If You Lost Your Insanity, Who Would You Be? (Church 7/10/22)

Do you ever feel shy, or afraid of anyone? All with anger have fear. You and your insanity are one. You cannot know God in your identities. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, July 10, 2022: Hope you had a happy Fourth of July! Did you learn anything about yourself this week? Being on-time is a “white supremacy” value! Your enemy is within you, deceiving you. We discuss at-length the Biblical Question: If you lost your insanity, who would you be? Some forgave their mothers. Do you ever feel shy or afraid of another person? Don’t be deceived by titles. Everyone with anger has fear. You and your insanity: How many are there of you? You and your insanity are one.


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Jul 10, 2022
  • 0:01:32 Welcome! Learn anything? On-time = WS
  • 0:10:20 JLP: Your enemy is within you
  • 0:13:20 Biblical Q: If you lost insanity, who’d you be?
  • 0:31:38 BQ + Forgiving mothers
  • 0:45:51 BQ: Ever feel shy? Afraid of others?
  • 1:11:20 BQ: Deceiving titles: All with anger have fear
  • 1:14:42 BQ: You and your insanity: How many of you?
  • 1:25:51 JLP: You and your insanity are one
  • 1:36:24 Feedback and closing comments

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT: We start streaming just after the top of the hour, welcome first-timers, and invite people to share what they’ve learned about themselves this week.

11:07 Jesse found out that being on-time is a “white supremacy” value (according to academics).

Your enemy is within you

11:11 Jesse also shares a counseling story: A husband was mad at the wife, because she’d “changed.” When he dropped his perception, he could then see she had not changed. He couldn’t believe his mind made him see his wife in a different light. It was all an illusion, because he was mad! Your enemy is within you.

Biblical Q: If you lost your insanity, who would you be?

11:14 Jesse asks about the Biblical Question (BQ) — If you lost your insanity, who would you be?

One young woman tries to give an example of her insanity, without getting too personal. Her children also answer the BQ: Calmer, and more in the present.

11:20 A man from the Men’s Forum didn’t really think about the Biblical Question since then.

11:21 Another man ponders whether he is insane, first of all, saying the world would call us insane at BOND.

11:24 One young woman brings up the movie “Revolver.” She tells of an experience of confusion with a kid where she lives. Asked about the movie, she says she’d rather clean than watch a movie. (Is that a trauma? Is that insanity? People laugh.)

Another young lady feels she’d be as God intended her to be. She feels God kept her sane, and doesn’t think she’s insane now. As an example of insanity, she’d freak out all the time.

A third woman thinks she’d be carefree, not led by thoughts. Jesse asks: Knowing that, why don’t you overcome the attachment to thoughts? Did you ever think of yourself as insane?

A fourth lady says it appears she’s lost her insanity, now a daughter of God.

Nick talks about believing thoughts.

BQ + Forgiving mothers

11:32 One man talks about insanity, then talks about getting emotional while facing and forgiving his mother. She wanted to know what she did that was so wrong. (Jesse makes the point that the character Ray Liotta played in “Revolver” went nuts when forgiven.)

A young woman also forgave her mother. She judges herself, can’t make decisions, and thinks of how others would do — a sign of insanity.

11:37 Hassan initially thought we couldn’t even imagine, the collective, mankind. He says he’d be nothing, because he’d stop identifying with all things that make him insane. We’d be like water. Last night he got kicked out of a music performance place, and he spoke up, realizing he too was insane.

Franky says he’d be walking on water, with a clean life, at peace — and a clean apartment!

One man says he’d be unmoved by the Devil’s tricks. Jesse asks: How do you know that?

Raymond says he was a bitter person, but does not believe he’s so anymore.

11:44 A man gives a few examples of insanity, regarding clothes, exercise, and food.

Another man talks about gurus, and getting a grip on the moment.

One last man has no idea.

More on BQ: Ever feel shy? Afraid of other people?

11:46 Jesse then asks people if they feel shy at times. One young lady says she did. That’s insanity. Pay attention to the little things, Jesse urges.

Have you seen the clerk at the grocery store look at you funny, and it scared you? Another young lady surmises that she’d be free of the thoughts and speculation. Jesse asks again why she felt fear around the clerk.

11:53 Jesse asks: How many are afraid of other people? One man Franky made an enemy out of his neighbor, and he now has to keep his guard up all the time.

Are you afraid of other people — your boss, parents, neighbor, coworker, or anyone? One man faked like he was sick.

11:59 Jesse says: We’re insane and don’t even know it, in all kinds of little ways that we justify. A young woman talks about her relationship with her sister; she generally doesn’t like most people, because she disagrees with them. She’s on-edge and hides emotions to protect herself. She too lied, to avoid her sister. She doesn’t know why she fears others’ opinions. She doesn’t want to seem mean, so she lies.

12:04 Jesse asks if this helps. Every human being, including those you’re afraid of, they’re afraid too. One young woman stopped saying fat jokes to her sister after she complained about it.

One woman talks about the mask mandates, which she felt were stupid. Right away she went into her imagination about the police getting her if she refused. (Jesse tells an old story about wearing his shirt as a mask at the bank.)

Another woman talks about being in tears trying to order pizza for the first time.

Deceiving titles; All with anger have fear

12:12 Jesse encourages people to stop putting titles on things; the experts are ripping you off. People are not dealing with the spiritual things going on in the mind.

12:13 In talking with a young lady, Jesse says: Every human being who has anger has fear.

One man talks about a woman working at the store who asked him a rude question.

You and your insanity, how many are there of you?

12:15 Jesse asks: You and your insanity, how many are there of you? A few men answer.

12:18 Jesse asks: Is this helping? How? A man says it’s shining a light on the ego, which is much bigger than he imagined. One lady says everyone’s struggling, and people don’t care about your or your issues.

A man talks about a coworker whom he hates, to whom he spoke carelessly, and got in trouble for it.

Another man also has trouble at work, with fear of facing an angry boss. He says he has one identity for each person he knows.

JLP: You and your insanity are one

12:26 Jesse talks about how Satan would talk to him after he first started doing BOND meetings. He realized it wasn’t him overreacting. He realized that he and his insanity is one. Insanity is the state of the Devil; you identify with the Devil. There’s a demon called loneliness, one called fear, one called anxiety, and so on.

99.999% of people don’t know who God is at all. God is nothing like you think He is. It’s all intellectual. You can’t be of these other identities, insanities, and know God. The intellect will make you say you know God. But when you’re alone you’re lonely; you worry about other people. The intellect is of the Devil and talks to you like it’s God. It’s God who’s causing you to overcome, but you will not name it.

You can quote the scriptures, but not notice when you have anxiety. God never tells you to say, “I know God.” Bible thumpers will say they know God, but it’s the Devil quoting the Bible in their mind. Same thing with people doing the Silent Prayer and being aware.

Stand alone: Do not get a sense of identity from others. God destroys all identities.

Have time alone; make time to be alone. The Devil will make you feel lonely, but you’ll see it. A little bit of light will bring you out of it.

Do not put forth one effort to protect the not-you at all. The world will go crazy; they’re insane too, and need to hurt one another to stay alive.

Feedback and closing comments

12:37 One man had assumed Jesse was made for this, and never had doubts. Separate the man from the words. In talking with him further, Jesse says: You don’t have a reputation! To think wonderful of yourself is worshiping the Devil!

Jesse says one man Friday talked with him after watching “Revolver.” He realized he can’t hate anyone; there’s nothing good in him, and others have the same problem!

Jesse also urges the man not to have a conversation with the Devil about his coworker.

12:41 Jesse talks more about prayer and telling the truth. The truth about you will make you free. You don’t go free when you tell everybody the truth about themselves. You don’t have to tell everybody the truth about themselves.

Separate the man from the message. Jesse doesn’t know

A little light will make you stronger than what you can imagine.

Pay attention to yourself. Be willing to stand alone. Become an individual. This country was built on individuality.


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