How Do You See God? (Christmas Eve Church Dec 24)

Today at Church on Christmas Eve, we talked about Jesse’s latest Biblical Question of the Week: How do you see God? Some said they saw him with spiritual eyes, or saw him as their best friend, while others had not really considered how they see Him, and did not know how they see him — even though they know intellectually that he is the Father and the Creator, and other things. But many Christians have not considered how they see God.

In John 3:1-8, Jesus talks with Nicodemus about being born again. You must be born again in order to see God. (Watch 10-minute excerpt: How Do You See God? You Can’t, Unless You’re Born Again)

When you hear and read things, let it go so that your intellect does not get in the way of your sight — you cannot see God unless you are born again.

Jesse said of God, “I see Him as my Father.” That happened once Jesse returned to his earthly father.

Being “saved” from drugs and alcohol is not salvation.

Do you still have the void, emptiness down in the soul of your belly? A woman in the audience said that she still needs to talk to her father. God wants you to have peace. Worry is not peace. You can never love God and resent your earthly father.

A mother’s “love and compassion” is not real love unless the love is coming from God though the father, through the mother. Emotional love is not love. Otherwise kids go out-of-wack as teenagers. Anger awakens your emotions, sexual appetite, and other addictions.

A person watching online asked, “How can we be sure there is a God?” Jesse urges that it starts with you and it starts within. So get to know yourself, and then you will know.

Unless your earthly father is born again, it’s the same as with the mother. You will only see angry emotional “love” from that father, which will destroy the child. Unless a man is born again, he will spoil and corrupt the child. Everyone who has anger is of your father the Devil. There is no love at all in anger.

Jesse has never seen so many weak, emotional, pathetic men as today. Men today accept it as normal, and even become feminists.

Knowing yourself means to watch what’s going on inside you — the battle, warfare between good and evil. You’ll see that there’s something within that makes you do what you don’t want to do. There’s something else trying to help you get through that. Then you stop fighting, relax, and let the warfare happen. There is no “you.” You’re not in control. People want to feel “important,” but you’re not “important.” It’s an illusion. You want to return to the Father.

Another person watching online asked how Jesse explains the existence of atheists who are good men. But atheists are not good men. People become atheists if their parents are bad examples of Christians, or if they see people pushing Christianity, or if they were Christians, but couldn’t live it, and overcome their wrongdoing.

If you’re into wrongdoing, be conscious of yourself. Don’t do wrong, but if you do, make sure you remain in a state of consciousness — come into the presence of God by being in this moment. Unconsciousness won’t change it. Awareness will, because that’s the mind of God. Even when you eat food, it’s the same thing (and Jesse used to eat really unhealthful stuff and go unconscious. Now that he’s aware, he doesn’t have that kind of appetite). Be aware of what you’re doing — don’t get caught up in your imagination. Take everything captive, meaning be aware of them. Stop trying to overcome your issues. Seek God first.

The passion for life is a false passion. Real passion comes when you are with God.

Practice the silent prayer (found on the BOND Church page). Life is all spiritual, all the time. The moral values from God give life to us as a solid foundation. Pray, watch yourself, and doubt every thought you get. Adam believed the lie and ushered in hell. We have to doubt the lie and believe the Truth.

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