Does Your Life Make Sense? | Church 5/7/23

Biblical Question: Does your life make sense? Did Jesus rise or die first? Rise by forgiving; then God gives the power to die (from the ego).

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 7, 2023 — Regarding the NYC subway incident, and everything: Don’t take sides. Biblical Question: Does your life make sense? (Know that you know that you know.) Newcomers talk about forgiving their mothers (versus doing it “in your heart”).

Did Jesus die first or rise first? We read Matthew 24: 42, Luke 17: 20-21, John 5: 25, an incorrect Acts verse, and Romans 8: 19. In true forgiveness, you rise first. Then God gives you the strength to endure the death of the ego — which is not you. When you judge your fellowman, you judge the creation of God.

Life does not make sense until God allows you to see yourself, that you need to forgive. When you wake up, the Devil comes after you. Eternal life is already here.

New Biblical question asked and answered: Do you live in a cage? The cage is the thoughts.

Let go. Pray. The truth is trying to catch up with you.

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  • 0:00:00 Pre-church small talk
  • 0:02:21 Welcome to Church
  • 0:02:51 Not taking sides (NYC subway incident, politics)
  • 0:07:50 Peace in chaos, loved ones hospitalized (Rochelle)
  • 0:12:05 JLP requests several Bible verses from various races
  • 0:13:45 Biblical Question: Does your life make sense?
  • 0:21:01 BQ: (Know that you know that you know)
  • 0:23:56 BQ: (Young lady forgave her mother)
  • 0:28:17 BQ: (Is it possible to learn from experience?)
  • 0:33:27 (Much more coming out about NYC subway incident)
  • 0:33:49 Did Jesus die first or rise first?
  • 0:36:38 (We take things for granted, when we don’t really know)
  • 0:36:53 Man forgave mother “in my heart”
  • 0:43:19 Jesus: Did Jesus die first or rise first?
  • 0:46:38 Jesus: rise or die first? Irishman, Hake, Raymond…
  • 1:02:59 Matthew 24: 42, Luke 17: 20-21, John 5: 25, Romans 8: 19 (not Acts 14: 13)
  • 1:07:46 JLP: In true forgiveness you rise first, then you can die of the ego
  • 1:15:21 JLP: Power is in forgiveness, not in anger. Rise first by forgiving.
  • 1:18:50 Make sense? (How’s your life? Chaos. Relax through it.)
  • 1:20:26 JLP: Had Christ not risen, he’d not have been able to face death
  • 1:21:42 JLP: Judging the creation of God… Love your enemy.
  • 1:22:54 Think spiritually, and not physically
  • 1:27:03 My life did not make sense; God allowed me to see.
  • 1:35:59 Proverbs 3: 5-6, “Trust in the Lord” — don’t hold onto the word “trust”
  • 1:37:33 Life making sense
  • 1:41:02 Man talks about Socrates’s courage
  • 1:42:48 JLP: Devil after you. Eternal life is here, now, in you.
  • 1:44:07 No such thing as failure or success — only for divided people
  • 1:45:35 New BQ asked/answered: Do you live in a cage? Thoughts
  • 1:47:41 Closing: Let go. The truth is trying to catch up with you.


My life did not make sense; God let me see the hatred in my heart.

WATCH CLIP (8-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  Sean and JLP each speak about forgiving their parents, and the Biblical Question: Does your life make sense?

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Church Notes

10:58 AM US PDT — We start streaming a couple of minutes before getting started

Taking sides makes you look ignorant

11:01 A lady starts shares comments about taking sides, seeing herself in a caller on Hake’s show — she said a man took sides and looked ignorant. She caused division in her relationships pushing politics. Every ego wants to think that it’s right. Is it hard to live without taking sides?

11:04 When you don’t take sides you won’t want to protest anymore.

11:05 Another man realized he needed to stop and it evoked a high or low.

Peace amid chaos, loved ones hospitalized

11:06 Rochelle is grateful for coming here and learning the truth, and living it, watching it play out in her life. She mentions Alex in the hospital (the man whose bike was stolen, we reported last Sunday). A family member (her father, I believe) was hospitalized; she did the silent prayer in his room.

Biblical Question: Does your life make sense?

11:10 Jesse asks various people to pull up various Biblical Passages

11:12 Jesse asks if anybody thought about the Biblical Question this week. A young man Ryan is leaning towards no.

11:14 Another young man Troy answers the Biblical Question: Yes. He doesn’t question it, but accepts it as a gift from God.

11:16 The first lady to speak says her life makes perfect sense — “just not to me!” She feels God is orchestrating it.

11:18 Another young lady says her live “sometimes” makes sense. She’s here today — missed a couple of weeks.

11:18 Raymond realized he failed to check his ego at the door; he put his ego ahead of other things.

BQ: Know that you know that you know

11:19 Before asking Doug, Jesse urges you know that you know that you know…

Doug says at first he thought it made sense, yet he’s not in control of anything. He’s fat, sassy, and doesn’t “need for anything.”

11:21 A young man says: “When I do, I get; when I don’t do, I don’t get. … When I let the doing do the thinking, stuff gets done. … [It’s an illusion that] thinking is a form of doing. But in reality [it’s not].”

BQ: Young lady forgave her mother

11:22 A young black gal Nathea (sp) says it makes sense when she resists the thoughts. She found us on YouTube — it’s her first time here. She forgave her mother twice (once over the phone, and once in-person). She feels free not judging herself in vices.

11:25 (Jesse forgets the BQ…) Franky says it does not make sense: plans don’t go the way he thinks. Only when looking back does he think it’s supposed to have gone that way.

BQ: Is it possible to learn from experience?

11:26 Jesse asks Franky: Is it possible to learn from experience? How do you learn from that? A young lady says by not overreacting, you can learn. Jesse doesn’t know anyone who learned from experience, because they repeat their mistakes after suffering consequences.

11:28 Another man says he’s at peace with his life.

11:28 At first a young lady said yes, but now doesn’t know.

11:29 Another young lady doesn’t know. She doesn’t really question it.

11:29 Sean at first thought no, but now says yes.

11:30 Anchor Baby says it makes sense.

BQ: Did Jesus die first or rise first?

11:31 Jesse says so much information has come out about the young man who died in the NYC subway this past week.

11:32 Did Jesus die first, or did he rise first? A first-timer answers.

Jesse says we take so much for granted without questioning what we know.

Man forgave mother “in my heart”

11:35 The first-timer talks about coming here from Marin County, leaving at 4 AM to join us. His mother’s probably watching this service. He forgave her “in my heart,” but old memories bother him randomly — and he’s always reminding himself that. Jesse advises him: God said, Before you enter the Kingdom, you must go and forgive. You haven’t gone and faced the Devil. His father passed away years ago from Parkinson’s; he was afraid of his wife, too, Jesse tells him.

The man felt he needed to apologize to his mother. He’s not doing the Silent Prayer, but is doing his prayers. “You’re praying to the Devil.”

More: Did Jesus rise first or die first?

11:41 Jesse asks a young lady about what she heard about Jesus dying on the cross.

11:43 Another woman talks about hearing about Jesus’s ego dying in a prior service.

11:45 Another newcomer Aaron (sp) wouldn’t be the biggest public speaker — he’s from Ireland.

Hake answers as best he understands.

11:50 Raymond answers based on biblical understanding.

Franky answers based on Catholic upbringing.

11:56 Ryan believes he rose first before the physical death, because of the ego death first — although he gets stumped at that point.

11:58 A man feels he died a spiritual death first, losing connection with his Father.

12:00 Jesse asks him: Are you still living a cursed life?

Reading the passages

Matthew 24: 42 So stay awake, because you do not know the day when your master is coming.

Luke 17: 20-21 [20] Asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was to come, he gave them this answer, ‘The coming of the kingdom of God does not admit of observation, [21] and there will be no one to say, “Look, it is here! Look, it is there!” For look, the kingdom of God is among you.’

John 5: 25  (This one we read twice) In all truth I tell you, the hour is coming — indeed it is already here — when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and all who hear it will live.

Acts 14: 13 (This is apparently the wrong reference! It mentions a priest of Zeus)

Romans 8: 19 … for the whole creation is waiting with eagerness for the children of God to be revealed.

JLP: The ego still exists, yet something changed

12:06 Jesse talks about people who intellectually woke up. Jesus answered them: What you are waiting for has already come, but you don’t see it. When Jesus died on the cross, the ego died.

You’ve already risen when you forgave. Intellectual forgiveness is not forgiveness. You have to see that you’re wrong for playing God.

Don’t worry about being an “alcoholic.” That’s the ego nature of the Devil. Rise first, and then you will die. God gave him the power for the ego to die — to destroy the ego. Christ took it on for us, so it’s not as painful as we think it is. If you knew for sure it wasn’t you, you’d die right away — the ego. And you’ll live forever. When you forgive, you have risen. The Kingdom has already come. He already dwells in us.

Don’t believe just because Jesse says it; don’t make yourself see it. Want to see it; welcome the truth — let it come.

JLP: Power is in forgiveness, not in anger

12:13 Power is in forgiveness, not in anger. Rise first by forgiving.

Re-read the scriptures when you have a chance.

12:16 Get up and walk.

Does this make sense?

12:17 Does this make sense? A woman is going through chaos: Relax in it.

Judging the creation of God

12:19 Franky talks about in the Bible: Do not hate the Egyptians.

12:20 Jesse says when you’re judging your fellow man you’re judging the creation of God.

Think spiritually, not physically

A woman and Jesse talk about thinking more spiritually because of Jesse’s questions.

My life did not make sense

12:25 Sean speaks on going and forgiving. Jesse didn’t know he resented. When Jesse asked God to let him see himself, because nothing was working… Jesse was dealing with a lot of women, going to church… his life did not make sense.

Sean speaks more, and Jesse follows up further

Feedback: “Trust,” life making sense, knowing for yourself

12:34 Rochelle reads Proverbs 3: 5-6 which says: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. JLP advises: Don’t hold onto the word “trust.”

12:36 One of the women (Danielle [sp]) and Jesse speak on life making sense.

12:37 Troy thanks Jesse for not just giving answers, but asking people if they want to be free and see for themselves.

12:38 Franky speaks more about the Israelites and Egyptians, the hatred fo their hearts and lack of trust in God.

Ryan talks about Socrates, and Jesse says when you wake up, the Devil will come after you

12:43 Raymond speaks on failure. There is no such thing as failure or success — only for divided people.

12:43 New Biblical Question: Do you live in a cage? A couple of new people answer.

12:45 We gotta change the Biblical Question, because the first girl got it right. The cage is the thoughts. It’s an awful feeling.

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