On Cheating, Guilt, Judgment, and Sin (Nov 19)

Last week, Jesse asked his biblical question: Should a man tell his girlfriend or wife if he should cheat? (He should not.) Many wrote angry comments in response to the question — particularly those who disagreed. Human nature causes people not to be true, faithful friends, but rather, fake. Once you disagree with them, they turn on you. A friend who has overcome anger is patient and understanding, and does not hold wrongs against people.

People began to understand that you should not tell if you do cheat, but truly want to repent and save your marriage and family. Rather, go to God, and don’t do it anymore. Even men said that they would not want to know if their wife or girlfriend cheated on them.

One man and his wife discovered Jesse and our church on YouTube. This man has trouble forgiving his mother — he and his wife ended up moving near his mother, which they realized was a mistake. When you do not see yourself, you don’t see that you’re wrong, and don’t see that you need to forgive.

Jesse asked people: Do you feel guilty when you do wrong? Some do, and some do not. Jesse followed up with the second part of his biblical question: Is it a sin to break the Ten Commandments? Most people believe that it is, yet can’t keep the commandments.

The commandments are there to show you how to have a good life. Jesse explained that judging oneself, feeling guilty, is not from God — but keeps you in the sin, and keeps you breaking the commandments. This is because judging yourself is playing God. If you don’t judge yourself, you can keep the commandments.

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