Successful Businessmen Guide Young Entrepreneurs

We met for another meeting at the BOND Entrepreneurship Academy for Men and Boys on Tuesday, April 4th, with a successful businessman and lawyer who offered guidance on planning and working to the guys. Jesse spoke on his radio program about it, and took a call from a young man who took Jesse’s advice to start his own business in Canton, Michigan, two years ago. His business is thriving today because he took one step at a time, and did it simply, starting small, being honest, and doing good work. Each day you see the next thing to do — you don’t need a business plan. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, and don’t compete with anyone else, but do your work.

Jesse urges entrepreneurs and all people to read his guide, The Seven Guaranteed Steps to Spiritual, Family and Financial Success (ebook available on Amazon, or paperback from the BOND store).

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