You Won’t Find Love in a Woman or a Man (Church, June 11)

(Watch 13-minute excerpt: You Won’t Find Love in Online Dating) Today we discussed online dating — some in the audience defended finding people on the Internet. One man found his wife on a Christian dating site — he said they love each other more each day. Another couple found each other online and married — the woman admitted her impatience.

Men and women come together in their fallen state, and not out of real love — but this is how they have kids. Over time they should overcome challenge, stop having sex and find real love by forgiving their mothers and fathers. The void people have is the need for the love of their father, by which they become children of God.

Many women never learned to cook and clean. They look down on their role as wives. But they are unhappy with weak men who switch roles with them. It is an honor for a woman to be a wife, but parents are undermining this and setting their children up to fail. Women should forgive their mothers and weak or absent fathers so that they do not become what they hate.

Jesse urges people to pray.

BOND is holding a Women’s Forum this Thursday, June 15, at 7pm at BOND.

Men and boys ages 13 and up should join us for the Men’s Conference this Saturday, June 17, 5-8pm PT. RSVP for the event ($25 tickets) or sponsor the event.

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