What Causes Mothers to Hold Onto Their Children (& Drive Them Crazy)?

BOND held our first Women’s Forum of the year the third Thursday of January. The ladies were very honest, and spoke without fear of judgment from one another.

Jesse Lee Peterson asked them what is in them that causes most mothers to hold onto their kids, not allow them to break free, and drive their children off the deep end? Often sons and daughters live the life their mother wants, rather than being independent. In some cases the mother will follow and move wherever her adult offspring live.

Because men don’t get past their mothers, some women feel that the men they’ve married are just like their mother!

Oftentimes, mothers control and manipulate children through guilt and emotions, and call it love — but it’s not love; it’s hate, anger, resentment.

Men and women must forgive their mothers in order to return to the Father (this is salvation) and find their true identity with God.

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