Do You Give ‘Spiritual Advice’? (Church Apr 8)

Jesse started out asking how many people have anger. Some raised their hands, while others were unclear. He then asked how many give “spiritual advice.” If you have anger, you are spiritually blind. If you have not overcome, how do you know the information you share works? One person admitted that it was an egotistical thing. Sometimes people feel right giving advice when asked.

One man watching online gave a donation and asked if he should date a woman a few months older than he is. Jesse said he could try it — but no sex! Normally Jesse advises men marry women 5-10 years younger — especially today as men are so weak. If it becomes like a mother-son relationship, run the other way!

(Watch excerpt: Anger, Back-Biting, Gossip, and Bad Advice) Something going on at Church that Jesse did not know about — people had begun emailing one another and going on Facebook, gossiping, giving and taking bad advice, and some have stopped attending Church as a result. Some felt that others at Church did not like them. If you do not have anger, you would not be concerned whether people like you or not. Jesse does not pay attention to or talk about what goes on between people outside Church — he minds his own business. With Men’s Forums and Women’s Forums, we respect privacy and don’t talk about what’s said afterward. So should Church be. So cut out the mess! Further, when people are speaking seriously, there is no good in laughing at their issues. Some do this too much.

Jesse asked people: Should a man have a woman as his best friend? Some people were very unclear in answering this question. One woman said they should not, unless if the woman is a girlfriend or a wife. Another man said they could, but maybe they should not. One man said that usually it’s a case of one using the other, and one being romantically interested in the other. A man who visited Church for the first time said he tried it after his divorce, and after a number of years the relationship became more than just a friendship, and then turned very sour. Further, she knew all of his personal business and weaknesses.

One person watching online asked: How do you get to know yourself? Jesse urged people to know themselves, so that they can know God. The first step is to know that you do not know yourself.

Another person asked: How do you “relax in it” — like relax in anger? Jesse tells people to relax and go through whatever they need to go through. This means not to give in to temptation, but just go through the pain with patient endurance.

Jesse also urges that you commit to prayer. Do the Silent Prayer morning and night, and throughout the day.

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