Is Christianity Tolerant? | Church 6/18/23

Catholics protested LGBT at Dodgers. Should Christianity be tolerant? Jesus did not judge. What are you trying to gain in life?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 18, 2023 — Happy Father’s Day!

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  • 0:00:00 Pre-church small talk
  • 0:01:29 Welcome to Church! Happy Father’s Day!
  • 0:06:05 Catholics protest drags, Dodgers: Thoughts?
  • 0:16:48 Raymond: Hard Hat Riot, NY, 70s
  • 0:17:52 Christianity: Too Tolerant? Not enough? Not at all?
  • 0:28:56 (Think for yourself, know that you know)
  • 0:35:02 Draw a line? No right to stop them.
  • 0:40:00 (God wants you to think… Not a test!)
  • 0:44:02 Sister forced to participate LGBT class
  • 0:50:39 Organized religion, leaders don’t care
  • 0:54:56 Was Jesus tolerant? Did Jesus tolerate sin?
  • 0:59:22 Worse to protest or judge in the head?
  • 1:06:31 JLP: Jesus did not judge. No opinion.
  • 1:21:22 Feedback: Timeframe? Mask protest, Hell
  • 1:31:59 It’s not you: perfect peace. Mother flipped. Stoic?
  • 1:36:51 (I’m black and slow, let the word “stoic” go. Be. Live.)
  • 1:37:54 Man’s story forgiving mother
  • 1:43:05 Biblical Q: What do you want to gain in life?
  • 1:50:21 JLP on BQ: Don’t try to gain anything. Just be, just live.
  • 1:55:17 New BQ: Are you ashamed of your anger and hatred?


Don’t try to gain anything in life.

WATCH CLIP (6-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  After getting Raymond’s answer, JLP offers his two cents on the Biblical Question of the week: What are you trying to gain in life? 

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Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT We start a minute before 11 AM. 

Happy Father’s Day!

11:03 A young lady says JLP’s eye-opening. Her mother’s the only one she’s forgiven. She’ll see her father today. 

Drag queen nuns protest at Dodgers game: Thoughts?

11:05 The L.A. Dodgers had a baseball game. Radicals showed up mocking Catholics, doing dirty things — drag queen nuns (“Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”). 

11:06 People are finally standing up, says a gal. Another agrees. Several others weigh in, including Lucas, Hake, Sean, and a new black young man. 

Is Christianity too tolerant? Not enough? Or not at all?

(11:22) The new people respond to Jesse’s question from the radio show this week: Is Christianity too tolerant? Is it not tolerant enough? Or is Christianity not tolerant at all?  

11:34 A man agrees Christianity is too tolerant. 

(11:45) A man is not tolerant, while Christianity is too tolerant. His sister was being forced to go to LGBT gender class, but his mother wouldn’t pull her out of the school. He confronted officials. Why aren’t you tolerant as a Christian? 

11:49 A man sees organized religion and Christianity as acting like a corporation… The leaders could care less about the followers, like the government. 

JLP: Jesus did not judge. No opinion.

12:06 Jesse speaks: Jesus did not judge, period. As sons of God we do not even have an opinion. It’s the spirit of the Devil causing you to judge others and yourself. Be still through it — don’t overreact. 

They’re trying to get a reaction, so they can feel alive. 

The children are not our children; they’re the father and mother’s responsibility. If they let them go to the school, and they don’t care, God lets them go. Why not you?

12:10 People try to get a reaction to feel alive, with fake life. Jesus didn’t protest. We’re possessed. Once you see what’s driving you, you’ll see what’s driving everybody. Neither accept it nor judge it. You’re one, you’re whole — not divided. You know the Devil’s driving these people. Wish them well. Leave them alone. They’ll go away, and fight one another. 

12:12 The Devil… Jesus gave the Devil no attention. Forgive your mother and father, do the silent prayer, and let go. The country will get worse. Human beings are evil. 

12:15 Fake friends have to keep lying to each other: “I love you.” 

(12:19) Don’t try to be rich. You have to think you’re poor. Die from the Devil. The real person is free, but you’re caught up with ideas. You’re looking for somebody to love you, and somebody to love. You have no love! They don’t have it!

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