Women’s March and Evil (Church, Jan 20, 2019)

At Church January 20th, 2019, we covered the Women’s March, the meanness and lack of values of young people today. Speak up, overcome anger and fear, and live right, setting a good example.

The world is pushing pro-homosexual propaganda on Girl Scouts and other children. Millennials and younger generations are amoral — values do not exist in their minds.

(Watch 7-minute video: Are human beings special to God?)

We touched on the prior week’s Biblical Question: Are human beings special to God? Some said no, most said yes. Jesse says that God loves us but that we’re not “special.” That’s just a made-up word by the children of the lie.

Women’s March and Good vs. Evil

(Watch 52-minute excerpt: Women’s March Assault)

Jesse attended the Women’s March. People there acted out! He talked to lesbians who couldn’t handle real, serious questions, but got angry and violent.

What’s the solution? People talked about how segregation is coming back and how war seems unavoidable. Good people need to speak up. When attacked you should protect yourself. Overcome emotions. Jesse was not angry when he defended himself at the demonstration.

Rep. Steve King was unfairly treated, and no one protested in his favor. Many are afraid to speak up, but if you speak up without anger, you set a good example.

The solution is to love what’s right more than anything, and not be afraid of losing anything. Overcome the world by not allowing anything to be more important. Don’t expect the world to stand with you when you’re right. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His right way. Children of God should not have fear, so overcome anger.

Woman Living with Baby’s Father

One woman says that we know what’s right, but don’t apply it to our lives. She says she forgave her mother. She’s living with her baby’s father. Jesse advises them to separate and date with no sex for one year, and then see if they want to marry. She doesn’t really want to do this because it would “hurt.” She says he’s controlled by his mother. Her brother is in Church with us as well. The man in questioned is Alex, whom Jesse’s mentoring! Jesse says Alex is a beta male!

Final Feedback

One man saw Jesse on a radio show on which he received the “coon train award” — yet Jesse showed no anger. That impressed him. Don’t let the world corrupt you with anger or false values.

One man watching online asked why God created Satan. Jesse said that God is in control of Satan, but Satan did it to himself by wanting to be God.

Another person online asked what does it mean to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind? Jesse said let nothing be more important than what’s right.

In response to questions, Jesse said that women can give their opinion without anger as long as they’re not playing “mama.” When you wake up you won’t have an opinion, but will see what’s right. Don’t pray that people make the right choice, but let God’s will be done.

Jesse urged fiancees living together to separate and live apart until they marry.

The Biblical Question this week: Is there a way to overcome your issues without suffering?

(Watch 2-minute short cut of the Biblical Question)

Jesse warns people to return back to their fathers, so that they can return to God.

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    I don’t think they were nuns, they were wearing the red outfits from a weird show on Amazon ‘Handmaids Tale”
    Its a feminist show

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