God Gives Peace, But People Are Selfish

Be aware when speaking. Keep your mind with your body. God gives peace, but people are selfish. Love wants nothing. Stop struggling. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, November 13, 2022: Stay conscious when you speak! When you look in the mirror, what don’t you see? Yourself! // A man faced his abusive aunt. // Another forgot prayer. // A woman cries in church: She thought the ego died! Everything you’ve been taught is a lie. // God gives us peace, not a wife or husband for happiness: You’re praying to the Devil! // The Devil can’t wait to tell the (intellectual) “truth”! //

Jesse tells of a black farmers’ union president complaining the government gives more to white farmers. Never beg or blame! Angry people build an army, but they’re only for themselves. Take every thought captive to watch yourself. // If you’ve never done wrong, how are you to blame for your situation? //

True love has no expectations — wants nothing from anyone. Stop struggling; go through the pain. Be aware. // How do you know what the truth is? // A father panicked and told other relatives when a son told him he’s suicidal. Now he’s getting the “silent treatment”! // When you don’t listen to the lie, all that’s left is the truth. // That father added to his son’s problems! You don’t own your son! //

New Biblical Question: Are you responsible for your own life? //

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum this third Thursday, Nov 17, 2022, at 7 PM at BOND! https://rebuildingtheman.com/events //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Nov 13, 2022
  • 0:01:03 When you look in the mirror, what don’t you see?
  • 0:04:53 Conscious people use fewer words
  • 0:07:05 JLP: We don’t see ourselves in the mirror.
  • 0:09:59 Dealing with an evil aunt
  • 0:14:34 Man forgot prayer
  • 0:17:14 JLP: Bigg Bump
  • 0:19:08 Unconscious speaking, looking for “right answer”
  • 0:20:35 JLP: Joel Friday
  • 0:22:13 Crying woman thought the ego died!
  • 0:24:44 Everything you’ve been taught is a lie.
  • 0:27:11 No damage to repair
  • 0:28:49 Ask God for a wife, Devil gives you one
  • 0:34:50 Devil can’t wait to tell “truth”
  • 0:35:52 Fear thoughts cause bodily pain
  • 0:41:37 JLP: Black farmers story: Never beg or blame.
  • 0:47:14 JLP: Selfishness rules: Take thoughts captive.
  • 0:52:53 Never done wrong, but still to blame?
  • 1:03:25 True love wants nothing from anyone
  • 1:07:46 Stop struggling: Go through it. Be aware.
  • 1:11:51 How do you know what the truth is?
  • 1:13:36 (Wearing a hat inside)
  • 1:15:52 Father told everyone son’s suicidal.
  • 1:24:30 Don’t listen to the lie: All that’s left is truth
  • 1:29:39 Father added to son’s problems
  • 1:36:03 Closing / New BQ: Responsible for your own life?

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PST We start right around the top of the hour.

When you look in the mirror what don’t you see?

11:02 Jesse asks: When you look in the mirror, what is it that you don’t see?

Jesse reminds people: be conscious when you speak here.

11:05 Jesse interrupts Franky to say, “Conscious people use fewer words.” (Oops, he meant to save that for later.)

One lady says she doesn’t see herself.

We don’t see ourselves in the mirror.

11:07 Jesse counsels with people who don’t like what they see in the mirror. They think the physical is who they are, so the Devil messes with them, thinking they’ll bring peace by fixing that.

Did you keep your mind with your body?

11:08 Did you keep your mind with your body?

Dealing with a female attacker relative

11:10 A man ran his aunt off; she’d called (or texted), and attacked him about how he’s treating his mother. It was a short FaceTime conversation that left him freed, he felt.

Man forgot prayer

11:14 A man went away from the prayer.

11:16 One lady was much tidier.

11:17 Jesse mentions Bigg Bump (who guest hosted for Hake on Friday) speaking softly; someone said he sounds like Ben Carson’s son.

Unconscious speaking, looking for “right answer”

11:19 A lady answers about being unconscious and trying to find the right answer.

Uncomfortable in awareness

11:20 Jesse mentions that when you wake up, look around and be aware. It’s all about awareness, the light of God. Joel brought his body to his mind, and he said it feels like there’s nothing to do.

Crying woman: Thought ego had died!

11:22 Jesse asks a young woman why she’s crying. She had a rough week, “a lot of learning.” She talks about judging and “the ego death.”

11:24 Everything you’ve been taught is a lie. The mess is hard, and overcoming the mess is hard. So the lady’s overwhelmed. She thinks she’s done with the ego death, and then wham! (She traveled to England recently.)

Don’t try to make it work. Let go and let God… all our lives we’ve been trying to make life work.

No damage to repair

11:27 Jesse asks her why she thinks the damage she’s done to others exists. She mentions last week’s lesson about “there are no consequences.” How can you repair damage that doesn’t exist? You can’t. There’s nothing to repair.

Ask God for a wife/husband, the Devil gives you one

11:29 Jesse asks her about how she was taught to prepare herself for a husband. That will never work. You should learn to cook, but not for a husband.

The fact you ask for these things in “prayer” means something is missing. God gives us peace, not material things for happiness.

11:34 Jesse asks Franky if he was conscious while speaking. He started to repeat himself and didn’t make sense. He said God gives you things…

Devil can’t wait to share the “truth”

11:35 Jesse urges you to watch: When you hear the truth, and think you have the truth, Satan will have you go out and tell others! It’s all ego. The Devil takes the truth and uses it against you, when it’s all intellectual — a one-up on someone!

Fear thoughts causing bodily pain

11:35 A man talks about panic when in turbulence on a plane. He talks about body pain in thoughts. He did the Silent Prayer on the plane. How long does it take for that to go away? Never ask how long it’ll take. The shock is not a bad thing. Just relax. It’s to remind you you can’t see.

11:39 Doug says the same happened to him. He addresses the British lady as well. See it through.

11:41 Jesse asks a man if he’s kept his mind with his body this week.

Black farmers story: Never beg or blame

11:42 Jesse’s practicing noticing walking through doors.

Jesse saw the black farmers’ union president complaining in an interview that the government wasn’t taking care of them.

We should never, ever, ever beg or blame. Anyone who does is lost. No one is to blame. Other people try to hurt you because they’re miserable. But you can’t blame them for it.

When people turn against you, they want to build an army against you. For example when you forgive mama, she’ll build an army. Similarly this black farmer guy is all about himself, but with money involved, people who don’t deserve it will get it. People waste it, falling for the temptation.

Selfishness rules: Take thoughts captive

11:47 When you get to know yourself you’ll see how selfish you are. A man wanted to “help”  his brother, but he really wanted to get rid of him from the house. He realized he was wrong.

Bring every thought into captivity. Nobody loves nobody. We must die from the ego.

11:49 They went from black farmers to the black university. They want more money from the black schools. Whites give money back to their schools, but not blacks!

Ever blamed anyone? Mother’s business

11:50 Have you ever blamed anyone for what happened in your life? A man at 27 did something for his mother who hired him. He took over the business. At first he rejected the fact she brought him in, thinking he wanted to do his own thing. After he took over he no longer regretted it.

We can’t blame anyone

11:53 Stop blaming.

Never done anything wrong but still to blame?

11:53 A man asks about the idea that we’ve never done anything wrong. And yet in our bad situations it’s our fault, not others’. How do they go together? He has an answer but says he doesn’t know how to know if it’s right.

11:58 A lady gives feedback, and the man speaks more.

12:00 A few other men give feedback.

12:02 Jesse mentions to one man the assignment to keep the mind with the body. A fourth man says we take responsibility; it’s not that we did the wrong.

True love wants nothing from anyone

12:03 A man mentions true love, which doesn’t require something of the other person. Marriage could be perfect if both people don’t have expectations.

Jesse agrees. God doesn’t need anything from us. We as his children are the same way. Get to know yourself. Katherine (sp) was saying earlier we were taught wrong. We’ve been worshiping the Devil, thinking we’ve been worshiping God. When the ego is dying, it will die if you’re willing to lose it all. You’re overcoming the world. It can go crazy but you won’t be connected to it or affected by others. The ego is the Devil’s nature. It’s not you at all.

Stop struggling. Go through it. Be aware.

12:08 Raymond speaks. “People struggle….” How about you?

12:09 Jesse encourages Katherine (sp) to stop struggling. Go through it. If you have to cry, cry.

12:09 Katherine speaks. Satan will lighten up a little bit, and you’ll think you’ve gone through the fire! If such a thought comes about, let it pass. The greatest sin anyone can commit is to forget to be aware. All thoughts are all lies, all the time, about anything.

Don’t call it good or bad. Stop putting names on things. If you put titles on it, you’re worshiping the Devil and he’s keeping you in hell.

Q: How do you know what the truth is?

12:12 How do you know what the truth is? Franky answers, followed by Nick and others.

(Wearing a hat inside, wearing braids)

12:14 A man wears a hat in the house (in the building). Jesse was taught to take the hat off going inside. Also men and boys were not meant to wear braids like women! The man is Cuban.

Man told everyone his son’s suicidal

12:16 Jesse gets back to the question. A man says truth is facts, reality, and results. He says not being aware is self-torture. Jesse tells him he doesn’t have a son. He panicked and told everyone (including his grandma) that his 20-year-old son is suicidal.

12:21 Another man has a hard time seeing how that’s loving to tell others.

12:23 Yet another man brings up this father himself was suicidal the other year.

12:24 Doug speaks. And Jesse says, You owe your son an apology.

When you don’t listen to the lie, all that’s left is the truth

12:25 Jesse goes to Katherine (sp), Jesse says don’t worry about how you will know the truth. You will know. God said my children will know me by my voice. Satan makes us think we need to know the truth ahead of time. God is the truth, he’s love, he’s life. Overcome the unnatural way of life of overreaction, anger, fear, hurting others, doubt, and panic. Satan wants you to panic; God wants you to be still and let go. We’ve been brainwashed and acquainted with emotions.

Jesse urges the man to apologize for spreading his business. He created another problem. The Devil’s still working the boy’s mind.

12:30 The father asks how it’s betrayal. All you’ve done is added to his problems.

Jesse tells him he doesn’t own him. The father complains about the “silent treatment” being insecurity. He thinks it’s good that he embarrassed him. The boy’s father acted like his mother, panicking and telling everyone! The man insists he wasn’t mama or beta.

12:33 Hassan says: The ego will do everything to protect the lie. The darkness / ego hates the light.

12:34 A man addresses the father, Alex: Prioritize what’s right and righteous over the concept of human life. You’re not in control of your son’s life!

12:35 Another man says the Devil thinks he’s god. So he tries to control things and play god.

Closing / New BQ: Are you responsible for your own life?

12:36 Do the Silent Prayer. Become your own man or woman. Watch the thoughts.

New Biblical Question: Are you responsible for your own life?

Women’s Forum is this third Thursday of the month!

Get on the path. Know thyself. Let no man teach you. Everything you’ve been taught needs to be torn down.

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