To Whom or What Are You Loyal, and Why? | Church 10/29/23

A Bible thumper, her husband, and mother. Human beings are dumber than a rock! It’s not you, it’s it. “Loyal” to mama, children?Just a word!

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 29, 2023 

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk with Israeli on the war
  • (0:03:06) Anybody have a life?
  • (0:03:43) “Closet” Bible thumper? Talkative wife…
  • (0:14:07) Her husband speaks: Hard to do nothing?
  • (0:19:44) Her mother speaks: Son-in-law vents to her!
  • (0:22:45) Other ladies’ reaction to the young lady
  • (0:26:43) JLP: You’ll be fine. Let go. Silent Prayer, 1 week
  • (0:28:03) JLP: Human beings, dumber than a rock
  • (0:40:30) Vanessa, slow down! Wanted a holy mother
  • (0:45:23) JLP: Work on yourself. A find-out life. 
  • (0:55:07) Man: Mike Tyson on Tucker: Realizing I’m nobody
  • (0:57:19) “Mae Mae” can’t change the past. Are you your emotions?
  • (1:07:28) JLP: It wasn’t you. There’s no you to hate.
  • (1:11:16) Responsibility? World lied: Taught wrong
  • (1:16:04) The Maine shooter was in a thought
  • (1:17:00) Can’t let relationship go: Love pain, scared not to feel
  • (1:21:04) What’s “Mae Mae” doing wrong? Scared in Silent Prayer
  • (1:27:30) It’s not you. “It sounds just like me.” It’s “it,” not “I”
  • (1:30:37) BQ: To whom are you loyal? “My mom!” Forgave?
  • (1:37:13) BQ: Loyalty, a big word… “Mama,” children, father
  • (1:47:48) Broke up with children’s mother, listened to her — “ain’t s***”
  • (1:53:36) Mae Mae: Not Jeffrey Dahmer! “Compassionate!” (BQ cont…)
  • (1:59:36) JLP: Loyal is just a word. Want to be right. (Advice to young lady)
  • (2:02:27) To young father: Forgive her, work on you, pray
  • (2:04:34) New Biblical Question: Are you a pitiful person? (Men’s Forum first Thur)


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Church Notes

Biblical Question: To whom or what are you loyal, and why? 

New Biblical Question: Are you a pitiful person? 

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk with Israeli on the war
  2. (0:02:36) Intro: Welcome to Church
  3. (0:03:06) (1s) Anybody have a life?
  4. (0:03:43) “Closet” Bible thumper? Emotional wife with her darling husband. She got really into Jesse, catches herself judging people, and realizes she’s the crazy one. She breaks down over judging her mother, being a wreck, wanting to represent God — thinking she has it, and then not. She tried to call in, wrote a bunch of notes while on hold, and didn’t get through! She even had a little bit of a “breakup” with Jesse at one point, in her mind. Are you a Bible thumper still? She pauses. 
    • (0:12:46) JLP recommends: Don’t read the Bible this week at all. Watch your thoughts. 
    • (0:13:16) You smoke pot? Your husband’s like, why doesn’t she be quiet? (Vanessa)
    • (0:13:52) Do you obey your husband? 
  5. (0:14:07) Her husband speaks: What are you thinking right now? He comments on Church here, and suggests the wife get out of her own mind. 
    • (0:15:48) Hard to do nothing? How will you be free? You have to go through the hell to live. You’ve got to lead her, be the example. 
    • (0:18:48) Afraid of her mother? I don’t think so. We vent to each other. Mother-in-law! 
  6. (0:19:44) Her mother speaks: How do you feel when he vents to you? I don’t want to say anything about my daughter. He should talk to her. 
    • (0:22:25) JLP to the husband — a man is never to talk about his problems with a woman. Good advice! 
    • (0:22:45) Mother Rosa wanted the mic taken from her daughter. 
    • (0:23:27) Who was bothered by it? Too much? I was trying not to have anxiety. 
    • (0:24:13) It wasn’t making sense to me, says another gal. 
    • (0:24:47) A third gal was nervous her friend would have the wrong impression. Embarrassed. For myself. 
    • (0:25:55) Alexis: That’s me, how I ramble on, get in my head. 
  7. (0:26:43) JLP: What I was about to say has been displayed. You’re gonna be fine. Let go. Silent Prayer 1 week
  8. (0:28:03) (3) JLP: Human beings are dumber than a rock… Stop trying, doubt every thought, do the Silent Prayer (when they feel better, their problems go away a for a minute… they stop praying. Feeling better is not the solution). 
    • (0:30:00) Rocks don’t listen to thoughts. Thoughts are your enemy
    • (0:30:36) (3a) JLP on the shooter… voices in his head, and voices of others piled up. You are your own enemy. 
    • (0:32:45) (3b) JLP interviewed a woman on the Fallen State: Why would any man want a slut? “You hurt my feelings.” But I didn’t call her a slut. Dumber than a rock. Would a rock feel the pain? Why do you feel pain? 
    • (0:35:04) Let all identities go. Last week, we had one person talk, then someone ask a Q. People were in their heads giving advice they’d heard, to look good. 
    • (0:36:00) (3c) Become a rock on earth. 
    • (0:36:47) (3d) War between Israel-Palestine, people dumber than a rock fighting at universities: “Occupied” land. Lay your weapon down taking sides. Stop fighting with the Devil. Politicians lie. They know what to say to draw you in! 
    • (0:38:00) (3e)  Kids should be enjoying each other, it’s a fun life. They’re not learning nothing no how! Do you think a rock takes the side of a politician? Come out of thoughts and emotions… 
    • (0:39:42) There’s a woman who acted like she really loved our network, and would write letters. It turned out she had an agenda. I wouldn’t take sides. If you don’t do what she wants, she’ll snap and turn on you. Dumber than a rock! 
  9. (0:40:30) I set before you life and death. Choose life. Vanessa, slow down! Did you forgive your mother? The mother told her she wanted a church lady to be her mom. She judged her and wanted her to be holy. 
    • (0:44:06) (4a) Mind your business, slow down, and work on yourself. You don’t even know what a holy mother is, until you become that. Everything starts with you first. Calm down. You’re gonna have a quiet wife in the house this week. 
    • (0:45:23) (4bc) Work on yourself. Anyone who has anger is evil. Your nature needs to change. Stop calling yourself “I” this or that. You don’t even know who you are yet. Live as a nothing. The ego wants to be God. It’s beautiful being nothing. You have time on your hands. 
    • (0:47:14) I had a friend make keys… (0:48:30) (4d) You want a find-out life! God is not into time. He’s into right now. If your husband beat you last night, don’t wake up thinking he’ll beat you today. 
    • (0:50:13) (4e) Did you know you bring things upon yourself? You are responsible for your own world. … If you go to AA, say your name with consciousness. People identify with their names. (0:52:05) It’s like the blacks with their mama! 
    • (0:52:26) Identified with the false self: The Devil screams, “Who will I be?” Alcoholics drinking or dating together, then hating each other. Be aware of the spirit of evil. Reading the Bible won’t do it. … Calling people, just thinking of you: Using you for an escape. 
    • (0:54:36) If the whole world turns against you… 
  10. (0:55:07) Man: Best fellowship today. Mike Tyson on Tucker: Thinking I’m somebody, realize I’m nobody. 
    • (0:56:29) (5a) JLP: You’re dumb thinking about what someone else thinks of you. 
  11. (0:57:19) Lady (“May-may”) had an agenda: Did not have a good week. 
    • (1:00:28) Talking with another young lady: Why be connected to something that gives you pain — something that’s already happened, and isn’t happening now? 
    • (1:05:13) Another lady: Are you your tears? Are you your body? Somewhat. Do you eat daily? Are you your food
    • (1:07:28) (6a) JLP: It’s not happening now. The Devil… if you didn’t believe him, he’d have to find a home elsewhere. God’s not punishing you. It wasn’t you, but a spirit that made a home in you; you identified with it. 
    • (1:09:15) JLP: There’s no you to hate. 
    • (1:10:21) To the other gal: Did you want to be mean? At 
    • (1:11:16) (6b) Responsibility? What we’re taught. The world lied to you. Silent Prayer… recently again. A dumb rock, love your misery. 
    • (1:13:28) Call
    • (1:16:04) The Maine shooter was in a thought. You’d do the same with your ego hurt
  12. (1:17:00) Letting a relationship go… You love it. Scared of not having pain. 
    • (1:20:40) You’re looking for the love of the father. 
    • (1:21:04) To “May-May”: Every human being has the same thought. Silence kick-starts some crazy craziness… in Silent Prayer. Really scary. What is she doing wrong? 
    • (1:27:30) (7a) It’s not you asking the questions. Don’t call it “I.” 
  13. (1:30:37) Be done. Start working on you. Biblical Question: To whom or what are you loyal, and why? “My mom, because I love her!” … You’re taking care of your mother out of guilt, not love. Forgive your father, he didn’t know how to deal with your mother… 
    • (1:35:14) Friend, why didn’t you tell her? She’s lying? Do the Silent Prayer, go to your mother… I’m sorry for resenting you for it… 
    • (1:36:10) When you asked your father to help you deal with your mother, what’d he say? I never asked him… Did you obey the person you want to leave? No. 
  14. (1:37:13) (8?) BQ: That’s a hard question. Loyalty, a big word… Tried to be? Pissed when gal was embarrassed by my daughter. Where’d you get the idea you should be loyal? Parents. Family, children, mama. … Her late father couldn’t deal with her mother, she realized. 
    • (1:43:22) I didn’t obey my late husband because he wasn’t a good leader. Was that a good reason? No. … Same hell we all have to overcome … You’re still in that jail listening to the Devil. Don’t judge yourself. 
    • (1:45:26) Donyale on BQ: I associate it with dogs… 
  15. (1:47:48) (9) Dorell, first-timer: How’s your life? Getting better. 20 years with a girl, 3 kids, age 35. Lived in Vegas, worst mistake. (Cheaper.) It’s over: I started listening to her, started hating. “Don’t cheat.” I stopped cheating. New problems. She took my kids, I had to move back with mama. “What a beta.” Anger: She got a restraining order on me. She was jealous of my niceness with the baby. I did time, took parenting classes, so I didn’t get mad at things the baby did that she’d get mad at. Hardest thing: Let go. Son is 18, here with me. Girls 16 and 3. Ego: That showed me I wasn’t shit. 
  16. (1:53:36) (9a) Identifying with something we’re not. Two hoops and a holler from Jeffrey Dahmer. So emotional. I think I’m being compassionate. From now on, don’t call it you. 
    • (1:55:25) Be nothing… 
  17. (1:57:08) BQ: I try to be loyal to my wife, a loyal employee. Why are you trying to? I think it’s what a person should do. 
    • (1:58:29) Great brief point with the man. 
  18. (1:59:36) JLP: Loyal is just a word. You want to be right. The light will give you a new nature. 
    • (2:01:19) The young lady talking, you reacting to her
    • (2:02:27) Back to the newcomer man Dorell: I left her. She turned, I don’t know who she is. The worst ever. “Loyal” people will snap. Two whoops and a holler from Jeffrey Dahmer. Don’t resent her. She can’t help herself. Same spirit driving you to do things you’ve done. Stay away, do the Silent Prayer, forgive her (from afar), work on you, don’t dog her out, or be mad at her. 
  19. (2:04:34) New Biblical Question: Are you a pitiful person? “I don’t want to be but I am. I feel sorry for myself.” … Men’s Forum first Thursday, November 2, 2023, 7 PM at BOND in L.A.! 

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