Cut Out Sex Before Marriage (Sep 10)

(Watch 12-minute excerpt: Man Wants to Let Go of Girl Cheating on Her Boyfriend With Him) Today Jesse repeatedly urged people not to have sex before (or outside) marriage. Jesse explains that if we never listened to any thought in our imagination, we will never go wrong. A couple of men talk about separating from their thoughts, rather than going with them. God said to be present with him at all times: Pray without ceasing. Meanwhile, Satan has something to say about all things — he thinks he knows, and makes you think you know.

(Jesse talks briefly about a new show with BOND guys called The Hake Report with Joel and Esteban. They’re younger guys, millennials. One listener notes that people into music are immature and into feelings — music is like a drug to soothe the pain, but distractions like this prevent you from returning to the Father.)

Jesse tells a story about a husband making the decision to go to the military, to which the wife bristled at first. But they went with it anyway, and she called it the best decision of her life. God said to bring every thought into captivity. Every thought is a setup.

The way you live today in the presence of God will determine how your future will be. But you cannot make yourself better from within. We are not in control of anything — just look at the hurricanes. We can die or lose everything. When you reflect, you see this, and fear God. You can’t even make another human being love you. But some guys try so hard to win women, spending money or, when they lose her, even killing themselves.

Ladies, any man who has sex with you before marriage will cheat on you after marriage. The Lord won’t fix it. Do right now while dating. Otherwise, there’s no self-control.

One young man talked about needing to let go of a girl he cared about who already had a boyfriend. (He doesn’t believe in God, but is here because he wants to.) She cheated on her boyfriend to be with him, and he knew it.

This young man also talks about getting mad at the silliest things. He does not plan to forgive his mother, because she won’t cooperate with him to improve their relationship. But you can’t make a deal with your mother.

Another woman talked about going through pain and stress, but not deciding or judging about it. Jesse’s working with someone (“in Kuwait”) with a “disorder.” The parents, especially the father, “saves” the person from suffering from their mistakes. So the father is the one creating the disorder.

When you forgive someone, you don’t feel you owe them anything. Only guilty people feel they owe you something.

If you want to get better in life…

1. Cut out sex before marriage, and protect your children. It’s so common it almost seems normal. Now they want to teach it to fourth graders.

2. Connect with your father. No LGBT parents or stepparents.

3. Face your mothers. Jesse got a call from a woman originally from South Korea. She was devastated by her adopted parents. She thanked Jesse for pointing out what mothers do to children.

4. No dating online. Seek first the kingdom of God and his right way, and the date will come. Let life happen naturally. It is weakness to go online to date.

5. Get rid of your anger. Forgive. Become as a little child. Be free from the world — in it, but not of it. Then you won’t have fear and can deal with anybody in any situation. Return to courage.

6. Parents, do not allow your adult children to live in your home, unmarried, with another man or woman, and having sex inside your home. We are created in the image of God.

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