The Effect of Words | Archive 7/11/10

Live with no expectation. Your purpose will find you. People are getting lost in words, but don’t realize they’re lost! Let the truth be revealed to you. 

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Archive Sunday Service, July 11, 2010 — JLP talks about living your purpose without expectation or idea of what success is. Everybody’s trying to be like Oprah! Don’t look for your purpose. Your purpose will find you! Jesse mentions his “Seven Guaranteed Steps to Spiritual, Financial and Family Success” guide. Stay with prayer — check out the Silent Prayer. 

Jesse also recounts talking on Sean Hannity’s program with a loud-mouthed Leo Terrell! In a marriage, let them talk, and don’t get pulled in! 

Words are messing with people’s minds! Words prevent people from seeing they have no peace, and don’t know God’s truth! But they’ll bash people over the head with it! People do the craziest things based on intellectual learning about “the truth” that they’ve picked up! 

You’re never supposed to hold onto words! You become a prisoner of words! Don’t try to convince people who don’t want it! People become intimidated by and judge one another while they’re wrong! People get into the Bible or church teachings, and complicate the truth! You want to live by revelation and awareness. God said: Be still and know the truth. Overcome anger, by which you’re separated from God. 

MUSIC: “Changes” (unreleased track) by Jon Parfitt / Bright Lights


  • (00:00) Welcome to Church! 
  • (00:44) Living my purpose 
  • (02:49) Don’t expect an outcome 
  • (04:46) Get rid of your ideas of success 
  • (05:20) I don’t know what success is. 
  • (06:10) Words are a setup. 
  • (06:25) Physical ailments, hard to let go 
  • (07:37) Everybody trying to be like Oprah 
  • (08:13) Relief, being me, no competition, no comparison 
  • (08:47) Don’t look for your purpose. It will find you. 
  • (09:15) Do you know your purpose? Seek first the Kingdom 
  • (09:55) Seven Guaranteed Steps… Pray. Let go. 
  • (11:38) Sit still amidst the noise. 
  • (13:55) JLP on Sean Hannity vs Leo Terrell 
  • (14:27) Married people, let the other go crazy, not you 
  • (15:29) Words are blinding unhappy people. Examples… 
  • (18:32) Raymond… Do they mean harm? Preachers. 
  • (19:58) Do you see how words affect your life? Judgment… 
  • (21:45) Story: “Testing my ego” (saying “bomb” on airplane) 
  • (25:12) Not supposed to hold onto words! 
  • (26:27) Example: Christian parents teaching kids the Bible 
  • (27:36) Example: Jesse Jackson coming to town 
  • (28:18) Phone message: Church of world vs of Christ 
  • (28:56) In bondage and don’t know it, not paying attention 
  • (29:33) Know words, never better! Speaking up with evil! 
  • (30:33) Leave people alone! Don’t force others! 
  • (31:09) Not seeing yourself: Specks and planks in eyes 
  • (32:03) We have a way out. Christ put it back in order. 
  • (32:28) “You’re only human.” Knowledge turning you evil 
  • (33:56) Pouncing on others. More feedback… 
  • (35:24) Not speaking normally? You got a problem! 
  • (37:13) Starting to see it. Feel the pain. Go free. 
  • (40:58) Susan: Weak, easily intimidated 
  • (43:16) God doesn’t condemn you with truth 
  • (46:36) People saying they rejected God 
  • (47:19) Doug: Angry at somebody 
  • (48:25) Righteous anger: See but don’t hate injustice. No feeling. 
  • (50:34) Simplicity vs complicated church/Bible learning 
  • (52:34) Live by revelation, awareness, not wordy, heady (nutty people!) 
  • (53:26) Closing: Calm down. Forgive. Be still and know (Silent Prayer) 


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