Stay Hungry for God: Red Belt Mindset (Dave Anderson)

Author Dave Anderson urges godly desire rather than self-satisfaction. JLP offers people questions to ponder about the Holy Spirit. 

Archive Sunday Service, May 4, 2014 — Guest speaker Dave Anderson of Learn To Lead and Matthew 25: 35 Foundation tells how to stay hungry for God, with a “red belt” mentality. (A martial arts instructor explained that “red belts” are often hungrier than self-satisfied “black belts” who grow complacent and fat, feeling they’ve “arrived.”) Dave Anderson takes questions and comments about obedience, failure, fear, falling to temptation, making “biblical” excuses, and surrendering one’s will. 

Jesse Lee Peterson then reiterates Dave Anderson’s points about complacency, doing the word (rather than just hearing or speaking the “truth”). JLP also offers a few things for people to think about… The Holy Spirit: What is it? Are we born with it? Do we need to ask for it? What is the purpose of it? Forgive; don’t have resentment in your heart. Pray. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His right way. 

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  • 00:00 Pre-church intro
  • 00:28 Welcome!
  • 00:54 JLP introducing Dave Anderson
  • 03:54 Dave Anderson: Hungry like a red belt
  • 29:42 Q&A with Dave
  • 30:44 Dave: When off-track from God…
  • 31:47 Raymond / Dave: Fear of failure
  • 35:14 JLP / Dave: Fornication, Apostle Paul
  • 39:12 Q&A: Let go / “surrender”
  • 40:04 Q&A: Living example of leadership
  • 41:55 Q&A: Avoid complacency / Closing with Dave
  • 45:52 JLP: Dave Anderson’s books (Run Your Business by the Book…)
  • 46:22 JLP: Friend got fat after earning “black belt”
  • 47:34 JLP: Doing vs reading, hearing, talking
  • 48:42 JLP: Building a solid foundation
  • 49:22 The Holy Spirit: What is it? Born with it?
  • 51:52 Christ sent the Spirit: Do we have to ask for it? Purpose?
  • 56:42 God loves us, equipped us
  • 58:09 Fear of rejection? Forgive, no resentment, doubt Satan
  • 59:38 Support BOND. Pray. Start doing.

MUSIC: “Changes” (unreleased track) by Jon Parfitt / Bright Lights




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