False Black ‘Role Models’ Kneel for Evil (Church Sep 24)

(Watch 5-minute excerpt: In Your Face EVIL Allowed in America: Illegals, NFL Kneeling, LGBT, Abortion) Jesse repeated what he often says, that it’s a spiritual battle between good and evil. Illegal aliens protest and shout at leaders and Americans saying, “Undocumented and unafraid!” They flaunt their evil the way the radical homosexuals, women, and blacks do.

NFL football players kneel during the National Anthem to protest something that’s not even real: “racism” and “police brutality.” President Trump said they should throw the “son of a b—“ out and fire anyone who does this. Finally, someone is saying it! Colin Kaepernick was adopted by white parents, signed a contract to get paid very well to play football. But he got an Egyptian Muslim girlfriend who has him protesting for drug dealers and criminals who get killed by police. He’s giving up his job over a woman! He and people like him are influencing other black people, even 8-year-old boys, to disrespect their country over a lie. Teams went overseas to London and protested America!

Can you give an example of something good in the last 60 years that most blacks have stood up for? Something like 42,000 blacks left Chicago doe to crime and lack of jobs. But these people are protesting white people and cops. Like against abortion, drug dealers, illegal aliens, etc.? One man mentioned California Prop 8 from several years ago, against same-sex marriage. But black-on-black crime in Selma and Montgomery is out of control — these were once beautiful places.

Evil people including these black athletes and entertainers are doing their job, that their father the Deceiver has them to do. They’re keeping each other away from God.  It’s time for good people to do our job.

A man in the audience Joel asked: Don’t you respect them for making a stand for what they believe in? You can’t respect evil. Another man called it not courage but arrogance. It’s their ego involved; they feel right because they’re angry, but they know they’re wrong. But you should wonder why the people on the side of good don’t stand up and speak out?

Jesse told of a lesbian sex therapist on his TV show The Fallen State who walked off stage after Jesse pointed out that we all know that Bruce Jenner, who changed his body to look like a woman and calls himself “transgender,” is still a man. People are in such denial: The culture has it that a woman who accuses someone of rape cannot be questioned. But many women lie about rape.

A woman at church talked about illegal aliens: Why don’t we enforce the law? When Donald Trump came on the scene, everybody freaked out and called him wrong. But he hasn’t done or said anything wrong on these issues. But it’s like, “Uh oh. Dad’s home.” Someone is finally not putting up with wrongdoing. President Trump is standing against these athletes protesting the country. The athletes aren’t doing anything meaningful or good. Common sense says that you should protest on your own time — not at work.

Fans have been too addicted to football (and basketball). But with Trump they’ll do the right thing and give it up.

Moving on, Jesse asked, “How many people want to be great? … What does being great mean?” A few people gave their input. One woman said being great means not being judgmental. One man respected great football quarterbacks, loved the fact that he lives in the greatest country, joined the Marines, attended the greatest church. But he’s still not great.

Next, Jesse asked, “How many are addicted to something?” Many people said they were addicted to something.

As a side conversation, Jesse asked a woman who joined us last week about herself and her son whom Jesse talked with after service. Her son is 37-years-old, and she made him leave her home. He keeps wanting to come back. Jesse wanted to urge her not to let him back. It’s possible he may wind up dead, but she understands that would be on him. Jesse asked her if she apologized for messing up her daughter in addition to her son. The woman said it’s them, not her. She didn’t do anything wrong except work too much, according to her. Jesse urged her to get to know herself. Fathers and mothers make mistakes in raising their children.

Going back to Jesse’s questions: There is no such thing as being great. You can do great things, but you are not great. And there is no such thing as being addicted. You’re not addicted. You’re fallen — fallen away from the father, from the tree of life. And you’re trying to replace that life with other things and people. Therapists and pharmacists make money off of you by telling you that you are addicted, have PTSD, need their help and their pills. People who are supposedly addicted, are really addicted to denial. They’re angry, and into sex, drugs, video games. They have fear, and won’t stand up for what’s right. They make excuses not to take a stand. You love your job and fear getting fired, so you won’t stand. You’re not addicted, but you’re in a fallen state, with no love.

So pray. Commit to prayer. Don’t worry about the thing you’re into, that you are “addicted” to. You can get over anything.

Jesse asked: How do you believe? How do you have faith? One man Esteban said going through the pain is how you get faith. Jesse said that you must doubt every thought. Doubt the lie and believe the truth. Adam doubted the truth and believed the lie. We must reverse that.

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