? It says that through one man, Adam, sin entered the world, and all have sinned. But it also says that so through one man, Christ, we overcome sin.

A man who previously joined us also brought his wife. They talked about anger and dealing with their mothers. Both grew up without their fathers who have since died. The man said his mother only upset him once. But he never talked with his father about growing up without him. They both talked about anger and sin. He admitted that he turned angry driving on the road to church! But he doesn’t act out in anger unwisely.

Jesse also talked about an interview with a Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Studios in Arizona. This pastor and other co-hosts kept quoting scriptures and accusing Jesse of being like Mormons, Muslims, or other religions that Jesse knows nothing about. One man who heard the interview noted that while they explained vague ways that their doctrine could be construed as true, Jesse said things clearly and directly supported by the Bible — without quoting scripture and verse. Jesse said that you should stop sinning if you are born again of God, something repeatedly stated in the Bible. Jesse did point out that one translation of deceives people when it says we don’t “practice sin” — which is something one man mentioned in church. How many times do you sin in order to be “practicing sin”?

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