Does God Love You or Adam More? - Rebuilding the Man
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Does God Love You or Adam More?

Jesse allowed people to share their opinions on the conflict in Syria. President Trump ordered an American attack on a Syrian airbase after a reported chemical attack. We cannot trust the media or politicians who lie to us. They portray suffering of children to sway our emotions, yet they support abortion.

We took a moment to practice silent prayer.

Jesse asked people if they believe God loves them more or Adam, the first man. People assumed God loves us and Adam equally. But some said God loves us more than Adam, because Adam knew death, and we shall never know death.

People tried to answer how to return to the father. Jesse said the simplest way to return to the father is to know that you need to. Then you can realize you have this hatred in your heart, forgive, and repent. You must know that you are an idiot, or you will remain in darkness.

Jesse had us read Romans 5:1-17, where it says that through one man Adam, sin entered the world, but through one man Jesus, righteousness.

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