The True Meaning of Salvation (Sunday Service, May 25, 2008)

BOND Sunday Service — originally aired May 25, 2008: Jesse talks with the people about what salvation means. They talk about whether you sin after you’ve been born again of God. They read from the passage in 1 John that says no one who is born of God sins. He cannot sin. Some people there claim that they’ve been born again, but yet they still sin. One man supposes that he himself does not sin. At first he doesn’t seem to know whether he’s been born again, then says he has, but didn’t want to brag or something. Still others talk about anger and reacting to the world.

Watch 23 1/2-minute clip: “Christian” Hypocrites Who Still Sin, Yet Judge the Gays!

They discuss what hypocrisy is, and Christians who sin and have anger judging homosexuals. One man thinks his rage about news of same-sex marriage and illegal aliens — he thinks his emotions about these things are from God. Some of the ladies quote and misquote the Bible in defense of being imperfect and continuing to sin as Christians — saying they have angry, sinful thoughts but don’t act out on them the way they used to do. One woman says her daughter calls her out for talking against homosexuals — the girl can sense her mother’s hatred and hypocrisy.

You’re not supposed to accept evil, but overcome it. “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” But Christians today don’t have that “greater He” in them, and that’s why things like homosexuality are coming to the forefront and Christians are losing their children and country. It’s because preachers are teaching that you can continue to sin after being born again. They hide the verses that say you cannot sin — because they themselves are sinning. So they lie to the people to make them feel good about being wrong.

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