Stop Judging! Do Right. (Church, Dec 30)

One woman forgave her stepfather, and should move out from her live-in boyfriend. A mother of two is distressed, years into her arranged marriage. A third woman is upset after judging her husband.

Jesse showed off his “watermelon” socks, which he received as a gift from a lady from New Zealand.

He asked the people to rate their year. One woman visiting from out-of-state rated her year a 9 out of 10. She graduated from medical school and started her residency. Also this year, she discovered Jesse online as a fellow black conservative. After hearing his deeper message about overcoming anger, she went and forgave her father. Now she just needs to go and forgive her mother.

A woman forgave her stepfather

A man joined his adult stepdaughter in Church for the second time. He married her mother who already had children, not realizing it was wrong — this was his third marriage. The stepdaughter became annoying as a child to her mother at about age five, when she began to compete for her mother’s attention. Now the young woman has forgiven her stepfather.

This woman asked about Jesus’s statement in the Beatitudes, in which he said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Jesse believes, and the Bible Go-to Guy confirmed, that when we’re suffering in some way we tend to cry out to God. People who are rich or comfortable have a difficult time entering into the Kingdom of Heaven, because they think they are God.

Don’t have a live-in boyfriend

She also asked if Adam was a beta male for listening to the woman. Why did God allow the first man to be a beta male? It’s because God will not force people to love Him. This woman has tried to force her boyfriend to love her, but he won’t even marry her. Jesse urges her to move out and not live with him.

People in their fallen state get into bad situations, such as living with boyfriend or girlfriend. Get out of those situations. Go thorough the emotions and pain, to do what’s right. Don’t have sex before marriage! Even schools are teaching kids to have sex with no morals. The world demoralizes people, setting them up and making them emotional, in order to corrupt and use you.

Jesse mentioned the TV show on Oprah’s channel, “Iyanla, Fix My Life.” The woman who stars in the program has no idea what she’s talking about. Likewise the media presents stories of illegal alien children dying after they’re caught by border patrol. They want to blame us for wanting the law enforced! A wrestler in New Jersey was forced to cut his hair or forfeit his match. He did the right thing and cut his hair, but the media and race hustlers overreacted to make it seem like the referee was wrong! We have to become dispassionate. Don’t even lie at a funeral! Don’t follow the ways of the world.

An arranged marriage in trouble

James asked an online question from the Super Chat: Does Jesse really believe people should date for 7 years with no sex before getting married? Yes. And if you’re not going to have kids, don’t marry! One lady agreed. She is originally from Jordan, and had an arranged marriage. Now she’s having trouble with her husband. Jesse urged her to seek first the Kingdom of God, and don’t resent the situation. She will talk it out with her husband today. She says her in-laws have been vicious toward her.

God did not put this marriage together — their parents did. So perhaps they should stay together, or perhaps not. Do the Silent Prayer, do not hate the situation, and do not be mad at the husband. Endure. Marriage is a promise to God. What God puts together, let man not separate.

More questions and feedback

Jesse talked with a few others in the congregation. One misconception is about problems. There are no such thing as problems. There are only situations. People should seek God first, and all things will be added. There is so much that we don’t know!

People should not have sex after they’re done having kids. After you have your children, you should overcome passions and return to God.

Jesse reiterated to the young woman who has a live-in boyfriend: you think you know you want to be with him, but that’s from your emotions, from Satan — not from God.

Attacks on Trump supporters

One man gave a ride home to a young woman after a Christmas party. She saw his MAGA hat in the front seat, and got into a discussion. She called him racist as they talked about immigration. He told her that abortion is women playing God. She told him to drive into the center divider and kill himself! After he got her home she said she guesses she should thank him.

There were a couple of viral video stories in which a transgender yelled at a person for calling him “sir” instead of “ma’am.” In another instance, a vape store clerk went off on a Trump supporter wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt. People hate Trump because he’s a good man and puts the country first. He’s exposing the evil that’s been allowed into the country, the government, and the people — evil hates good.

Bible passages

Joel read from the book of James chapter 1, saying that trials are a privilege, and that we should pray without doubt. How do you pray without doubting? People discussed it.

Jesse asked the Biblical Question to a young lady Chris who interned for us at BOND for some months this year. If you know a person’s history, does that mean you know their future? No. Don’t judge people — they can change in an instant, and you may mistreat them as though they had not changed!

More trouble in a marriage

Before we wrapped up, Jesse asked a woman why she was mad at her husband. She’d been sick, started to argue with her husband, and left the house and stay with her mother. She was upset that he stayed out late, did not keep his word. She thinks he’s drinking, which he should not do for his health. Jesse asked her what she did wrong in the situation. She admits she judged him. Jesse told her that the issue is with her, and not him. Overcome anger! She’s doing the Silent Prayer, but still listening to the thoughts from Satan.

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