“Love Conquers All” (Church, Dec 10)

(Watch 8-minute excerpt: “Love Conquers All” / Watch and Learn from President Trump)

At Church we touched on things happening in the news: Judge Roy Moore is running for U.S. Senate against a Democrat Doug Jones. A few women have accused Judge Moore of “sexual harassment,” including one who brought a signed yearbook as “evidence.” But she admitted writing on part of it, which she failed to mention when she first came out with notorious attorney Gloria Allred. So Jesse mused about what made her try to destroy the judge using her yearbook. What makes people do crazy things?

Then we talked about what it means when the Bible says, “Love conquers all.” Only a few claimed to know. One man said that love conquers all evil. A man returned to church after a long time away from BOND. He got back with and old girlfriend from decades earlier. It messed up all of his peace. He has not overcome anger, but wants to.

As we discussed, Jesse brought up a conversation from his radio show this week, in which a “Christian” woman said that her pastor-mother led her to Christ when she was 7 years-old. Many parents, especially mothers, mislead their children who are actually closer to God than they. So parents mess their children up trying to teach them Christianity. Look at Rev. Al Sharpton, who’s crazy! — he got an early start too.

A young man Joel, Jesse’s audio engineer, said that he tried to teach his brother something about life, and it went totally wrong. So a man watching Church live on YouTube asked what young parents should do to raise their children in a godly home. Jesse urged them to look at themselves, work on themselves, got over anger, so that you can set an example and see how to live right. Drop the “Christian words,” because you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

Jesse noticed a young man and woman in attendance who have been dating appeared to be colder toward each other than usual this morning. They admitted to an argument over the phone the night before. The man cut off the conversation as he said it was unproductive, although the young lady wanted to resolve the disagreement. But either way, they should not be angry.

Then Jesse clarified what it meant to be “born in sin” — we are born into crazy families. A man in the audience said that he lived with his parents in his late forties. He’s been on skid row before, but he’s working now. Jesse urged him to move out, to get away from “mama” — so often mothers control their children even in adulthood. Another young man watching online said his parents control him even though he’s in graduate school, living at home with them. Again, Jesse urged him — even if he has to quit school to work. Become free so that you can live your life, make your own mistakes, grow, and become a man or woman.

Finally, Jesse urged that people watch President Donald Trump, whether they like him or not, to see how he deals with issues and challenges when they come up. He does not care about male or female, black or white identity politics — he cares about what is right. If you attack him, he will attack back. Children of God do not overreact to situations. So watch him this week, how he handles situations.

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