Is There Such a Thing as Verbal or Emotional Abuse?

Have you experienced or committed verbal or emotional abuse? It’s not you, but the Devil in you and others, trying to hurt and being hurt. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 30, 2022: Jesse tells a story to say everyone is a liar. // After a young lady from Singapore thanks Jesse, Nick reads verses to show the Bible is not the Word of God. // 

Many people talk at-length about the Biblical Question: Is there such a thing as verbal or emotional abuse? One father feels abused by his 19-year-old son’s hateful text messages. A mother blocked her daughter for the same! Some feel depressed. Some talk about their fathers. Were their hearts in the right place? One man fears his family! Asked whether she herself has been abusive, a young lady has a hard time plainly saying yes or no. // 

Jesse’s two cents: No one has ever been verbally or emotionally abused. It feels like it’s you, but it’s the Devil inside you and outside you inside others. Don’t run from it. Don’t respond to the Devil. And don’t ask why. Just observe. You’re identified with the Devil’s nature in you that’s suffering; it feels like it’s you, but it’s not you. // 

Jesse’s assignment this week, an exercise: Practice keeping your mind where your body is. // 

New Biblical Question: Are you a possessive person? // 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Men’s Forum this first Thursday of November! And Jesse found a special Guest Host for The Hake Report for Tuesday! (To Be Announced!) 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Oct 30, 2022
  • 0:03:20 Story: Woman hated her weak husband
  • 0:06:10 First-timer from Singapore (mic issue)
  • 0:08:15 The Bible is not the Word of God
  • 0:12:57 Biblical Q: Verbal/emotional abuse?
  • 0:19:48 Father ‘abused’ by 19yo son?
  • 0:36:20 Mother blocked ‘abusive’ daughter
  • 0:40:02 Verbal/emotional abuse: Depression, Fathers
  • 0:52:47 Verbal and emotional abusers
  • 0:55:30 Heart in the right place?
  • 0:58:03 Fear of family
  • 1:05:42 Let your yes be yes vs. many words
  • 1:13:02 JLP: No one is verbally/emotionally abused
  • 1:21:43 Feedback: Don’t respond to the Devil
  • 1:26:01 No value in “Why?” Only in observation.
  • 1:30:43 Assignment: Keep your mind where your body is
  • 1:34:11 New BQ: Are you a possessive person? 
  • 1:38:07 Closing / Announcements: Men’s Forum

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start streaming right around the top of the hour as Hassan wraps up instructions. 

11:03 Jesse tells a story from a movie he saw in which a wife hated her weak husband for calling her strong, lying to her. Everyone lies that way. Rise above human nature. We’ll have an assignment exercise this week. 

11:06 Jesse welcomes a first-time visitor from Singapore whose ex-boyfriend became religious after finding Jesse’s content. She thanks him, because they may get married now. 

Kingdom of Heaven within

11:07 Nick reads some passages about the Kingdom of Heaven within, and the Word of God written on our hearts. 

11:11 Raymond mentions people trampled at a Halloween party in a crowd surge in Seoul, South Korea — he says about 150 people were killed! 

BQ: Verbal and emotional abuse?

11:13 Jesse asks the Biblical Question: Is there such a thing as verbal or emotional abuse? 

11:18 One man answering mentions forgiving his father, but his mother died before he could. 

Distraught father of 19yo son who hates him

11:20 A man with a 19-year-old son says his son texts him abusive messages. 

11:25 Nick gives the man advice, followed by Doug. Doug advises the man to back off; he’d have never responded to his son at that point. 

11:27 The man continues, saying he’s learning to trust more in God, but it’s a shock. 

11:28 Jesse asks him: Are you surprised your son is acting like you? — emotional and everything. Apologize for the way you raised him, and leave him alone. Let him find his way. When he’s ready, he’ll come back to you. You’re not a good example for him; you need to be an example. You’re no different. You don’t see you’re the same way as the women he’s living with. 

11:32 A young man says he’s experienced what people call verbal and emotional abuse, but he talks about having power over it now. Others are not an authority over him, so they don’t get to affect him. 

Woman blocked her daughter at times when ‘abused’

11:36 A woman addresses the man whose son texted him; she blocked her on the phone. Jesse asks: Why did you block her rather than listen to her words? She says they were ugly and she didn’t deserve them. Why didn’t you deserve them? Did she deserve what you did to her? Jesse asks her: Were you being abused by your daughter? 

Verbal / emotional abuse: Depression, Fathers

11:40 Another young lady would take on notions of feeling depressed in the past. But she does not think emotional or verbal abuse is real. Six months ago she felt it was. 

11:43 Raymond says he fails to be a good person. He says he hurts other people, and is not a good human. 

11:45 Franky answers, saying that what he thought was joy was hell; he still lives for it, as he has an ego, he says. He wishes his father were here (alive and at the meeting) so he could cuss him out, express himself, and have a chance to talk to him. He misses him because he’s gone. Jesse says: Amazing! That’s insane. Franky says his father put him through torment. 

11:50 A young woman says she tried never to let her emotions get the best of her. She used to emotionally abuse others. Her father had taught her better, but because she’s a woman and she was feeding the ego, she said. 

Verbal / emotional abusers

11:53 Jesse asks a man if he ever verbally and emotionally abused anyone. He’d try to be hurtful to his dad, he said. The best thing his dad did was back off (referring to Alex), and he started to see that he was exactly like him. Then he was able to forgive him. 

11:54 Jesse asks Hassan if he was verbally or emotionally abused when he found out his dog doesn’t have love. Hassan said earlier this week that no, there was none, because he was accused of it. Hassan realized now though that he was emotionally abusing himself while doing it to others. 

Heart in the right place?

11:56 Another man says there is such abuse. He says their “heart was in the right place.” When Jesse questions that phrase, he realizes we repeat things to feel good but don’t know what it means. 

Verbal / emotional abuse: Fear of family

11:58 Yet another man feels pain and uneasiness, feeling too weak to say he doesn’t want to go see family over the holidays. He feels fear anticipating what’s happening. 

12:05 Doug says the man is abusing himself. 

Let your yes be yes: Many words

12:06 A young lady says it seems like nothing in the world is personal, but is an illusion. It’s things on the outside. A spiritual weakness in which you go unconscious and let the ego take hold. She doesn’t think she’s felt abused, although she did respond emotionally. 

Asked if she’s ever verbally or emotionally abused others, it’s difficult for her to say yes. Jesse says it’s amazing how free we can be with fewer words. God said, Let your yes be yes, and your no, no. 

12:11 Jesse asks Franky about letting your yes be yes, and your no, no. Jesse says you can see people go unconscious when they’re talking now. 

JLP: No one is verbally or emotionally abused

12:13 Jesse says, in all honesty, no one has ever been verbally or emotionally abused. You’ve never done it to anyone, and they’ve never done it to you. It feels like it’s you. Because the Devil inside of you, and the Devil outside of you in other people tell you you’re being abused. And you start to believe it. 

Do not run from it. Go all the way through the fire to the other side so you can be free. You’re overcoming the not-you. You’re not the thoughts or the pain, not even the pain that feels good. You think you’re not having pain, because you’re feeling good. 

Never say: How long is this going to last? Jesse thought about one person last week who said he or she wanted to cuss. When you’re crying out, you’re really crying out to the Devil; he will save you from it just to give you more. Don’t look to anyone else to save you from it. You’re only putting it off for another moment. 

Stop responding to the Devil inside of you, and the Devil outside of you in other people. The same war going on in you is happening in everybody, in politicians, and physical wars. 

When you’re feeling good or bad don’t judge it. As the not-you is dying, you’ll start to see the truth. The Truth is God. 

Feedback: Don’t respond to the Devil

12:22 Doug says he felt jittery at the store yesterday and it took all he could not to explain it. 

Jesse says: Don’t respond to the Devil. Notice: People who do respond, lose. 

12:25 Jesse says there’s nothing there to respect. You have a problem if you need respect. But you treat all people the same, right. 

12:26 Jesse answers a man that there is no value in the question, “Why?” The only value is observation. Then you will see and know why. 

Doug noticed that when he does ask why, there’s no peace in it. 

The Devil’s nature in you suffers, but because people are so identified with it, they go from group to group. Only a few will find the straight and narrow path. 

You’ll lose nothing but ego, the hell you’re living in. 

Do the Silent Prayer and watch. 

Assignment: Practice keeping your mind where your body is

12:31 Jesse says for one week, make sure your mind is in the same place as your body. Keep your mind where your body is located, always in the present. 

12:33 Different people respond. 

New BQ: Are you a possessive person?

12:34 Jesse asks his brand new Biblical Question: Are you a possessive person? A few people answer. Jesse reminds one man to stay conscious when he speaks on the mic. He also advises people to watch out about putting words in others’ mouths, especially kids. 

Don’t worry about it. Just do it. 

Stay with your body this week. Become your own man or own woman. Stay with the prayer. Every human being is born in sin, so they have to be born again. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Men’s Forum first Thursday in November(!) this week at 7 PM, here at BOND in Los Angeles! 

Jesse found an amazing guest host for The Hake Report to fill-in on Tuesday! Special guest host to be announced! 


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