“Nobody Loves Nobody.” (Church, Sep 16)

At Church, Jesse made the point that “nobody loves nobody,” whether parents with children, preachers or politicians with the people, or in relationships! We also talked about hypocrisy and the Kingdom of Heaven within.

“Nobody loves nobody.”

First thing Jesse allowed people to share any questions or comments.

Jesse then started off by saying, “Nobody loves nobody,” meaning that no one loves anybody else. He told of a boy killed in Chicago a couple of years ago. The boy refused to join a gang, so they set him on fire alive in a trash can. The murder remains unsolved, with no word from black leaders. But a man dragged to death by the KKK — the same leaders got riled, because it was white-on-black. They don’t actually care about the people.

A woman talked about devotion between a man and woman in relationships. That’s not love! If a man tells a woman she’s the “only one” — he only means, “You’re the only one for now.”

Other men and women were unclear about what love is. One suggested that it’s “the cold truth,” and one man said that he cares about his mother more than about himself. At one point, a lady called God her “partner” — Jesse urged her not to use that word, as nowadays it refers to “gay partners.”

Young woman forgives her father

One young woman talked about how society pushes diversity and lust. But love is not accepting evil. For some time, she thought that since she loved her husband, she felt entitled to change him. (This couple joined us last week, so Jesse asked if her husband was “still beta?”) After talking in church last week, she actually forgave her father and urged him to do the Silent Prayer – VIDEO silentprayer.video | AUDIO soundcloud.com/rebuildingtheman/silent-prayer and now she’s waking up!

Jesse said, “I don’t think anyone hates their fathers.” Even if they think they do, it’s with their mother’s hate. She does not know what a perfect dad is. Her mother expressed doubt about her forgiveness, asking, “Is that going to work?” Her sister still holds anger toward her father.

Jesse asked her husband, “Are you still beta?” He tries the silent prayer, but Jesse cautioned him that you don’t empty your thoughts; simply be aware of them. He will see his parents in a couple of weeks, and wants to forgive them in-person.

More talk about love

More guys talked about love, talking about their children, working with the disabled, and forgiveness. One man talked with his ex-wife’s father who’s passing away in two or three weeks from kidney failure. Unfortunately, his marriage ended due in part to his PTSD. He does the Silent Prayer now.

A woman said that love comes from within, but admitted that she doesn’t have love.

Women marry beta males

A man commented about Jesse saying that most men hate their mothers. He admitted that he resents his father — for doing nothing! Without knowing why, he also resents his wife at times. Jesse joked with him, “Beta!” That comes from the identity of your mother.

Women want weak men — they marry beta males whom they can control. Yet they want the man to be strong and overcome that weak nature. Men and women come together in the fallen state so that they can have children and a family. Then they begin to overcome their weaknesses.

What real love is

(Watch 12-min. excerpt: Love Has No Feeling Nor Attachment…)

Love has no feeling or attachment to earth. It allows others to be free. With love, God guides you, because human beings don’t have love. Jesse mentions how his son grows angry at him. Anyone trying to control you does not love you.

A woman asked about judgment and people watching. How do you look at people without forming an opinion about them? Some men and women gave their feedback. Jesse told the story of a crazy woman at the post office who hates Jesse for his YouTube videos. He then explained: Know that every thought about others is not from you! Satan is feeding you ideas about the person. Every thought you get is a lie. You are not your thoughts.

The woman asked: What if people come to you and want your opinion? The answer: Don’t plan it — wait until the situation happens. Even if someone curses you out, just watch them, and don’t react based on your thoughts or feelings.

Prayer protects you even in dreams

A young girl came on stage to repeat her story from last week. The night after a drum tryout, she had a dream telling her that she failed at a drum tryout, but she refused to listen. The next day, she turned out right! This story stuck with Jesse, because just this week, Jesse too experienced a dream telling him something negative about some deals. Do the silent prayer at night as well as in the morning.

More questions

With a Super Chat donation on YouTube, a man named Geoffrey asked online: How do you forgive someone who continuously does the things that made you angry in the first place? If you forgive them, then it doesn’t bother you anymore, and you know how to protect yourself.

The woman came back after Jesse’s comment that “partner” is a homosexual reference. She said that God is her partner, mother, father and everything. But God is not all that!

Hypocrisy and lack of love

Finally, we read from Matthew 23: 13, in which Jesus said, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in.”

Christ called the Pharisees and scribes hypocrites because they prevented people from entering the Kingdom of Heaven within. Know yourself, and go within to find the Kingdom of Heaven. Most leaders don’t love you. Politicians will lie in your face. In relationships, men and women lie to one another. No one with anger has love. Overcome anger and have self-control.

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