Do You Fear Evil? (Church 8/14/22)

Don’t fall for “civil war” talk. Biblical Question: Do you fear evil? What is temptation? Sin is of the mind. Resist thoughts; do not talk to the Devil. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 14, 2022: Jesse opens by urging blind angry people not to fall into talk of “civil war.” Men, run for office! // Was Martin Luther King good or bad for black people? // Biblical Question: Do you fear evil? The signs of evil: emotions and insecurity… // How do you resist the Devil? What is temptation? Sin happens in the mind; the Devil has you dwell on thoughts. Be aware and in the present with God. //

ANNOUNCEMENT UPDATE: We are having Women’s Forum this week! For any info, visit or call 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663)


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Aug 14, 2022
  • 0:02:27 ‘Civil War’? Do not fall blindly to anger
  • 0:16:06 MLK: Good or bad for blacks?
  • 0:25:13 Biblical Q: Do you fear evil?
  • 0:42:25 JLP: Signs of evil; dealing with fear
  • 0:54:26 Resist temptation? What is temptation?
  • 1:11:33 JLP: Sin is of the mind
  • 1:16:33 Resist the thoughts; Devil has you dwelling
  • 1:26:44 Be aware of thoughts; Talking to the Devil
  • 1:32:32 Closing / Announcement: Maybe no Women’s Forum!

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start streaming at the top of the hour, and Hassan makes announcements.

‘Civil War’? Do not fall blindly to anger

11:02 After Jesse wishes a young lady a happy birthday, he urges people not to get into the idea of a “civil war.” They’re looking for reasons to lock people up and other things. They want you mad, out-of-control, and frustrated — anger blinds you so you walk right into a trap, and don’t see it.

A couple of men talk about this issue.

We have anger and hate being taught in schools and everywhere. Wake up, before it’s too late. Don’t tell yourself you can’t get involved with politics or can’t win. Give it a try. Don’t give up.

Raymond also speaks, mentioning the woman who crashed into a major intersection and killed six people. People are getting high and drunk, trying to run away from it, but actually getting deeper into it.

MLK: Good or bad for blacks?

11:15 A man who’s watched Jesse’s content for about a year asks Jesse’s thoughts about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Apparently, MLK was a socialist; he agreed with Lyndon B. Johnson about welfare, in which they separated the family. He encouraged blacks to become more Democrat-like. The so-called Civil Rights movement has done nothing good for the blacks. Prior to that, blacks were independent, didn’t have a physical leader, worked, and loved their enemy. Older blacks did not accept Martin Luther King. Jesse now understands why, because it was dividing, and not helping. To this day, blacks have not returned to individuality.

At one time, blacks knew how to farm, but they moved up north with leaders and lost their independence. Even at a young age, Jesse never felt “welfare” sounded right.

The man also asks Jesse about Malcolm X. He had a change of heart after visiting Mecca.

Nick mentions Chad O. Jackson, who appeared on The Fallen State with Jesse, promoting the new documentary “Uncle Tom: Part II.” Visit to see the movie.

Biblical Question: Do you fear evil?

11:25 Jesse asks one young woman the Biblical Question: Do you fear evil? He also asks: What does evil look like? She says: anger, hate, resentment…

Another young woman answers.

One man talks about evil and the imperfect world.

11:30 Another man says he does not fear evil, although he used to before seeing himself. He’s an introvert, he says; he doesn’t have the right words.

Franky says he fears evil, because he doesn’t love God — referencing the Bible. How do you know you don’t love God?

Nick says he does not fear evil. Hassan says he’s always had God with him.

One man talks about

JLP: Dealing with fear within

11:42 Jesse gives signs of evil: If you’re shy, insecure, looking on the outside for answers to life, a groupie, put someone else over you, or are afraid…

Jesse recounts his mind telling him crazy things after he first started doing BOND meetings. He had to endure and face it anyway, within himself.

Stop putting titles to yourself.

11:48 A man mentions briefly about living in the world, and not of it.

The more you do it anyway, you are overcoming it. You’ll find yourself in the world, but not affected by the world.

Franky says he was a coward when he was younger; he’d back down from physical fights.

Every human being has this thing in them; most are not dealing with it, but are trying to run from it. We’re all born in sin, living in hell, have become angry, corrupted by parents.

Once you can see it in yourself, you can see it in others. You can deal with it, and are prevented from hating them.

Resist temptation? What is temptation?

11:54 Have you heard: Yield not to temptation, or resist temptation? Raymond references the line: Lead us not into temptation. What does that mean? What is temptation?

A man talks about temptation to eat or drink too much.

A woman thinks temptation is thoughts now.

Another man talks about worldly pleasantries.

Yet another man talks about the excesses, saying that sin or temptation is anything that separates you from God.

12:05 Jesse asks: Are you able to resist temptation?

A young woman says temptation is anything that raises your temperature.

After another man talks, Hassan says the imagination is the symptoms of the sin.

JLP: Sin is in the mind

12:11 Jesse says the sin is not the act itself — the drugs, sex before marriage… Sin is when you are taken away from consciousness. Sin is committed in the mind, in the thoughts. When you believe the Devil about anything, that’s where it starts. The more you overcome believing the temptations of the thoughts, you won’t do those other things.

This is why Jesse urges that you stop labeling yourself. You’re none of those things you think you are. You’re up and down, because you’ve named them. Don’t even say you’re committed to God, because you don’t know God yet; you have no idea who God is. The intellect doesn’t know who God is. It’s so easy for the intellect to pick up information and make you think it’s from God.

The sin is of the mind, of the thoughts. Resist that so you can stay present. All thoughts are all lies, all the time, about anything. The act is not the sin.

Resist the thoughts. The Devil has you dwelling

12:16 A man asks about thoughts versus acting. When you believe the Devil, you’re sinning, Jesse says. Do not hold onto it at all. When you do, you’re worshiping the Devil.

Satan tells you, “That’s a pretty woman,” and you go right along with it in your mind. The man grew up Catholic, and talks about confession.

Responding to another man, Jesse says the sin is in the imagination. If someone makes you angry, and you don’t let it go, you hold onto it. People judge themselves based on actions, but don’t pay attention to why they did it. It came from you dwelling on thoughts and going unconscious, in darkness, and carrying out crazy acts.

Be committed. Be aware of the Devil, and resist him. You’d have no opinion of yourself.

Even the pope is ticked!

You’re judging yourself.

Practice being aware of the thoughts; Talking to the Devil

12:26 If you live in the present moment and don’t listen to thoughts, you won’t sin.

Practice being aware of those thoughts.

A man talks about having to deal with “office politics,” and having difficulty dealing with a “satanic” person. In his head, he says to her that he doesn’t want to talk. But he doesn’t say that to her. He’s talking to the Devil. Jesse urges him: Don’t judge her; you’re worshiping the Devil.


12:32 Temptation is of the mind. You’ve allowed the world to give you all these words and titles. Be the watcher. Be committed. Jesse’s committed to see what’s going to happen. You don’t know God. Don’t say, “I’m committed to the Lord.”

The intellect is the enemy of God.

Jesse talks a little about when the ego is dying…

ANNOUNCEMENT: There may or may not be Women’s Forum this week, as Jesse may be busy. We will announce it.


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