Overcome False Love: God Takes Away Anger | Church 2/5/23

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||  See clips and links below (including Silent Prayer), as well as detailed church notes.

In the present, there’s no pain. If you think you’re present, you’re not. 1 John 4: Overcome anger and false “animal love” and know God. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 5, 2023


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Feb 5, 2023
  • 0:03:24 Welcome to Church
  • 0:04:07 Song by Lijie: “I’ve Been Looking for God”
  • 0:09:56 Biblical Q: Secret place inside you
  • 0:20:46 JLP on BQ: It’s in the present
  • 0:26:36 Feedback: Thoughts flooding?
  • 0:29:15 When you think you’re present, you’re not
  • 0:33:01 Be alone (Bill talks)
  • 0:39:15 Lost phone / Relationship “problems”
  • 0:49:06 Thinking? Let light shine on darkness
  • 0:54:59 Bible: 1 John 4: 12 Overcome anger
  • 0:58:25 Talking with fake people who use you
  • 1:01:54 False love: Women loving skunks
  • 1:09:52 People don’t have love, nor do pets!
  • 1:15:23 Drag queens, Planned Parenthood, feelings/thoughts
  • 1:29:47 Again 1 John 4: 12 Let God take anger away
  • 1:35:50 Super Chat Q’s: Resist temptation? Make disciples?
  • 1:38:54 Man’s been looking for church: Social anxiety
  • 1:40:15 New BQ: Why do you take sides?


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Church Notes

10:59 AM US PST We start streaming just before the top of the hour

“I’ve Been Looking for God” – Lijie

11:03 Lijie performs “I’ve Been Looking for God”

Biblical Q: Secret place inside you

11:09 We get into the Biblical Question: There is a secret place inside of you that does not feel pain or heartache. Where is that place? Several people answer including Bill from Detroit.

11:16 A first-time visitor answers the question. (He brought a gift from The Great White Hope.) He saw JLP on YouTube a couple of weeks ago.

11:19 Alex started the prayer.

JLP on BQ: It’s in the present

11:20 Jesse gives his two cents on the Biblical Question: It’s in the present. Pain only comes in the darkness. The Devil convinces you to go into the past or the illusion of the future. Give up looking on the outside, period. Everything we want and need is in us, in the present, in consciousness. The best time on earth is now. I’m having a hootenanny of a time. Start working on your life. Be committed.

In consciousness, all ideas, plans, everything you think you are, will disappear. Think of the selfish, ego, dumb prayers you’ve had. Praying for someone else makes you feel good about yourself. Notice that?

People say, I want to get married and have a family. Why? “Because I want to be a better father than my father.” In consciousness, there’s no comparison to anyone. You just live, without thought. Whole people don’t seek anything else. Christ came that we might be whole, one with the Father. You’re a divided person.

When you’re conscious, you don’t make phone calls. When you’re unconscious, you call for no reason, except to get an ego gratification. You’re running away from consciousness, from truth, the love of God. You don’t need to be feeling anything.

Feedback: “Thoughts are flooding in”

11:26 After Nick briefly speaks, another young lady talks about the concept being easy, but thoughts flood into her mind. They’re not flooding in from anywhere, but you’re just becoming aware. Don’t believe Satan when he says, “These thoughts are flooding in!” Satan doesn’t want you to know you’ve been with him this whole time.

11:28 Nick knows what she’s saying. The woman sometimes gets a thought about her business when in prayer, and wants to run to her journal to jot it down.

Feedback: When you think you’re present, you’re not

11:30 Jesse points out: When you think you’re present, you’re not. A second young lady comments on that. She gets a thought in her head that makes her think she sounds crazy, and she believes it!

11:32 If you want to have a fun life, look at yourself. Franky says the ego never stops, and it can increase.

Feedback: Be alone.

11:34 JLP says: When you’re present, Satan will tell you, “You’re present.” Let that thought go. He’ll take you away from the present. Darkness has no power. The feelings are all an illusion; it’s not real.

11:35 Bill says: You need to be alone. You’re not alone; you’re always talking to yourself. You can’t stand to be alone, so you make the Devil your friend. Be alone.

Nick comments. There’s so much you won’t do when you’re not with thoughts. You won’t waste your time chasing or getting into this or that, or carry on crying at a funeral.

JLP: Lost phone / Relationship “problems”

11:38 Jesse recounts a friend’s story of losing his phone at the gym (perhaps it was stolen). And now life is great! He lost people’s numbers. That’s a drug. You can’t trust it either! They have AI, deep fakes, etc. The gov’t lies to us.

Think about why you’re fighting in a relationship: It’s because you want something, and are willing to argue about it. All of our issues are always us.

You’ve never had a problem. If you didn’t go into thoughts, you’d be fine.

A man (Jason from Buffalo, NY) told JLP on the radio show that he’s cold and doesn’t feel anything. He thinks love is emotional. A person in hell is mad that you’re not in hell!

11:42 The second young lady talks about conversations with people.

11:45 Jesse says: If there’s nothing to say, don’t say anything. People overreact to your quiet and what you do have to say.

Thinking? Let the light shine on the darkness

11:48 The young woman talks about the word “think.” She says she’s been missing a lot of exits this week. Jesse talks about thinking about Lijie’s song when it was happening. Relax, and let the light grow you.

11:52 Franky talks about being tired and losing consciousness, and getting injured.

Bible passage: 1 John 4:12 – Overcome anger

11:54 Jesse has a man read 1 John 4:12, “No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.”

When you overcome anger, you conquer the world. Jesse’s been watching “The Chosen,” which Hassan recommended. Jesus didn’t even respond to the Devil.

People base their idea of Jesus on how they feel: “I’ve become a Christian, but still have anger; that’s how Jesus must feel.

Talking with fake people who use you

11:57 The man finds people calling him a liar. He notices people call him to get a feeling by way of him.

11:59 The first-timer talks about dealing with an ex-wife, I believe. Another man says he’d completely ignore it, and watch himself. Jesse adds to what they say. Don’t worry that you won’t have anyone to talk to — those are thoughts too.

12:01 Jesse continues: When someone’s giving dumb talk, watch what you’re thinking or feeling about it. It’s always offering you an opportunity to see what’s happening with you.

False love… Women loving skunks

12:02 A young lady asks if it’s possible to get rid of emotions. It’s like your shadow; it’s still there. She says we all want to love something or someone. She talks about people loving pets that aren’t a challenge the way human beings are.

Jesse tells the story of ladies who think they love a skunk, seen on TV.

Human beings don’t have love; nor do pets!

12:09 Jesse outbursts: Why can’t you just enjoy animals without destroying the animals? Jesse explains to the young lady: Human beings don’t have love! Have no expectation, no need — so you can’t hurt them, nor they you.

Just know the dog doesn’t love you. It’s an animal state. Same with the father who wants his son’s “love.” You need God’s love, not your son’s. The pet doesn’t have love. Your wife or husband don’t have love; that’s why you fight.

Drag queens, Planned Parenthood, and feelings/thoughts

12:14 One of the ladies from earlier speaks. Jesse says you could have a drag queen come up to you, and you’d have no opinion about the person. You’d know what’s driving the person. That’s how it is when you have love.

The lady says she’d get angry over abortion; her ears would get hot.

12:18 Jesse tells about Planned Parenthood making mobile abortion units for states that have banned abortions. They can’t see what they’re doing. They’re evil. Don’t judge them. All feelings come from thoughts.

12:20 A woman asks how to reconcile hanging out with a murderer: If I’m not impacting them to return to God, are they impacting me? Everybody has issues. Deal with things in the present. Don’t plan ahead. The Devil wants to divide you by making you think about “what ifs.” Be one, so you can deal without planning.

Anger is evil.

More on love

12:23 Franky says God killed the animals in the flood because human beings had corrupted them. He tells the story of a lion looking in the eyes of a boy. The boy thought the lion loved him, but the father put a lamb in front of it to be devoured. Jesse says people are the same as the lion.

12:26 A young woman talks about people being angry when told they don’t have love. If you didn’t love them, you wouldn’t be trying to help them.

Bible verse again: Let him take the spirit of anger away

12:29 Jesse has the man re-read 1 John 4:12, and says you want to know the Father. When He takes away your anger, and you overcome the ego, you know Him.

12:30 Jesse cracks up one of the ladies by pointing out: “Faith” is just intellectual knowledge; that’s why it doesn’t work. You already know the truth. Let no man teach you. Bring every thought into captivity.

12:31 One of the young ladies talks about love in families who see all sides of you.

12:33 Jesse recounts a family member getting mad at him for not being like everybody else. When you’re out and about, watch how you grin when you don’t want to. Or watch how you feel when intimidated by a bank worker.

Super Chat questions: Resist temptation? Make disciples?

12:35 James asks a couple of Super Chat questions about how to resist temptation and how to make disciples.

12:36 One young man recounts what Jesse said: You don’t need to feel anything.

A man’s been looking for a church; social anxiety

12:38 The first-time visitor says he’s been looking for a church. He says he’s introverted and shy — having social anxiety. Pay attention to the thoughts that come that prompt that. Go through it anyway.

New Biblical Question: Why do you take sides? / Closing

12:39 New Biblical Question: Why do you take sides? (Everybody [practically] raises their hand before this question, saying they do take sides.)

12:41 Jesse gives closing comments. Thanks, all!

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