Did Jesus Help You by Being an Example? | Church 3/5/23

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How did Christ’s example help you? People worship in idea but not in spirit. In order to live, you must die as he did.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 5, 2023: A senior citizen man got himself fired after just weeks on a job, because of his immature mind!  //

Biblical Question: Did Jesus Christ help anyone by being an example? Did he help you personally? How? Pay attention and see how shallow you are. Get right to the point rather than show off intellectual knowledge.  //

Cartoonist Scott Adams (who was called “racist” for telling the truth) indicated the best way to help blacks is to stop helping them.  //

Christ was/is a perfect example, but people have been worshiping their ideas of him, rather than worshiping in spirit. Never judge yourself; you’ve done nothing wrong; it was the spirit that made a home in you. Christ died from the ego and rose again, and so should you: In order to live, you must die.  //

If you give, want nothing back, and watch your selfishness in giving, the feeling you get from it.  //

Christ said “greater works shall you do” than he. That means you have the same spirit of God in you that Christ had in him. But blind people think that means they should be raising the dead.  //

New Biblical Question: Do you extend mercy to yourself?  //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Mar 5, 2023
  • 0:02:25 Welcome to Church!
  • 0:05:06 Fired from job: Old with a shallow mind
  • 0:18:22 Biblical Q: Did Jesus help you by being an example?
  • 0:28:22 BQ: See how shallow you are.
  • 0:33:21 BQ: Get right to the point (argument); woman cries
  • 0:38:36 BQ: Abnormal to help people (Scott Adams); it’s all about you.
  • 0:54:46 JLP on BQ: Worshiping in idea, not spirit
  • 1:03:10 JLP: Never judge yourself again. Don’t fight.
  • 1:06:41 A man on ego death
  • 1:09:45 “Helping” others, then feeling beta
  • 1:15:33 Silent Prayer: God’s presence?
  • 1:19:59 More on giving: Want nothing back; watch yourself.
  • 1:24:15 JLP on greater works: All ideas are wrong
  • 1:27:04 JLP: Scott Adams on helping blacks
  • 1:29:33 Feedback: BQ, Supers, examples without credit
  • 1:34:54 New BQ, last Q’s, the old waiter

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Christ’s Perfect Example: In Order to Live, You Must Die

WATCH CLIP (14-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP offers his two cents on how Jesus’s example can help us, and why most aren’t helped.

See clips from recent services as well as older services (on YouTube).

Church Notes

10:59 AM US PST – We start streaming right before the top of the hour

Welcome to Church!

11:02 We begin the meeting with a brief mention of “Jim Crow” supposedly happening in Mississippi somewhere.

11:03 One guy recounts witnessing “two devils fighting,” keeping his mouth

Old with a shallow mind

11:05 A man (Alex, the server) got a job and lost the job in a matter of days.

11:07 Jesse asks people their feedback on how the man handled the situation. The man had just started a job, but he decided to join his brother who’d booked him a ticket to go see his elderly mother.

11:10 Jesse asks the man what it would take to work on this shallow mind. Why are you letting your brother rule your life?

11:13 A second man talks about guilt and a sense of obligation to one’s mother.

11:15 Lijie asks why his brother didn’t check with him first. His brother told him it was time he spend quality time with their mother.

Alex says he “prayed to God” last night, but has not been doing the Silent Prayer consistently. Get serious about you. Do you want to die with a shallow mind? Every human being is about themselves until they get a logical mind. Your mother and brother don’t care about you.

Biblical Question: Did Jesus help you by being an example?

11:18 Jesse asks one woman: Did Jesus Christ help you by being an example? She thinks she’s only now becoming a real Christian.

Another woman says no. The two ladies don’t feel like they’re going against Jesus by saying this.

11:22 Raymond answers that Jesus helped him by being a guide.

11:24 Sean says no; God allows you to see. Christ was an example. How was Christ an example?

11:26 Doug never knew how to look at Jesus.

BQ: See how shallow you are.

11:28 Jesse says you’ll see how shallow you are as you pay attention to yourself.

11:29 Hassan says Jesus finished it, and did help by being an example.

11:30 Lijie says she reflects on Jesus on the cross, and it gives her hope.

11:33 A young man (Troy) who spoke earlier says his life is a road map for the path back to the Father. Jesse asks him repeatedly to go right to how he personally was helped. (He starts to argue with Jesse, but we move on…)

11:35 A woman says she knows Jesus loves her more than anyone, that she’s not alone. She seems to be breaking down crying a little bit. Asked if she’s moving forward, she says she’s trying. The mess is making her cry. She’s doing the Silent Prayer, and has a lot of anger, but tries not to be angry.

BQ: It’s abnormal to help people; it’s all about you.

11:38 Rochelle says Jesus has not helped by being an example. She says people don’t really help people.

11:40 Jesse interrupts Rochelle in agreement with what she says Scott Adams stated: The best way you can help blacks and others is by not helping them. Pay attention to you, how selfish you are, and what a liar you are. Everybody’s a liar.

In talking further with Rochelle who says Jesse’s example of not being angry helped her, Jesse clarifies: But that had nothing to do with me!

11:44 Another young woman says Jesus did help her by his example. Jesse says Satan tempted him with thoughts and emotions.

11:47 Jesse gets to Nick, makes a point, and then gets to James.

11:50 Bigg Bump says Jesus showed him that he needed to be a spiritual example for his family.

(11:53) Another man says he thought unforgiveness made him a man, and he took pride in it.

JLP on BQ: Worshiping in idea, and not spirit

11:54 Jesus was a perfect example of how we should be. But He said we should worship him in spirit. But we’ve been worshiping him in idea and not in spirit. He resisted the Devil by not fighting with the Devil. If he couldn’t pull you into his world, he couldn’t touch you! The evil world is constantly trying to pull you into their hell. The wives who take the men’s children are looking for a feeling, lying, and calling it love.

In order to live, you must die. The religious people were using the people, so they hated Jesus because the people were waking up; the preachers didn’t like it. When Jesus died, the ego died, the thoughts and emotions. The way you let the ego die, you have to stop protecting it, period. You want nothing from the world.

When Jesus rose again, the same will happen to you when you let the ego die. Let yourself be embarrassed, because it’s not you.

12:02 Stop judging yourself. There is no reason to feel guilty. It wasn’t you, but the evil spirit that made a home in you — Satan.

12:05 Don’t fight. The Devil wants you to fight. The only thoughts you should have are practical thoughts. Anger is not your protection.

A man on ego death

12:06 A man says ego death is the most painful thing in the world. But that’s because we think it’s us. The man says it forces you to face all your fears; he calls it “dark night of the soul,” what others call “ego death.” Nobody can save you. No human being can take credit. When we breathe, it’s not us making that happen — and the same with what makes us hungry.

Helping and then feeling beta

12:09 A second man talks about helping people close to him who ask him for money. He agrees it’s selfish to help, so he tries to discern when to help, and when not to help. After helping a couple of people recently, he felt beta about it.

Don’t have conflict about it — it’s enough to know that you don’t know when to help. (12:14 Jesse jokingly quotes a song line: “My mama don’t like you, and she likes everyone…”)

Silent Prayer: sensing “God’s presence”?

12:15 Raymond says he got a feeling doing the Silent Prayer, and felt maybe God told him He’s with him no matter what. But Satan poses as God. But God is very clear. There is no doubt. A clear mind is a clear mind. To see what a sinner you truly are is enough. Be careful getting into different things, thoughts, and ideas in prayer.

More on giving: Want nothing back; Watch yourself.

12:19 Troy talks about helping people in practical trade-off ways. And people have to give you the ability to give, which gives you a feeling. So you’re getting something back even in giving. Jesse warns: Don’t want anything back, whether feeling or anything. And if you do have the feeling, don’t condemn yourself. Don’t fight it. Just notice it.

12:22 Watch yourself.

12:22 A woman says she was told what to believe. She’s growing.

JLP: Greater works: All ideas are wrong.

12:23 Jesse says Nick mentioned Christ said greater works shall you do. That means the spirit that’s in him is in you. But people think that means they have to go raise the dead. They have the ideas, but not the spirit. All your ideas about yourself, Christ, and God will all be erased, and you’ll know him. You’ll walk in the spirit, and not ideas.

12:25 Alexis says she unknowingly bypassed Jesus, in response to the Biblical Question.

JLP: Scott Adams on helping blacks

12:26 Jesse says what Scott Adams said is what love is. If all white people stopped helping the blacks right now, then blacks and whites would become one, rather than divided in hatred and fear.

Ladies, you have to forgive too!

Feedback: BQ, Supers, examples without credit

12:29 James shares a couple of Super Chats, one saying Christ set the example by forgiving. But we don’t know what that means. Another Super Chat suggests people who think they feel the “Holy Spirit” are actually possessed by another spirit.

12:32 Hassan and Jesse talk more. The world needs physical examples, but you should not take credit for it. Hassan also points out that Jesse gives each caller a spiritual bottle of water, despite that his haters say he never gives to the poor.

New BQ, last Q’s, the old waiter

12:34 Jesse urges you give up; stop protecting the ego. New Biblical Question: Do you ever extend mercy to yourself?

12:36 A young lady who joins us for the first time feels she’s under attack (spiritually).

12:37 A man Alex asks how to overcome negative thoughts. Watch both the negative and positive thoughts and feelings. The light understands the darkness, but the darkness does not understand the light. Do the Silent Prayer, and stop being a beta.

12:40 Raymond says he was trained not to forgive himself.

12:41 Jesse urges Troy to keep eyes on yourself, and not responding to defend the ego.

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