Can You Return to God on Your Own? (Church, Sep 9)

At Church, a military man realized he was a “beta male.” We asked: Can you return to God on your own? People also talked about fear of dealing with mothers.

(NOTE: Pardon the technical issues in the last 6 minutes of the video!) 


One man asked about emotional attachment, and the pain he feels when it’s threatened. He puts emotional attachment in his work. When you lose your job, you feel the same pain as when your kid gets into trouble. A drug user escapes into drugs just as a workaholic does with work. Many white people put too much value in work and education, and ignore the home or other areas of life. Face issues and deal with them, so that you can overcome them.

Another man, a veteran, said that he wants to get his enemy. Jesse told him: Forgive. Don’t hold grudges. Stop judging yourself too. Do the Silent Prayer: or via 

A third man told of speaking with a young woman about abortion; she told him, “It’s my body, my choice.” He could offer no response. Jesse joked, “Beta!” She did not create her body — so it’s not “her body.” That’s just a saying. The world falls apart because men are weak.

One young lady told about drum tryouts at school. She dreamed that she did not make the cut, but within her dream, she remembered what Jesse said: To doubt every thought. It turned out in reality, she did make the list!

Jesse pointed out the problem with human beings: Unwilling to wait, they suffer. When you’re wrong, relax. We bring problems on ourselves. Be still and know God. Stop reacting.


A man known as Lock Your Door told of forgiving his mother over the phone, then going to see her. He felt really nervous — Jesse joked that men fear their mothers more than Hitler! With anger, you also feel fear. Men act like boys with their wives or girlfriends.

Lock Your Door, AKA Daniel, said his mother taught him to see men as evil. His father treated his mother poorly. He even saw himself as a creep! He still feels anger after forgiving her — she apologized if she turned him away from his father.

Another man at Church, Jameson, former active duty in the military, urged Daniel to pray about his anger. Jesse told Daniel: Don’t let Satan tell you lies. Just be still and live your life. Observe and live — you don’t need to go back and apologize again.


Jameson talked about violent dreams and issues after bad experiences. Jesse urged him to stop judging so that he could go free. Many in the military get PTSD. But even a woman who was raped can overcome. When you let anger go, you’re free. Jesse explains that every thought is a lie.

Jesse asked Jameson’s wife Ryan if her husband is beta or alpha? She paused, and so everybody laughed. But she too realizes she needs to work on herself, to forgive her bitter father who avoids her. She wanted to talk to him about Jesus. The way to do it: Apologize for resenting. No one ever showed him love. You cannot hold resentment as a sister of Christ. So Jesse urged her to Skype with her father to talk with him.

Although both her parents stayed together, she felt like she grew up in a single mother’s house, as her dad remained detached. Jesse pointed out she married a beta male like her father — she admitted she acted dominating in her marriage, as a strong woman. She doesn’t want her husband to remain that way.

Jesse told Jameson that anger makes you a woman. It does not mean you’re gay. The real you has no anger, and does not look for love in other human beings.

At a couple of points during Church, we touched on the Men’s Forum this past week. A man dealt with his children’s mother much better than in the past — he used to run from conflict with her! Cesar tells more about this toward the end of Church.

Jesse urged people to practice a day without thoughts. You’ll live right and have peace! Jesse also answered questions about forgiveness and not making decisions.


(Watch 17-minute excerpt: “Accepting Jesus” Does Not Work!)

(Also watch 4-minute Short Cut: “Accepting Jesus” Won’t Work: He Must Draw You.)

Jesse asked the question: Can you return to God on your own? Some people, including Jesse, told about going to the front of other churches and “accepting Jesus” — Joel even got baptized. For a time, they felt better, but nothing changed!

In truth, we cannot change ourselves or return to God on our own. God draws his people back to him. At the end of Church, Jesse said that you cannot draw yourself to God.


Jesse watched Fox News host Laura Ingraham hold a town hall meeting in Chicago. A black woman said that a gang set her young nephew on fire. They put him in a can (like a trash can) and burn him alive because he refused to join their gang.

In a second story, Jesse told of a 16-year-old young man from Texas who called him at the BOND office. He forgave his mother. She started overreacting, saying, “I did the best I could!” In response, he said: “I know, Mom, that’s why I’m forgiving you!” Recently, his brother, age 21 or 22, took drugs and committed suicide, throwing himself in front of a car. Experts put people on medication, but it only adds to the problem! This young man said he was sorry about it, but did not feel emotional about it. We should overcome emotions!

Jesse told a third story: A 10-year-old boy was born out-of-wedlock. His mother kept him from his father, so he began rebelling and cursing her out. He told her that he wants his dad, but she refused. All women who keep children from their fathers — such women are evil. Kids also don’t want stepparents!

After some more feedback, Jesse told about professional tennis player Serena Williams losing her temper at an official. She accused him of treating her differently from similarly bad-acting men because she’s a woman. The children of the lie manipulate you with these accusations!

One man became a lawyer at his mother’s bidding. But he failed at it due to insecurity. Parents, stop telling children what you want them to do in life. Many parents, often mothers, live through their children, forcing them to do what they want.


One of our interns, Hector, said that it seems too painful and awkward to forgive his mother.

Another man, Cain, similarly did not wish to have that conversation with his mother. He already divorced by age 30, and has not seen his children in 4 years, going on 5 years. He feels bitter.

One Hispanic man said that their culture tends to practice mother worship — as do blacks. On the other hand, white kids sometimes will curse at their mothers and call them out for lying.

One of the veterans who spoke earlier asserted he held a special relationship with his mother. He only regretted putting his mother through things with his issues. But do not regret. We don’t have a right to judge ourselves — it’s judging God.

Lastly, Cesar says that he held a cocktail of anger and insecurity. His kids called him out on it — his daughter said she pictured him always moody. She never knew how he’d act. Now that he forgave his parents, his family and children changed too without him trying!

Satan causes you to do evil, just as God causes you to do good. Love from the Father is everlasting love.

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