The Spirit of Deceit | Archive 6/27/10

Husband-wife becomes father-daughter? Women lead when men fail. Blind Christians justify sin! “You are of your father the Devil.” Spirit of deceit! 

Archive Sunday Service, June 27, 2010 

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  • (00:00) Intro / Welcome! 
  • (01:01) Agree wives become daughters? No? 
  • (07:21) Letter: Spirit of God in father/husband (re: 6/20/10) 
  • (08:28) Parents not an example. World/schools switch roles. 
  • (10:06) Mother took the lead when husband didn’t? 
  • (12:15) Look at the black community: Women leading 
  • (13:07) Airplane story: Stop arguing with your wife! (Men afraid!) 
  • (15:17) Men cheating on wife! Fear. Childless. 
  • (17:46) Mothers vs Fathers taking kids to church 
  • (21:04) Empty words from the Bible, lost preachers! (Radio interview) 
  • (23:38) Raymond: Do people want to be blind? 
  • (24:48) Husband rules with anger? Preacher woman?! Cowardly men! 
  • (29:14) Story: Man needed his woman to motivate him. 
  • (31:02) Salvation: Overcoming the mother’s spirit. 
  • (32:33) John Wooden example, old school men 
  • (33:36) Abortions? Movie: “Valentine’s Day” 
  • (36:21) Either of God or of your father the Devil (Sin, slave) 
  • (38:16) “We fall down but we get up” Christians (Donnie McClurkin song) 
  • (40:08) “The flesh” subject to the Spirit: Greater is He in you: Born again, new nature 
  • (41:09) God and Jesus sipping Cafe Mocha, watching us singing “We fall down…” 
  • (41:50) Sin is hatred of the heart, separates you from God (reason for drinking, smoking…) 
  • (42:56) God saved me, I stopped smoking! He gave me a car! (Provider, No worry) 
  • (44:30) No man is good. How do we become perfect? The heart is wicked. 
  • (46:37) Of the Devil or of God? I thought about you, pride in judging! 
  • (51:21) See the flaws, observe the judgment. There is no tomorrow! Being judged! 
  • (53:37) You’re lookin’ crazy. Don’t play God! Devil loves you judging self/others! 
  • (54:50) White guy reads… (funny) 
  • (55:13) John 8: 42-47, Jesus: Of your father the Devil! 
  • (56:32) People love lies. Not just learning the Bible. Son, Father, Spirit of Truth. 
  • (58:33) Closing: Look at self honestly. 
  • (59:14) Women and blacks in politics, or righteous? (Closing) 

MUSIC: “Changes” (unreleased track) by Jon Parfitt / Bright Lights


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