Church with Jesse Peterson, May 7 - Rebuilding the Man
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Church with Jesse Peterson, May 7

(Watch 15-minute excerpt: Let No One Lead You) Today Jesse read a quote that said that any vine planted away from the Father lacks vitality, and will be cut off and thrown away. An example of this is anyone who has a leader other than God. (Of course a man is over his wife, but a single woman is under Christ, just as a man is.) As children, the mother gets between the child and the father, and does not let go, but keeps following the child into adulthood, even to the grave, seeking after body-to-body love. Similarly, an adult puts another person between him and God, whether a woman, a pastor, or education.

Cult leader Jim Jones was able to convince something like 900 people to commit suicide. He had them doing all kinds of strange things. Guys in the audience did not realize that they have leaders, which are false leaders, and that they were not thinking for themselves.

A woman said she was engaged to a man who began to try to control her, and then things came out of his closet. She doubted his intentions and broke off the engagement. In our anger, we cannot see what we are getting ourselves into. Our ego gets in the way between us and God. Once you forgive, and not judge yourself and others, you can help people and see clearly with no doubt.

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