Climb Out of Your Cave | Church 9/17/23

Plato’s cave allegory: Thinking shadows are reality. Jesus is not your idea of him. BQ: Do you know any unfortunate or disadvantaged people?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 17, 2023 

WOMEN’S FORUM third Thursday of the month, Sept 21, 2023, 7 PM at BOND in Los Angeles:

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk / Welcome
  • (0:02:02) Sean/JLP: Plato’s cave allegory: thought life
  • (0:13:54) JLP: Jesus in The Chosen, etc.
  • (0:18:54) Living in an insane asylum (Franky, JLP, Raymond)
  • (0:27:57) Question: Did Jesus get drunk? Man with anger, false identity
  • (0:37:44) Over fears? Husband sees. Halfway sane. Being “mama”
  • (0:54:08) JLP on Elvis movie: Mama love, beta daddy
  • (0:58:27) Men, don’t judge. More on shadows: politicians, preachers, ego
  • (1:06:04) Do you disagree? Bible “Word of God”? Hosea
  • (1:26:22) Prayer reminds you not to forget to remember; it’s not you
  • (1:30:49) More Elvis: understanding, not judgment
  • (1:33:48) Biblical Q: Do you know any unfortunate or disadvantaged people?
  • (1:50:10) Man: “Unlucky”? Unconscious
  • (1:52:41) Chat / Hake feedback: Mind/body? Divorce/Adultery? Imagination
  • (1:56:30) JLP closing: No unfortunate people. (Sean: Pitying people)


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Church Notes

REMINDER: Biblical Question: Do you know any unfortunate or disadvantaged people?

NEW Biblical Question: Why do you judge other people’s strength against your weakness? 

Living in a cave, in thoughts (Plato’s allegory); Insane asylum

  • The Chosen, ideas about Jesus…

Young wife/mother: Over fears? Who am I? Husband: Do you see? Who am I? 

  • Elvis movie: Mama making him her husband. Daddy very weak beta daddy!

The Bible the Word of God? If I were born elsewhere, I wouldn’t be here

  • Everybody claiming the Garden of Eden. The real Bible is in our hearts. 
  • Prayer

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk / Welcome
  2. (0:02:02) Sean: Plato’s cave allegory
    • (0:05:37) JLP: Every human being on earth thinks those shadows aren’t real. If you tell them the truth, you become the enemy in their minds. They think something’s wrong with you, and not them. Every human being who lives in their imagination — you think your thoughts are truly yours. 
    • (0:07:50) JLP: People moved to a “Red State,” out of California. Same thing! Still have fears, doubts. Wherever you go, you’re there. It’s what’s in you, in your mind, what you believe, not your environment. 
      • (0:08:51) Most love being locked up. Won’t do Silent Prayer. Go and forgive? Don’t wanna hurt feelings. An inmate doesn’t wanna hurt another inmates feelings. You could be free. 
      • (0:09:34) Advice: Cut back on so much activity. All you’re doing is running from you. Piling up activities, so you don’t experience the pain of being locked away. That ego, the mind tells you you do need it. Isn’t that amazing? Surprised what you can do without. More done, and time to waste. 
    • (0:10:55) Video clip tomorrow on JLP: Man passed walls, then outside, and couldn’t believe it…. Living a life without thinking! Life is still working! Better than you can imagine, when you stop thinking. Live a no-thought life. Voiceless voice will guide you. 
  3. (0:11:54) Feedback: When you’re turned from the light, it creates the shadow. God created
    • (0:12:49) It’s unfortunate: We’re free, and don’t know it. You’re neither wrong nor right. You’re not even a Christian! The idea of being a Christian is just an idea. No one trying to live a Christian life is living it. Slow down, allow it to die, and you’ll see something else is driving you. 
  4. (0:13:54) The Chosen: JLP likes it, b/c it shows human beings in a fallen state, fake, phony, mean, and when Jesus wakes up people. You see the difference also in yourself. You can’t imagine Christ as being like you. 
    • (0:15:30) You have this “glorified” idea of Christ. You can’t imagine Christ having fun at a party. He had fun at a party! It’s not going to be boring. Wedding… He wasn’t concerned at people judging him for drinking the wine. 
    • (0:17:29) Only when you’re divided do you care about others’ judgment. Not when you’re whole, living your life. Life can happen by itself. You’re crazy for trying to make life happen. Don’t even worry about the job that you go get. 
    • (0:18:30) Our thoughts are not God’s thoughts
  5. (0:18:54) Feedback: Franky used to listen to 2-3 radios on, music, etc. Crazy people are insane. Anyone who has anger — is crazy and insane. Every room they go to, the TV’s on! Franky was bored during that, because it was all nothing. Franky experimented with nothing, and it was shocking. 
    • (0:20:52) JLP: they’re running from something, in hell. JLP worked at a hospital and saw the crazy people. He thought he was sane, but was crazy too! All they’re doing is living in their head! Psych ward. The Devil dwells in the imagination. 
    • (0:22:15) JLP counsels with ladies miserable with their husbands. Leave! He’ll never take you where you want to go. It’s natural, but if you’re with a man who can’t provide, trying to get something from you, turn you into a whore, why stay with a man like that? “We’re not supposed to break up.” Walk away while he’s not looking. Pack up while he’s not looking, sleeping, getting drunk — because he’ll beat you. Why live miserably with a man who doesn’t have it? Then you have children, and they’re miserable. You made a promise to the Devil, not God. Leave before you make kids. Don’t be afraid. Leave! God will celebrate. If you married under God, it’d be working! 
    • (0:25:40) Anyone with these issues is insane. You can live a sane life! It’s right here, right now! They talk about that in The Chosen: The Kingdom of Heaven is right here, right now. If you came out of your insane asylum… 
  6. (0:26:53) Feedback: Raymond: God is a comedian in front of an audience too frightened of him to laugh! 
    • (0:27:31) JLP: When you come out of your cage / cave, you’ll know the Father. You don’t know the Devil’s driving you, and you call him God. 
  7. (0:27:57) Question: Did Jesus ever get drunk? Some thought he did. Satan could’ve told them. 
    • (0:29:12) JLP: Don’t put too much thought into that, or you’ll go out and get drunk and call yourself Jesus. The ones free aren’t getting an identity from it, like those who think they’re the best, the life of the party, etc. When you’re free, you just have fun, not even thinking about how others are seeing you or what you are. 
    • (0:30:09) The young man used to be overly competitive, punching walls, etc. Have you overcome your anger? No. … The man talks about having a false identity, not wanting to work; he’s 28. 
    • (0:35:10) JLP: Don’t push anyone. Christians have a bad habit of preaching. If someone wants the truth, they’ll come to you. 
    • (0:36:18) The man was at the bar drinking with friends… Jesus didn’t have tequila! 
    • (0:37:08) JLP: If you want to be free, stay aware. It will get easier. The awareness, light of God, making it happen. Don’t deny it to yourself that you feel afraid. It will be taken away from you. 
  8. (0:37:44) Are you over your fears? (Young lady)
    • (0:38:43) JLP: God is not in your dreams. Satan is. God is in your awareness. 
    • (0:39:54) Do you ever get tired of working on yourself? She’ll get caught off guard. She’ll tell herself she’s doing good. Why is God taking so long? It’s the Devil telling you all those things; it’s not real, thought it feels real. It’s the darkness running from the light. She tries not to analyze herself too much. Don’t analyze it, just see it. 
    • (0:42:00) Don’t have too many deep conversations. If you’re always talking with someone, you’ll get a false sense of validation. Overcome it w/o any outside help period. 
    • (0:44:01) JLP: Stop running from yourself. Mope through the house, get the physical work done, but quietly go through the pain. You don’t want anyone to help you soothe the pain at all. In order to get to heaven, go through the hell. It ain’t pretty. It’s only so painful because you think it’s you. It’s in the body. It doesn’t want you to know that. The demons trying to bring you back down, as you’re climbing over the wall. JLP will know people don’t see it by their response. 
    • (0:46:45) Husband, don’t overdo it with “do you see?”… halfway crazy, halfway sane. The lady is dropping stuff, and asking: Who am I? She’ll hear answers. 
  9. (0:54:08) JLP: Overly mama’ing. Elvis movie
    • (0:57:07) Another gal saw the movie, and was uncomfortable with that scene. No wonder Elvis ended up a drug addict. And the dad was weak, beta daddy. 
  10. (0:58:27) Anthony: Men, don’t judge your wife, what she should/should not be doing. Lead by example, whether she follows or doesn’t. JLP: His whole nature has to be right. 
    • (0:59:30) JLP: People worship movie stars, they feel like a star. Everybody lives in hell. … 
    • (1:00:49) The shadows… JLP shadow has a big head!
    • (1:02:27) Sean: They give awards in the cave… JLP on politicians: They don’t mean it at all! 
  11. (1:06:04) Disagreement? Bible “Word of God”? 
    • (1:07:04) JLP: Read the word, but not to remember. The Bible’s rewritten so many times, they’ve changed the meaning of words. Thought the Garden of Eden was in Africa, but it’s in Armenia? Depends on the color of the person teaching about the Bible! Mormon creator said it’s in America! 
    • (1:08:42) Armenian thinks Eden was in Africa, and Jesus was black like Bob Marley… 
    • (1:09:30) JLP: The word of God is in our heart. The real Bible, the New Testament is in us. If you’re just stuck on the book, you won’t see. 
    • (1:10:15) Lijie: If I grew up in Asia… 
    • (1:13:06) Donyale: the Word of God is imprinted on our hearts. I already knew the truth. It resonated. 
    • (1:14:16) Did Jesus have a Bible? Franky screams yes! (I don’t think Franky’s the Devil!) 
    • (1:15:32) To Franky: Were you playing? Jesus spoke from the heart. 
    • (1:17:21) Lijie: Does God give us different answers? Hosea, God had him marry Gomer, a prostitute. She’s unfaithful. She runs off in adultery. God tells Hosea to go after her. 
      • (1:20:15) Sean and James explain… She’s trying to reconcile letting the spouse leave, etc. 
      • (1:24:00) She does the Lord’s Prayer. Do the Silent Prayer as well as the whooping and hollering prayer. Don’t ever accept something just because of a title. 
  12. (1:26:22) Donyale used to be a huge beauty product junky… She doesn’t mind the hell now… 
    • (1:27:45) JLP: The prayer reminds you to be aware… The Kingdom of Heaven is always now. Don’t judge yourself for drinking; don’t call yourself a drunk. It’s a false identity. You’re neither good nor evil, right nor wrong, neither black nor white… You’ll consciously use language. Stay with it. In order to live you must die. 
  13. (1:30:49) More Elvis: understanding, not judgment (Hassan, JLP)
  14. (1:33:48) Biblical Q: Do you know any unfortunate or disadvantaged people? (braided hair)
    • (1:37:13) Braided hair… Just another way of trying to control people. 
    • (1:38:14) Unfortunate or disadvantaged people in a worldly sense
    • (1:39:05) I used to cry during special olympics… Now I see everyone as blessed… A woman told a young black girl she’d have a hard life
    • (1:41:56) Franky: No; Doug: No (still-masked people)
    • (1:43:25) Bigg Bump: No. He’d see people sitting by themselves, and have no idea what was going on. Playing God! … Another gal who broke her phone… 
    • (1:45:57) Raymond: I am not God. Who am I to know who is or isn’t? 
    • (1:46:26) Hassan: Yes… Me! … Armenian man speaks… Do the Silent Prayer… 
    • (1:50:10) Man’s dad killed a lady with his car. I’m unlucky. He never slept. Being aware starts with 8-hours sleep every night. 

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