Judgment Keeps Your Old Nature Alive (Sunday Service, Sept 7, 2008)

BOND Sunday Service, originally from September 7, 2008: We’ve been releasing prior episodes of Sunday Service that only aired once through our website, the day they were filmed. Fortunately, our engineer archived them, and we’re sharing them for others to hear! Watch on YouTube or listen on SoundCloud (both embedded above).

Stuck in a Rut?

Different people at Church discuss the lies their thoughts tell them. One guy asks about “inertia,” having difficulty reading a book or starting something you’re not used to doing. One lady was tripping because she was going out to meet a guy, and she faced doubts and insecurities. The Devil feeds your mind all kinds of mess. Stay with prayer: Seek God first, and He adds unto you.

Relax! Go Through Whatever You Have to Go Through…

Let yourself feel and go through whatever your ego goes through, by the spirit inside you — it’s not the real you. Let it die. The real you, created in God’s image, is not caught up in all of the madness. Get to know yourself, and don’t identify with the not-you, your old nature. When you pray, you rarely have to ask for anything. We have the Holy Spirit, the Teacher.

Some people tell stories about looking for the truth. A man was in seminary for a year in order to become a priest. One woman asks about her husband telling her he cannot help the way he is — he cannot change himself. Another lady talks about overreacting versus being calm. One young man doubts he’ll ever really get it. Most people don’t know that they do not truly believe in God; they have a shallow intellectual belief that does not set them free. He has to give it to us.

Judgment Keeps You Stuck

Jesse has people read John 8: 15-16 about judging with human limitations and not judging. Jesus talked about having the Father who sent him. So Jesse makes the point that you’re constantly judging, giving the thing inside you food to live by, every time you get angry, condemn yourself or others. Jesus did not judge. The Father was in him. The Father allowed Jesus to see the reality around him. Then he could judge in the right way. Without Him, you’re blind.

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