Not Guns, Drugs, or Mental Illness: A Spiritual Battle (Church, Feb 18)

At Church, Jesse talked about the Florida school shooting and the spiritual issues affecting all people. He also discussed forgiving mothers with newcomers.

(Watch first excerpt: Children of the Lie Exploit Shooting, Emotions to Advance Evil)

At the beginning of the service, Jesse asked people if they ever felt depressed, shy, and other emotions. Everyone answered “yes.” Jesse connected these emotions to 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who shot and killed at least 17 people at a school in Florida, injuring dozens more. Cruz reportedly said voices in his head told him to commit the murders. Jesse pointed out that whichever “god” we serve controls us — whether the real God or the prince of darkness.

Therefore, the problem is spiritual, and not “guns,” nor even “mental illness.”

After Jesse finished his point, a young black man watching online from Germany asked a personal question. He said that he lost all of his anger and gained confidence, but at 19 he sleeps with women. Should he continue the sex, or stop? Jesse urged him to stop that. Women want men to do right — not have sex with them until marriage.

A number of newcomers joined Church in-person today — some from Jesse’s recent interview on Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio, and others from Jesse’s own YouTube videos.

(Watch second excerpt: Three Brothers Need to Forgive Mothers for Messing Up Their Lives)

Two brothers spoke at-length with Jesse in Church regarding their mother. One man went through the 12-step program, now sober 13 years. He called it “far out” advice to abstain from sex in order to see if his girlfriend respected him. He blamed himself for his anger, addictions, and issues, and couldn’t bring himself to see where his mother went wrong. Jesse urged him to speak honestly with her, allow her to react how she will, but to forgive her — apologize for resenting her for what she did to him.

The brothers’ half-brother also attended today. He said that he and his father did “a lot of forgiving.” But Jesse pointed out that real forgiveness is a one-time thing. Once you let go of anger completely, you’re done with it.

We went overtime today for church, with so many new people sharing good conversation. One woman said that she realized at a young age that her mother did the best she could — so she did not feel anger toward her. She and her fiancé agreed to avoid sex until marriage. Jesse asserted to the people that sex is for having children — or, if you cannot control yourself, it’s best to marry before having sex. But it’s best to gain self-control, and get to know the person, rather than to marry simply to have sex.

Jesse quickly answered two questions from a person online: What is the role of the Bible in our lives? If we don’t have freewill, why are we punished for sin? Jesse said to read, but not get into knowledge, which brings pride. We do not have freewill. Either God or Satan guides us based on the inclination of our heart. But God does not punish us — Satan does. God forgives us. But an angry, sinful person will not enter into the kingdom of God.

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NOTE: We will not have church this coming Sunday, Feb 25, as Jesse will speak in Washington, D.C., that weekend.

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    Very good service. Almost two-in-one!

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