Building a Business Is Easier Than You Think

We had another class for the BOND Entrepreneurship Academy. Jesse talked on-radio the next morning about how easy it is to start a business. Simply take one step at a time. Look around and start with what you know, what you have. Jesse tells his entrepreneurship story: starting a janitorial service as a young man, listening to but not taking the bad advice of others who shared their doubts, fears, and vanity. The motto for his business was “a small company that does a big job.” He tells about making flyers, taking calls, making bids, taking deposits, and doing good work, even while working his day job. His business grew naturally with bigger contracts, more employees. One thing led to another. He built the janitorial service for 7 years, sold it, and now has 27 years running the nonprofit BOND. Live your life, and don’t worry what others think.

Jesse urges that you read his guide, The Seven Guaranteed Steps to Spiritual, Family and Financial Success. You can read the ebook available from Amazon, or order a copy of the paperback from the BOND store. Dennis Prager interviewed Jesse when he first wrote the book, and was impressed with the simplicity and truth to it.

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