“Critical Thinking” Is a Lie (Church May 21)

(Watch 4-min. excerpt: Don’t Get Into “Critical Thinking”) Jesse asked about “critical thinking.” Many consider themselves critical thinkers. One man, Bible Go-to Guy, said Adam failed to use critical thinking: he did not look below the serpent’s “surface logic.” An online viewer, G., said he doesn’t do any thinking because he’s dumb, he got tired of talking to the devil. Jesse thinks “critical thinking” is a lie because all thoughts are from Satan. Adam failed because he disobeyed. God reveals the truth to us, but Satan talks to us, and tempts us to think we can figure out life, rather than trust God.

A woman Marie, watching online, asked, “How do you let the ego die?” You must not engage with the temptations you encounter in life, not even judge them as right or wrong, even when you give in, because this is playing “god” and feeds your ego.

A young lady in the audience admitted she has anger, the thinks in particular toward her father. Jesse explained that her father did not want to wrong her, that he could not help doing what he did — he had anger toward his parents or someone. Jesse offered to go with her to help her talk with him.

Next week Jesse wants to talk about the Bible passage where Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” We talked a little about this passage this past week on Jesse’s radio show (that discussion took place Tuesday, May 16, Hour 3). A number of people watching online also had good questions, which we hope to address on the radio show as well. Jesse’s show airs live Mon.-Fri. 6am-9am PT (9-noon ET). People can call-in with questions and comments on-air: 888-775-3773.

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